SRM Arms Model 1216 Shotgun: 16 round rotating magazine

SRM Arms have developed a semi-automatic shotgun that has a 16 round detachable rotating magazine that takes 2 3/4 or 3″ shells.

The overall length is 34″ with 18″ barrel. The NFA version has 12 or 9 inch barrel with a magazine capacity of 12 or 8 rounds.

Srm Arms Model 1216 Shotgun 1
18″ barrel version. Picatinny rail included.

Srm Arms Model 1216 Shotgun 2
12″ barrel NFA version

Srm Arms Model 1216 Shotgun 3-1
9″ barrel NFA version.

Picture 18-6
With detached magazine.

The only thing that would make this cooler is a bullpup version, although I do not know if that would be possible with the magazine.

More info here.

Hat Tip: DRTV

Steve Johnson

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  • Nice

  • me

    I like it. I like it very much. A semiauto shotgun carrying sixteen rounds of 3″ magnum #000 Buck has much to recommend it as an implement of CQB for home defense, assuming that it functions reliably.

    But will the BATmen permit it to be produced for us peasants? Or will they declare it to have “no sporting purpose” and restrict its possession to military and LEOs only?

  • They have a ‘normal’ version and an NFA version so I assume the normal will be civilian legal, although with the way the elections are going, they could be outlawed before they make it into production!

  • Rus

    Saw this on another site, and like the concept. Unlike some magazine fed shotguns, this magazine design looks like it would be very reliable.

    I do hope it makes it out to those of us lowly plebeians.

  • They mention a ‘civilian’ version so it should make it to us plebs!

  • Vern Richards

    I recently spoke to someone close to the manufacturer and he confirmed that SRM Arms is going to begin taking reservations for their 1216 Model Shotgun by the end of March 2011, and shipping in the summer of 2011.

    My contact pointed out, that SRM is smart enough to launch the 16 round non-NFA version, first and then launch the NFA models that hold 12 and 8 rounds later in the year. He said they are getting ready to relaunch their website and provide details on the 1216 and the reservation process.

    I think the plebes win this one because they have a sale from me right now! If anyone hears anything additional, please post it here. This is a kick ass gun!

  • Donny

    Hey Vern, do you own stock in this company or something? I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • Noel

    Now if they made a 20 round version (with probably a 20″ barrel, but I think a 16″ or 18″ could work fine) I’d be interested! Also if they made the stock side folding, and the price was in the $700 or less range, then it would be brilliant! It would be even better if you didn’t have to manually rotate the magazine, and perhaps there could be a spirally fed magazine design like on a Calico.

  • RC Anderson USMC

    Gnets, i bought a SRM 1216 and it is worth every penny. Very simple, itiot proof. You can fire off 16 rounds in around 7 seconds. The thumb lever that rotates the mag to next tube is smooth with just a twist of the rist. When the next tube is aligned the bolt automatically goes home and chamberes the next round.

    You can change a mag (16 rounds) in about 5 seconds or less if you are coordinated. Push button at top, pull mag forward, it disengages immediaely, drop the mag, grab another, seat at the base of receiver slap upward and you are ready to rock and roll with another 16 rounds.

    Completely ambidexterous, simple plate on one side and moving the safety lever from left to right or other way around. No gun smithing required.

    Simple, serious fire power, works all the time. Disassembles with only ont pin, gun breeaks at the junction of barrell and rear stock. Bolt and carrier jus slide out for easy cleaning.

    Fires 3 inch mag shells as well as 2 3/4. One hell of a gun and I love it. Bob

  • Archie

    Piece o’ shit foreign made garbage. Lets see how long these things hold up. Do you honestly think the people who make these things care one once if they work or not?

  • Stephan Williams

    mewrote on February 09th, 2008 at 4:33 pm “But will the BATmen permit it to be produced for us peasants? Or will they declare it to have “no sporting purpose” and restrict its possession to military and LEOs only?”

    It shouldn’t matter. The 2nd Amendment allows Americans to bear arms capable of defending themselves against their own tyrannical government. They are legally allowed to own missiles under the law as written.