PKK soldier with M16 and advanced sight

The winners of the World Press Photo 2007 were announced in Amsterdam on 08 February 2008. “1st prize stories” of “People in the news” was awarded to Philippe Dudouit for “PKK fighters, Southern Kurdistan/Northern Iraq”.

This photo in particular is very interesting. The soldier is holding an M16 with an advanced sight!

The Turks have been accusing the US of not doing enough to prevent theft of firearms which they claim end up in the hands of the PKK. Although the US and other western nations has been known to work with branches of the PPK, it is very unlikely they would provide M16s which could be traced back to them.

When the photo was published I am sure some people were not too happy about it.

The rest of the photos are here. I especially like the last one which features a woman facing away with an AK slung over her back.

Steve Johnson

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  • Yilmaz Erdogan

    The PKK is listed as a terroist organization by the government of the United States of America, and by the European Union. However it seems in your eyes they are not terrorists but soldiers.

    I suggest you edit your article accordingly because i doubt you would call someone within the Taliban a soldier.