Magpul Masada is now Bushmaster ACR

This is big news. Bushmaster have licensed the Magpul Masada! It will be mostly the same but with additional features such as firing pin block and ambidextrous charging handle.

It will be available in three models:

Bushmaster Acr Entry Carbine

Bushmaster ACR Entry Carbine (12.5″ barrel)

Bushmaster Acr Standard Carbine

Bushmaster ACR Standard Carbine (16″ barrel)

Bushmaster Acr Spr Rifle

Bushmaster ACR SPR Rifle (18″ barrel)

The Masada before it was the ACR

The owner of Magpul has this to say:

Okay guys, first things first – just to clear this up, the Bushmaster ACR (Adaptive Combat Rifle) is the final production version of the Masada prototype that we debuted at SHOT Show last year. Like the press release says, we’ve spent the last 12 months refining and re-designing the Masada, but I will not be posting any updates yet. The ACR will officially be unveiled at SHOT Show starting on Saturday, so do us a favor and have patience until then. If you happen to be in Vegas, swing by the Magpul and Bushmaster booths – there will be plenty of ACRs to play with. Photos welcome – just ask before you snap. Post ’em if you got ’em.

Next, I need to address some of the things I’ve been reading on the forums lately. From the get go, the idea behind the Masada was go big or go bust, no middle ground. We’re going big. We designed the best rifle we could with the ultimate goal of putting it in civilian, law enforcement, and military hands. Licensing the design to a well-established American firearms manufacturer offered the best opportunity to achieve these original goals. Enter Bushmaster and the ACR.

We’ve spent a lot of time with the Bushmaster guys over the last few months. I have personally been impressed with them. Down to earth and and down to business, very stand up. We jived right off the bat. The tolerances and specs Magpul laid out for the original Masada were tight, and the Bushmaster guys didn’t blink. Both sides of the table have kept open minds about the project, and Bushmaster will be building the ACR to the same quality and material standards as the original Magpul concept. The lines of communication on the ACR remain open between Bushmaster and Magpul.

As far as Magpul’s direct involvement goes, we’ll be designing and manufacturing all polymer ACR parts including, but not limited to, handguards, lowers, and stocks. The bottom line: you get high-end Magpul kit straight from the factory on your Bushmaster ACR.

A couple of things in closing – for those of you who are wondering, Magpul is still an independently owned and operated company. We will also continue to expand our product line. In the following days at SHOT we plan to release several new products. These are fast and exciting times for those in our industry.

I think think was a brilliant move by Magpul. There was speculation about how Magpul would fare producing large quantities of Masadas if they became popular.

The press release from Bushmater

The Bushmaster ACR (Adaptive Combat Rifle) will initially be offered in 5.56 NATO, available for law enforcement and civilian purchase second quarter 2008. This release will be followed by military ACR versions in the 3rd quarter of 2008.

Windham, ME – Bushmaster Firearms International, LLC (BFI) announced today that it has signed an exclusive license deal with Magpul Industries Corp. for the production, future development, and sales of Magpul’s prototype MASADA weapon system.

The Bushmaster ACR (Adaptive Combat Rifle) will initially be offered in 5.56 NATO, available for law enforcement and civilian purchase second quarter 2008. This release will be followed by military ACR versions in the 3rd quarter of 2008.

“The opportunity to partner with such an innovative company as Magpul, is a very exciting step in the growth and evolution of Bushmaster’s product line.” said Chad Brooks, CEO of Bushmaster Firearms International, LLC.

Without government funding or outside influence of any kind, the Masada concept was developed from scratch in Boulder, Colorado by Magpul’s Design Group. The initial Masada concept was first shown publicly at the 2007 Shot Show and its success prompted Magpul to spend a year redesigning the system for production.

Richard Fitzpatrick, CEO Magpul, said, “As the design progressed, we began to realize we needed to find a partner who shared our vision, and could drive production at a suitable volume without sacrificing quality. We entertained a number of ideas and offers, but in the end, a partnership with Bushmaster was the logical choice. Their production capabilities, distribution network, and brand name were the best match for our goal of getting this rifle into civilian, law enforcement, and military hands.”

The result is the ACR (Adaptive Combat Rifle) which keeps the fundamentals of the Masada concept with added advanced features such as firing pin block and true ambidextrous charging handle.

The ACR will be available for hands on viewing in the Bushmaster and Magpul booths in the Law Enforcement section at SHOT Show 2008, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Among the ACR’s key features are a gas piston operating system, tool-less quick change barrel, multi-adjustable folding stock with integrated storage, and backward compatibility with a number of AR15/M16 parts. Due to similar operating controls, user transition from the M16 series of weapons is easily facilitated with minimal re-training.

The Bushmaster ACR will initially be available in 3 SKUS: Standard Carbine with fixed stock, Entry Carbine with folding stock, and Special Purpose Rifle with Precision Rifle Stock. Live fire demonstration and test and evaluations beginning in the end of March to qualified law enforcement and federal government agencies.

UPDATE: CheekyQuim posted photos from SHOT Show at

Bushmaster Acr

Bushmaster Acr 1


CheekyQuim scanned in the Bushmaster ACR brochure:

(click to expand the image)

Bushmater Acr


A video made by

Steve Johnson

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  • Jason

    So close, and yet so far away! Where’s the 7.62x39mm version? It’s a perfect urban round, and freed from the limitations of the AK platform, with proper ergonomics and a free floated barrel, should be plenty accurate.

  • I am sure they will be releasing caliber kits. One of the selling point of the Masada was that it would support multiple calibers.

  • bob

    ithink its great at least we will get a chance at the rifle,now what is the price going to be

  • Aaron

    higher than what it shoud be…. MAGPUL sold out and now the prices will be rediculously higher than what they should be….. all for a name “bushmaster”

  • Travis

    Ok, so how do I get a (pre-Bushmaster) Magpul prototype?!

  • I would be very surprised if magpul ever sell a ACR.

  • Print

    Magpul had to go with a large company, as it was too small to meet the expected demand for the rifle. Personally, I want one as soon as the become available.

  • I talked to Bushmaster and the Suggested MSRP for the ACR is 1400 USD to 1600 USD. The 5.56 is the only caliber for now and Dark Earth (black) is the only color. Hopefully Desert Tan and Olive Drap will be out along with the 7.62 models advailable like the Masada’s currently.

  • TD, thanks for sharing that info! I will update the blog entry.

  • Bruce

    Just thought I’d throw this in for further info…

    Stay safe,

  • Bruce, thanks for the link

  • JC

    Looks like a great weapon. I just want to see it in 6.8x43mm now. The perfect caliber for urban combat in my opinion.

  • Joe

    Does anyone know when the ACR is going to be available for purchase. I’ve heard 2nd quarter 2008 and 1st quarter 2009 from another site. Either way their seems to be no concrete date.

    I am in the market for a gas piston type AR rifle and have researched them extensively. This weapon is the best ive seen and hopefully conversion kits for 6.8, 6.5 Grendel, and 7.62 will be made available. I want to get this gun before the next election as there will likely be various firearms restrictions put into place should obama/hilary get elected. If I cannot purchase the ACR I may go with the Robinson XCR.

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  • Steven

    Are they in the race against H&K and FM to replace the M16 for our military at all? I would much rather take this over a SCAR or 416!!

  • Praedor

    So…here we are, past the 2nd quarter of 2008. Where’s the ACR? Where/when can I actually buy one?

  • Anathoth

    Last I heard, release date was going to be the first quarter of 2009. You’re S.O.L. until then.

  • dickbigdong

    for 7.62 X 39mm version can u use an AK mag for it? or do u need a special M16 mag?

  • dickbigdong, when I spoke to magpul last year they could not tell me.

  • Mark

    I’d REALLY like to get one of these. I’ve been looking at AR platforms for some time now and the idea of a gas-piston system seems to be the way to go. But the ACR now has one VERY significant drawback… The elections are here and a certain candidate is on record as stating that he would love to reintroduce a new version of the Clinton Gun Ban. If the ACR is too late in being relased for sale to us mere civies, I may be looking for an alternate. As it is, I’m already seriously considering the Sig 556. It’s already available and is basically a marriage of an AR-15 and the Sig 550.

  • Jason

    Good job getting the ACR out to the civilian market before the 08 Election! Maybe one or two will be released before the assault weapons ban of 2009.

  • Dan

    What’s this? I heard Bushmaster is terminating the market to civilians and has assumed control from magpul. I am a sound suppressor designer/manufacturer and would love to have a few models for research and development.

  • Ken

    Where did you hear this??? I’ve been reading a load of up-to-date web sites and have seen no indication to support this claim. If you have any references I can pursue, I’d greatly appreciate your details.
    I’ve been in the market looking to replace a variety of tactical firearms … and the ACR appears “much like the SCAR” to have a substantial gathering of operations input.
    This weapon has gathered my interest and I’m looking to procure a civilian version as soon as they are available. If there are no longer going to be manufactured for the civilian market … then I may need to settle back into anther series of modifications with my current arsenal.
    Any input or suggestions would be welcome from the community.

  • BenC

    I called bushmaster and they said it will definately be available to the civilian population but probobly not until 2010! They’ve changed there initial focus to Law/Military first.

    What will hapen as a result of Oboma, God only knows. I hope the presidents focus is on the real problems and they leave us alone, at least for now.

  • Jason

    That really is to bad. Like most of you I want to add the ACR to my collection. This may be old news but, I have heard from several dealers that the SCAR is on the way. I personally own a sig 556 and think it is a good alternative for now. The modular design of the ACR is what really blows my skirt up.

  • Jesse

    Said to be released 2008. I think it’s 2009 now. Still haven’t seen one. Doubt I ever will.

  • Jesse

    Great. After reading some of the messages above, I am definitely not surprised. I knew they would never release it to the civilian mark, with the anti-gun fever spreading. I guess I’ll have to buy another AR, or SIG 556.

  • Frank

    If it isn’t a .308, I am not interested.

  • Howard

    I read in Shotgun News 2/2/09; “The ACR, on the other hand, looked promising, but will not be offered commercially for the foreseeable future.” This is bad news. I understand that the FNH-USA SCAR, other than the few that were sold in the last few days, will not show up for sale until Fall. Is there any HOPE!

  • Jeff

    2009 Jan 24 PM.
    I checked Bushmaster’s website and here is all they are saying about ACR availability to civilians:

    “The ACR is being redesigned to be a superior offering to compete for the next generation US Army infantry carbine and subcompact weapon requirement and will be available to select customers in 2009.”

    We just ran out of time before the inevitable gun ban…
    I can not support Obama closing down the jails and then keeping guns out of American’s hands.

  • Jeremy Hebert

    what will the weapon cost when it is released to the general public and when will that be?

  • Losing Faith

    I don’t think Magpul or FN need to worry about making a civilian version of the ACR or SCAR because by the time they get to us the Obama Administration is going to make them illegal. They wasted WAY too much time and I don’t know why. They could have made a killing getting those out, but I fear they may already be too late. Magpul rocks, but I’ve heard a TON of complaints about Bushmaster. Somebody is dragging their feet. The one weak link in the Magpul armor is they made the Masada public years ago. If that rifle is more than $1,200.00 I will pass. Too many other options out there that are readily available. The only SCAR’s I’ve seen on the streets are around $3,000.00 and up. No chance. What a jip. They could have made MILLIONS selling either the ACR or SCAR in the $1,500.00 ballpark (or lower) but with so much dinking around they can only hope that the military or law enforcement will be willing to pay that much. Obama won’t have much interest in changing gun laws in his first term, but if he’s elected to a 2nd term, we’re screwed. It will be the FIRST thing he does.

    If I have to pay more than $1,200.00 for a rifle it better come with a free ACOG or EoTech on top of it.


  • SCWoods

    They don’t want to provide the guns to civilians until the trials are over for the M4 replacement. Before/during these trials they may have to change the specs and design of the gun. It also helps politically if they aren’t pumping out “black guns” to the public while they seek a $100mil+ contract. As soon as FN/Colt/H&K win the contract Bushmaster will gear up for LE/Civilian sales and we’ll get our guns in Q1/Q2 2010.

    If by some chance monkeys fly out of cows jumping over a moon shining down on snowballs lying on the ground in hell and Bushmaster gets the contract we’ll never get our hands on an ACR this decade.

    The fact that the prototype was the name of a historic and celebrated Jewish city almost disqualifies it. The last thing the PC PR machine in Washington wants is our soldiers going to war in the Middle East with a gun “Inspired by the Jew”. We all know that is BS but that is how our enemies here and abroad will spin it. Also keep in mind that the left is in charge now and 2 things at the top of their “hate” list are guns and Israel.

  • Minuteman

    I am surprised Magpul chose Bushmaster and that Bushmaster dragged its feet on this weapon. As for the comment previously about Obama not wanting to change gun laws until his 2nd term, I am not sure what universe this guy is from but Obama within 10 days of being in office starting working on changing the gun laws. There is little chance we will ever see one of these guns on the civilian scene, A. They waited too long and now the political winds have changed and B. They waited too long. It is ashame I thought it would have been a weapon to check out but not in this lifetime.

    I suppose I will have to stick with my Ar15 model 6920, and the others in my arsenal. I did like this gun of all the new weapons in this class this one appealed to me more than the others.

    Someone should tell Bushmaster to get their heads out of the bushes and start building rifles they could sell to the public.

  • Please put this retired Cop on the list for a 6.8 SPC when available before I go blind.


  • GauloisUSA

    “Losing Faith” was right after all, the Obama administration is not going to ban any gun this 1st term. That’s coming right from Hilary’s mouth. “Just not the right time to take on the gun lobby”. I guess they have a lot to chew on their plate and cannot afford to add on a political war with the NRA. They also know very well, banning guns will shut down some gun manufacturing. This will be suicidal for Obama to be responsible for companies that are actually striving to push them to lay off people.

    Bushmaster knows very well we are all waiting for the ACR. It knows, when the ACR comes out, the demand will be so high they will sell them for more than $2000. For now, they are not losing any money on weapons. In the contrary, they are making a fortune on the good old AR15 as the demand is sky-rocketing.

    Bottom line, be patient, save your money and wait mid summer. There will be better news about the economy, the rumor of a ban will die down and gun stores will have full shelves with reasonable prices.

  • Baddfrogg


  • TrustMe

    So the FIRST thing Obama will do is to change the gun laws… in his second term… 5 years from now… right… I think we all need to just take a deep breath and calm down. As long as its still political suicide to try banning guns then we’re fine. Just don’t go over board with the scare tactics that make us all look like we belong in a looney bin from being so paranoid of the big scary black man in office. Yes he’s from Chicago, yes he’s a Dem, yes that means we should be on guard. But don’t just go making stuff up.

  • Danny Lim

    Does ACR actually have good accuracy and low recoil in real life? I’m just curious.

    I played Modern Warfare 2 and I was wondering why does ACR have good accuracy and low recoil?

  • Moody

    I just called Bushmaster and the price with be between 1,800 to 2,400.?????? What happened? I called them two months ago and the the price was 1,400 to 1,600!!!!!!!!!!??????????????

    • Moody, my guess was $2000-2500.

  • By the time they get up to speed regarding production, they will be banned from Citizen purchase. The price will be so high that the Government will be the only customer that can afford to purchase one. I would like to have one, but I know I will never be able to own one.


  • LP

    Heard from my guy at the 2010 SHOT show. Bushmaster is anticipating deliveries to start on 1 March 2010. Now, for the bad news. The Basic Configuration ACR with the fixed stock will run around $2300 – $2600. The Enhanced Configuration ACR with the folding stock and the quad rail will run almost $3000.

  • Jeff

  • john

    (everyone circulate this !!!!!)

    You have hijacked a wonderful product from a great company.  Please do not misunderstand me at all,.. you ARE the Mohamed Atta of the firearms industry.  THIS RIFLE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE AFFORDABLE.    I AM AN ACTIVE DUTY SERVICE MEMBER AND I CAN’T AFFORD IT! CONGRATS YOU HAVE PRICED THIS ABOVE THOSE WHO NEED IT MOST!  
    Disgusted Army officer 
      “According to an official press release from Bushmaster, the rifle will have suggested retail price between $2,685 – $ 3,061.00[10] – twice as much as early price quotes of “around $1500,” causing public outcry and dismissal of the rifle from a large portion of the firearms fraternity and potential end-users.”         

  • BenC

    F_ _ _ _ them.

    Check out Robinson arms XCR. I’ve just started looking at it and it looks pretty good. It’s priced where the ACR was supposed to be.

  • Kodiac

    on bushmaster home page MSRP starts at 2,685 basic. No folding stock, and no rail. even the SCAR which has “rumored”, sold units to U.S forces can be purchased for 2,300 with the folding stock, and rail.

    not that I’ll be purchasing either any time soon. 1,142 will get you a colt 6920, and how much better of a weapons platform they are is still to be determined. notice I said “how much Better”. I’m not disputing the fact that a piston offers advantages, but lets hope they didn’t screw it up. Is the Mustang cobra at $60,000 that much better than a $30,000 GT that’s up to you guys

    but for the newbies reading this to buy there first rifle, remember. Its not the bow and arrow its the Indian, and buying a 3,000 dollar rifle does not make you Rambo. Id rather spend $1500 ( what it should cost, considering the polymer) and be able to shoot a couple of thousand rounds.

    If we are lucky we will have a chance to to have HK shove there 416 down our throat with another 3,000 dollar price tag and 80 dollar proprietary mags.

    • Kodiac, not rumored, confirmed. The Rangers are using it.

  • Jake

    All I can say is that it was a sellout. I hate not having the 7.62 version, the charging handle is messed up and much much more

  • Fred Red

    The charging handle is just fine. It feels sturdy. It is accurate. Just because the barrel isn’t chrome lined doesn’t mean it isn’t still lined, because it is, do some research. Also….the price has come down to around 1700-2000 for the basic configuration. I do believe that puts it a little below the SCAR. It is 1 pound heavier than the SCAR however, which is really not a big deal unless your just looking for something to complain about.