Lapua X-ACT: New Accurate .22 Ammo

This new ammo from Lapua is going to be the most expensive .22 LR ammo when it is released, and apparently the most accurate.

Lapua rolled out a whole new line-up of rimfire competition ammo in three grades, X-ACT, Midus Plus, and Center-X. The ultra-premium X-ACT ammunition, which may be the most expensive rimfire ammo ever produced, is designed to out-shoot the best Eley has to offer.

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According to Mooseyard @ RFC

The rep from Lapua at the SHOT show expected pricing to be 20-25% higher than anything else out there. He also said that the people testing the ammo (real compitition shooters) have been seeing group reduction of 30-50%. That’s impressive if true.

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