3D Rock, Brick and Wood Camo

This company is selling custom 3D camo that attaches to all types of ghillie suits (and equivalent). They do not say what the camo objects are made of but I would assume it is some type of foam (the objects are almost weightless).

3D Custom Camo
The causal observer will only see a sniper killed by a pile of wood.

Cleverly disguised as a rock monster. Half man, half rock.

In all seriousness I think this is a very cool product. I am not sure if military snipers need such a product.

More here.

Steve Johnson

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  • Now that is one cool suit! I guess the urban equivalent will be trash.

  • Jennersen, ha, yes, or a trashcan!

  • I gave the image and this post some link love over at the AK forum because some stupid tv show showed a guy wearing a gillie suit sniping from the roof of a building. I figured they needed to see the urban version. Hope ya don’t mind.

    • Jennersen, of course I do not mind and I always appreciate linkage in forums, it exposes the blog to people who would not come across it otherwise. If you could do me a favor and upload the image to imageshack.us, rather than hotlinking it, I would appreciate it. My bandwidth exceeds my hosting plan so I am paying for every extra gig.

      btw, is the ak forum and exclusive forum? I have tried signing up but my account was never approved!

  • AlCappwn

    I have to say that the top one made of the brick pattern is extremely ingenuitive, and completely bad ass! Maybe have brick attachments for the feet or a customized boot as well?

  • SpankyFire

    Ingenuitive? Sounds like something Maxwell Smart would say to 99 walking past agent 13 in a mailbox!

  • Cyfer


  • karl

    Does anyone know the manufacturer of the the 3d rock, brick and 2×4 ghillie suits?