VZ 58 Tactical Sporter and Military Sporter

CZ USA are now selling the VZ 58. The VZ 58 is chambered in 7.62x39mm and although it looks like the AK-47 the similarities end there. Internally it is completely different.

 Page Img Vz58Tactical
VZ 58 Tactical Sporter

 Page Img Vz58Sporter
VZ 58 Military Sporter

The Czech SA Vz. 58 service rifle is now available from CZ-USA in 2 semi-automatic only versions, the VZ 58 Tactical Sporter, and the VZ 58 Military Sporter.

The Sa vz. 58 was developed by Ing. Jiri Cermak in 1956 and 1957, adopted by the Czechoslovakian army in 1958. and was produced by Ceska Zbrojovka in Uhersky Brod, Czechoslovakia until 1983. Approximately one million Sa vz. 58 rifles were produced during it’s 20 year production run. As of 2007, it is still the standard issue service rifle in both the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The new Tactical and Military Sporter models are manufactured by combining original Sa vz. 58 components with a new semi-auto only milled receiver, a new trigger mechanism and new fire control parts.

While the appearance of the VZ 58 looks similar to the AK-47, it was inspired by the German StG 44 and initial development was actually based on the 7.92 x 33. Mechanically, the VZ 58 is completely different from the AK-47, and no parts including magazines are interchangeable.

Differences between the VZ 58 Sporter and the AK-47

* The VZ 58 has a milled receiver, the AK-47 is stamped.
* Even with the milled receiver it is almost one pound lighter than a stamped AK-47.
* The bolt of the VZ 58 stays open after the last round in the magazine has been fired.
* The VZ 58 has a more natural point of aim and is faster handling.
* The safety is more ergonomic making a faster first shot possible with the VZ 58.
* The ejection port is HUGE. There is no chance of an empty case getting stuck in the action of the VZ 58.
* The VZ 58 gas piston can be removed or exchanged without tools.
* The alloy magazine of the VZ 58 is half the weight of the steel AK-47 magazine. (.42 lb. vs. .84 lb.)
* VZ 58 is easier to field strip.
* The VZ 58 is striker fired unlike the hammer fired AK-47. This reduces the number of parts and possible points of failure.

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  • jake

    i would to ask if i can put the buttstock of ak47 to my cz vz58?????

  • Jake, I do not know. I would be very surprised if you could.

  • Scott

    Nope, again totally different parts. I know this when I replaced the cheap bakelite stock on my Vz with an original wooden one.

  • Lou

    Is a vz 58 by century arms same as cz-usa brand. Why do some have 2 10 rnd mags and most have 1 30 rounders. Are they all single stack mags?

  • Alex

    I have heard that you cannot put a 30 rnd in a VZ 58 Sporter. Does anyone know if this is true?

  • Tazisland

    There are actually 2 versions, the low-cap 10 round sporter that was being imported prior to CZ-USA, and the one CZ-USA is now importing which is the high-cap 30 round version. I understand that CZ-USA mills out the receiver to support the 30 round mags, which are mostly recycled military double stackers. You cannot use the single stack 10 round mags in the CZ-USA version and visa versa. I have on lawaway the low-cap version as I don’t particularly like the big banana mags and the 10 round mags are only $13.00 a pop.

  • chanman

    There’s a fellow on the Canadian Gun Nutz forum going by the name of Curtton who has managed to make AK and Dragunov wood fit the vZ 58, but required a fair bit of work to adapt it to fit. (His guns are actually the longer 18.5 inch unchromed barrel cZ-858 imported specifically for Canada to meet the barrel length necessary to be considered unrestricted. The military-length carbines also available are restricted with 390mm vs. 470mm barrels, and are therefore range-only guns)

  • chanman

    Sorry, my mistake, 482mm on the CZ 858. 470mm is the minimum length needed on a semi-automatic centerfire rifle or shotgun to be unrestricted. (AR-15s excluded – they are always restricted by name)

  • Ryne

    Can I use my AK mags in the VZ 58?

  • Bob

    Darn good question about the AK mags…

    NY still has the ban in effect and I’m considering the CZ – but could only use 30rd mags if they are pre-ban – I can get AK mags…

  • Barry

    No, AK mags will not work in the VZ 58. If you buy one, get as many mags as you think you’ll need.

    They take the same mags as the full auto version.
    There may be some pre ban ones around that might be legal in NY. Check with Gun Point in Sarasota, FL. Felix might know. That’s where I got mine. I love it.

  • doug

    Is there a source for wooden (real) stocks instead of the plastic waferboard looking ones??

  • All answers you can find on the distributor’s website – CzechPoint USA is primary distributor supplying Czech manufactured vz. 58 rifles, vz. 61 Scorpions, parts and accessories – http://www.czechpoint-usa.com

  • Bobby

    Does anyone know a good site to order magazines for an SA 58 from?

  • charles

    The place to buy your VZ58 is directly from http://www.czechpoint-usa.com. If you get the right FFL guy and do a group buy you can actually save a few bucks plus get a 5 year warranty. This is the same company CZ gets their guns from and their great to work with for any additional info and parts.

    I got mine from them and couldn’t be happier. Unboxed the rifle checked to see if it needed cleaning, it didn’t. Went to the range loaded my 30 round magazine put a target out at a 100 yards took my first shot and hit the center of a 6 inch bullseye on the first shot (and I’m not that good) put the next 5 shots in a 5 inch group. I felt that my money was well spent. Breaks down easy and fast, easy to clean (no matter the ammo). Their are a number of third party companies making add ons for the VZ so you can get that tactical look like the ARs .

  • Try cdnninvestments.com for magazines

  • darla

    I have a vz 58 and I use 30 rd mags all the time

  • charles

    http://www.czechpoint-usa.com is the website for any and all VZ rifles and parts. They have everything you need and are great to work with– I just got 6 30 round mags and had them make up 2 10 round mags for me and it cost less than $65.00 delivered.

  • Mack

    Hi does anyone know how to seperate the wooden part of the metal part on the upper handguard…

    Thank you very much

  • Mack

    Sorry I forgot to say its for the cz-858 or vz-58…thanks

  • charles

    the wood can be removed by twisting it off the metal underpinning. the easy way of doing is to remove either the upper or lower hand guard (one at a time) and rotate the outer hand guard off of the metal underpinning. it does take some force and determination but it will come off. you can always contact czechpoint (Dan Brown) for exact instructions

  • chris

    cant these guns also be loaded with a stripper clip, (with mag still attached that is)?

    • …yes…

      • ProfBri

        Not true, the sporter versions are single stack and have a smaller opening. Can NOT load with stripper clips mag in place.

        • Guest

          Not all of the sporter versions are single stack, only the CA sporter is, the rest are double stack and can use the stripper clip.