VLTOR PKM in mass production

VLTOR are now mass producing their full and semi-auto PKM receivers. They selling PKMs built with their receiver and imported parts kits. Apparently their receivers are better than the original PKM receiver. Obviously the full auto receiver will not be sold to the public.

Compared to conventional PKM receivers, Vltor’s receiver is more robust, rigid and wear resistant. Vltor has researched the PKMs history and found the weaknesses of the existing chassis and moved forward to improve upon its design.

For example, the PKM receiver was notorious for cracking around the rear trunnion rivet holes. This was cured through increased strengthening around the said holes. Another downside to the original PKM receiver was the excessive wear on the receiver’s rails. Vltor has remedied the problem by the eliminating the conventional “stamped” rails by replacing them with fully machined, heat-treated tool steel rails. Finally, with the installation of the tool steel rails, the Vltor PKM receiver is less likely to flex or twist during operation, when compared to the original.

Vltor Production Models

Complete Kit of the Vltor PKM

Production Model Hungarian Pkms
Production Model Hungarian PKMs

Production Receivers

Each kit contains:

1 complete gun (made from an un-issued Hungarian PKMS Parts Kit)*
1 Spare Barrel (matching serial number)
1 Tripod
2 100 round assault ammo cans, with belts**
2 200 round box ammo cans, with belts**
1 spare parts kit (parts that break or wear down)
1 blank firing adapter
1 cleaning kit
1 spare barrel carry bag.
1 tripod carry bag
1 weapon carry bag
1 bag of misc. slings*

*Most of the kits have matching number, including barrels. Tripod serial number does not match the numbers found on the parts kit. **Ammo Cans and accessories may vary in condition.

Marcolmar Firearms are selling the semi auto VLTOR PKMs:

MarColMar Firearms LLC and our manufacturing partner Wise-Lite Arms are pleased to bring you the exclusive semi-auto belt-fed PKM. Incorporating a state of the art PKM receiver manufactured by Vltor, and our ATF approved and exclusive Patent Pending semi-auto striker-fired PK/PKM design, this firearm has been extensively fired, torture-tested, and continuously refined to provide you with years of trouble-free shooting from arguably the greatest GPMG in existence today. Matched with Wise-Lite’s Limited One-Year Warranty and the quality of a brand new Hungarian PKM parts kit, this system will undoubtedly be the highlight of any military weapon collection.

Vltor Pkm
Lucky kid with a VLTOR semi PKM

The semi PKM will sell for US$6075.
More information here and here.

The PKM machine gun according to Wikipedia:

The PKM is a modernized, product-improved version of the PK machine gun. It is just 7.5 kg empty and PKMS version on the light Stepanov’s tripod weights only 12 kg. The PKM and other variants (such as the PKMT or PKTM, its tank version) are in production in Russia and currently are exported to many nations. Additionally, various models are manufactured locally around the globe. Zastava Arms produces the PK under license as the M84 (along with the PKT as the M86), and it remains in use with many of the former Yugoslav successor states. The Chinese-built Type 67 also features notable design similarities. The most recent modification is the Russian Pecheneg, which features a forced air cooling barrel that, unusually for a modern machine gun, cannot be removed in the field for quick replacement. The PK and its descendants will continue to see service throughout the world for some time.

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  • ski

    Can serial numbered barrels be swapped between PKM’s or are they made for that particular PKM???

  • I work for the Iraqi Navy and they have aquired what i thought was PKMS the cocking handle ison the base of the main body and the working parts when stripped come from the rear, taking the butt stock off. Is this a Serbian version of the PKM or could i be wrong. Please any response would be grateful.

  • Buck

    i recently acquired one of the Semi-Auto PKM’s from MarColMar, as long as headspace is checked before firing you can swap barrels between guns.

    I ordered a third barrel from MarColMar (from another kit) and had them check headspace and test fire…good to go. Who knows what you will end up with if you buy one, may or may not headspace on your gun.

  • ski

    I thought the MarColMar barrels were 7.62 x 51mm??? I need 7.62 x 54mm.

    How are you checking the headspace??? I put the Field gauge in from Forster but you cannot see nor measure the space between the bolt and the barrel. The gauge I had broke and I have more on order now. The reason the field gauge broke was due to the bolt would not slide forward slowly, it got to a point where it stuck so had to slide it forward harder and the pin on the end of the gauge broke. So could not verify if the gauge fit into the chamber of the barrel with bolt closed or not correctly.

    Please let me know how do you check the headspace on the PKM???

  • Buck

    negative the PKM is 7.62x54Rmm, i would imagine they checked the headspace with a headspace guage just like any other firearm. If you want to go direct my email is thenation69@hotmail give me a shout.

  • Zach

    Dan’s Sporting Goods sells the part kits for this gun.


    I wonder how much it would cost to buy a receiver and assemble one yourself.

  • Nick Mew

    Me want.