Keltec PLR-22 & SU-22

Keltec had released a new .22 pistol and rifle which will go on sale later this year.

The PLR-22 is based on the .223 PL-16 pistol and share many of the same parts.

Barrel Length: 10.1″
Magazine: 27 rounds!

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They are also releasing the SU-22 rifle based on the SU-16.

Barrel Length: 16.1″
Magazine: 27 rounds
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  • Aaron

    Nice! Talked with a fellow at the range today who had a PLR-16, impressive piece of machinery, indeed. Is the PLR-22 out yet? or widely available?

  • Our Kel-Tec PLR 22 just arrived. Hooray! It is a load of fun!

  • Nik

    Does anyone make bigger clips? if so who?

  • monkey13days

    Look to ebay and look for the custom forend that is listed for this gun, truley impressive add on! ebay member monkey13days

  • I bought my PLR 22 a few weeks ago. It was very picky with Remington ammo, you know that Wally World 550 pack. It jammed every other round after about 20 shots I stopped shooting and I took it into back into Bear Arms N. Scottsdale AZ where the manager took in in back, lubed it up and messed with it. He gave me a box of CCI ammo and told me to try those. I tried my other box of Federal 550 bulk and they worked just fine after a good lube job. Everyone who wanted to shoot it, got to, we all loved the ease and cost effectiveness of shooting that many rounds. My buddy wants to buy one after he put two magazines through it.

    For the money I am happy to own the PLR 22. Also, thanks Bear Arms in Scottsdale for your service and honest feedback. They did tell me up front that .22’s are known for ammo pickiness.

    Jayson Hoffer

  • JN

    monkey13days, couldnt find anything under your user name, past or present. Please email me info on this directly.

  • Mike

    Will the plr 22 pistol grip fit the plr 16 rifle? do they make a 22 conversion kit for the plr 16?

  • Billy

    I am unsure of conversion kits, but the SU-22 Pistol grip w/t collapsible AR Stock is the exact same mechanism for the SU-16. The SU-16 and 22 are mostly interchangeable in parts.

    Google the Kel-Tec website. You can inquire to them as of specifics. That’s what you should do anyway, because any of us random people could feed u a load and you spend your money on wrong info.