Magpul Folding Carbine FMG 9

Check out the latest Magpul creation. It is a folding carbine. Similar to the Ares FMG and PP-90. It appears to use some glock parts uses the Glock action, magazines and laser systems.

A couple of video demostrations:

Some photos from

Magpul Fmg

Magpul Fmg 1

Magpul Fmg 2

It looks very cool!

Compare with other FMG type firearms

The original Ares FMG which was designed by Eugene Stoner:


the PP-90, designed by the KBP design bureau in Tula:

Pp-90 1

the Ukrainian Goblin


And although very different the Kel-Tec SUB-2000 (this folds for storage, not rapid deployment).

I will update this page as more information becomes available.


According to this thread, it is called the FMG9 and Magpul do not have plans to put it into production, at this point it is just a prototype… although I am sure James Bond will get his hands on one for his next movie!


Another video demo


The advantage to the FMG9 over previous versions are…

1. One button, spring loaded action.
2. Light weight, color coded plastic (can be molded as a non gun color)
3. Closed bolt, safe action (others were open bolt SMGs, ours can be carried with a round in the chamber).
4. Proven Glock action with stock Glock factory magazines and laser systems.

Hat Tip for the update: Cryptic

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  • Yeah, concept model only, at this point. Still cool, though.

  • dinosimon

    is there any shooting videos published on youtube?

  • awsome i cant wait to get one, are those street legal?

  • Tony

    DO WANT! 🙂

  • I want one! Badly!

  • chuck

    is this civilan or not

  • Andrew

    when is the fmg going to be for sale to civilans and is it going to be
    honored with the cwp?

  • sam

    it”s available for glock 19 ????????

  • If this wet dream of a gun ever goes on sale, how much will it cost? I want to start saving.

  • Bruce Lee Roy –Mayor

    pretty cool.