Marlin XL7

Marlin has introduced a new line of bolt action rifles this year, the XL7. It comes in two models, the XL7 and XL7C (Relatree Camo).


It is available in 25-06, 270 and 30-06.


Capacity: 4+1
Barrel: 22″
Weight : 6 1/2 lbs.

The XL7 has been built for those who demand premium features at a fair price. Noteworthy features include our NEW adjustable Pro-Fireâ„¢ trigger system, Soft-Techâ„¢ recoil pad, fluted bolt for speed and smoothness, a pillar bedded stock for accuracy and recessed “target style” muzzle crown Price right, the XL7 is a rifle that you can be proud of at a price you can afford.

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GunBlast has written a review:

I like accurate rifles. I especially like accurate rifles that are a real bargain in today’s market. I usually do not list prices in a review, as our articles stay up on Gunblast in the Archive section forever, and we are constantly getting new readers who find our site. In this case, however, I will make an exception, as this new XL7 carries a list price, as of this writing, of only $326 US. This price, combined with the accuracy, comfort, and handling of the rifle, along with that excellent trigger, makes this new Marlin XL7 one of the best bargains available in a quality rifle. In addition to that, it is made in the United States by American skilled workers. Considering reliability, accuracy, and price, the Marlin XL7 is hard to beat, and I highly recommend it.

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  • gun guy

    If marlin (remington) were trully innovative they would have developed the “sure fire” long before the accu trigger. This gun is a clone, nothing more, and out of principle I will never buy one.

  • I really like the accu trigger, I think the more guns with it (or with a clone) the better!

    Unfortunately with the consolidation of the gun industry innovation is likely to decrease.

  • Hi i know this is about the new rifel and im interested i just dont know what caliber to go with. Right now im thinking about the 270. i want a gun with longe range capabilitys and knockdown power. The 30 06 just seems like its overkill for me and the 25 06 seems a little on the light side. I hunt in the eastern woods and i have a 35 rem to do the brush job i just want a distance shooter as well. Any advice? thanks

  • David

    I would go with the .270 win. This caliber is good enough for anything from coyotes up elk with a big enough bullet and shot placement it can be done.

  • Mike

    Just purchased the Model XL7 in .270. What an excellent rifle. The action is as smooth as silk and shoots the same. Would recommend this rifle to any big game hunter.

  • Paul Lang

    I’ve had an XL7 in 30-06 for a couple of monthes and it is a very clean little rifle. I bought it because I like the 30-06 and sold my last one a bit ago and finally felt the need to replace it when I saw a picture of the XL7.
    I’ve been experimenting with Barnes TSX ansd TSXT bullets in 130 and 168 grain weights. I’ve found one load that is sub MOA but feel I have not yet reached the rifle’s potential. For the price, I’m very impressed. I hope they soon make a short action in 243.—-PJ

  • Joe M

    I bought the XL7 in .270 and am super pleased with the way it performs. Sweet trigger, 1″ groups using 130gr Federal Nosler Ballistic Tips. I can’t wait to take it deer hunting in a few weeks. Besides this I’m taking it to South Africa on a plains game hunt in 3 months, I’m wondering if anyone has any tips on other ammo that I can use. My largest animal will be the Kudu and I’m thinking about trying the 150gr Nosler Partitions and 140gr Accubonds, both from Federal. Has anyone shot these rounds through their Marlin XL7 and does anyone have any other suggestions for rounds they would recommend for my hunt? Thanks in advance.

  • tony

    I bought the 30.06 and love it. I want the 25.06 but was wondering how much the 22 inch barrel effects the 25.06 effectiveness downrange. Should I opt for a 24 or 26 inch barrel in another rifle?

  • Joe M

    Tony, have you found a 25.06? I read a few posts that said Marlin was having problems with this caliber and only 100 of them have been made and released and they don’t intend to send out anymore until the problem is fixed which was going to be at the end of this year or early next year? Sorry but I can’t help you with the accuracy downrange but you may not have the option to pick one up for sometime (if that makes a difference to you).

  • tony

    Thanks Joe. I do have another option with the 25.06. I may opt for the 270 since I like the 30.06 so much. Good shooters for the money. Thanks for the info.

  • jamie brown

    i bought the XL7 in a 30 06 i put a bushnell 3x9x50 on it all together about 550 bucks im very pleased with the gun the 30 06 was a over kill on the nock down power….i like the adjustable trigger….this gun is very sweet and would put it up ageist and high price gun. shooting the 150 grain shell it will go as far as any 270.350 yards plus

  • tony

    What 150 grain ammo are you shooting? Have you compared any different ammo? I shot the Federal 150 grain Nosler partion and got really good groups. I put a Leupold 3 X 7 (walmart version) on it and I have around $450 in the gun and scope. I would also put it up against most guns.

  • justin

    i have a 30-06 with a 3x9x40, and i a supper pleased with the rifle. all in all i put just under 415.00 into it with a box of amo. the frist 20 rounds were sweet and let me sight in my rifle and thighten up the screws. so far i am acc.. with the rifle up to 220yd.. but the rifle can go beyond that.. and tips on geting better??

  • justin, practice practice practice!

  • Ron

    I believe I saw this same rifle at my local store for 295 so after reading all your postings I would have to say I BETTER GO BUY IT NOW!! Thanks

  • ShellShocked

    I bought this rifle in 30-06 at Academy here in Houston,Texas for $267 dollars! I bought a Nikon Prostaff 3-9×40 scope for it for $156 dollars! The guys at the store put the scope on and bore sighted it for me. I havent had a chance to sight it in yet. I think I’m in love again!!! With all the great thing you guys are saying about this rifle I cant wait to get her to the range!! The sales associate there talked me into getting this particular model. I guess he was dead-on, huh! In my opinion 30-06 is the perfect caliber, because you get longer distance, big game stopping power, and above average accuracy. If you up the grain you can reach even further, and stop bigger game like bear and elk. Thanks for websites like these!!

  • tony

    Bought the 270 in Camo and the pic looked more tan but turns out more green but really looks great. Going to take it to Texas this week hunting. Can’t wait to sight it in and hunt with it. $310 at Walmart. Put a 3 x 9 x 40 Leupold Rifleman scope on it. I like the Nosler bullets Joe M. mentioned above and look forward to shooting it. Will let you know.
    The 30.06 shoots good with both 150 and 180 Core Lokts.

  • Joe N

    I recently puchased the 30-06 for $279 at academy here in Houston but the are getting hard to find. My father has already had one and we’re shooting 1″ groups at 200 yrds. with 165gr. Hornady hand loads. The one I puchased has a silver M on the cap of the grip which I have not seen on any others. I was wondering if any one else has one like this?

  • john

    Joe, I got one of these guns yesterday, and have not had a chance to shoot it yet. My .30-06 also has the silver M on the grip. I dont think there’s any difference. I bought mine at academy in east texas also, also for $279. I cant wait to shoot it. Also,does anyone know which bullet weight shoots the best in the .30-06? I bought 180gr. and 165 gr. bullets, or are the 150gr. or 130gr. more accurate in it?

  • Jeffro

    Hey Guys,

    What is the recoil like on the 30.06 in comparison to the .270? I’m leaning towards picking up the 30.06 but don’t want something that is going to knock me out of the tree like some 30.06 rifles. Any advice?

  • john

    The .30-06 will kick harder, but the xl7 has an excellent recoil pad that dampens it a good bit. Also, 40% of felt recoil is noise from the gun blast, so get a good pair of mickey mouse shooting muffs. I think the .30-06 is the better caliber, but there are very few things that can be killed with a .30-06 that cannot be killed with a .270, so I guess it just depends on what you’r hunting. As for deer, the .270 is plenty of medicine, but if you plan to hunt much larger game, say African or bear, go with the .30-06.

  • Jeremy

    I just purchased this gun today at Cabela’s for $300. After reading this and several other sites it seems I made a good choice. I plan on picking up a scope tomorrow and sighting it in tomorrow as well.

  • Nick

    Does anyone know what model of leupold bases the XL7 takes? I heard you can either buy the standard ones or the model 70 winchester.

  • Kyle

    My new XL7 from Cabela’s came with bases. Sorry but I threw away the plastic that had the part #.

  • Jeff

    I got mine for $250 at my local gun shop. I happened to walk in the door while the owner was walking through and he shouted 8% off on all in stock guns. I shopped until I dropped and was willing to spend more. I was extremely hesitant to buy the Marlin XL7 because of the low price but I just liked the gun and it had a nice stiff glass fiber reinforced synthetic stock and a great trigger. I was about to buy the Tikka T3 but it just did not feel right when I held it up and laid my cheek on it. I kept thinking that I could not get a good gun for such a low cost but I am a very happy camper and I am glad I went with the Marlin. It looks really sharp with a nice thin coat of oil on it and a good looking scope. It consistently shoots .8 to 1.4 groups at 100 yards with all kinds of ammo. That is possibly an average of .2 inches over the best of the most accurate production rifles like the Vangaurds and Tikkas that guarantee under 1 inch but in reality how much difference does .2 inches make. This is not a match rifle anyway but it is certainly a good quality hunting rifle that will last for many years to come. Oh yeah and it has the best factory warranty in the business of five years.

  • Tony

    I heard the 25.06’s are out and the short action calibers in 243, 308 and 7mm08 are out also. Anyone have a 25.06 or the short caliber’s? Also, I saw where you can get the XL7’s with a wooden stock as well.

    • Luke

      I have a 25.06 xl7c,mounted a bushnell trophy 3x9x40,thing shoots lights out ,can put 5 round in a quarter consistentl,I’m very pleased with purchase!!!

  • I’m planning on getting a new rifle this year that I won’t mind taking into the woods in bad weather (rain,sleet,snow), because my grandfather’s sporterized 1903a3 is more of a collector piece than a woods gun. The price and good reviews are a plus for this rifle, but has anybody had or heard of any malfunctions or weather related problems? I’d hate to spend even a couple hundred bucks on a gun that doesn’t work in the conditions I bought for in the first place! Any feedback is appreciated, thanks.

  • Coach Price


    I to have a sporterized 1903 and I am in the process of returning it to its original condition. I can tell you that the XL-7 is an excellent rifle. So much so that I bought one in .270 and one in 30-06. I have had no issues with it in the woods.

    The .270 is giving me groups of 1.3 at 300 yards. I have tried different powders and bullets and settled on Hornady 140gr SST with 53.8 grains of IMR 4831 powder. Do not hesitate buy the gun and have fun.

    I do have a question. I am trying to mount a 6 X 12 Leopold scope with a 1” tube on the 30-06. The problem is that the scope is sitting too high and it is a few clicks away from bottoming out the elevation. Has anyone else had this problem? If so what make of rings did you use? Any help would be great.

    Coach P

  • John

    I bought the 30-06 Marlin XL7 and it is a godsend. I fell in love with it the very first time I shot it. The bolt is a smooth, strong machanical wonder. Thanks to the hair trigger on it, I never miss a shot. I highly recommend this rifle to all game hunters or even marksmen.

  • Taylor R

    My grandpa bought me (18) and my brother (15) the xl7 .270 for this past Christmas. It is my first actual gun and it is definitely the reason for my uprised interest in hunting and just shooting in general. this gun has more than enough power for what we use it for. The first time my brother went hunting (hog) with this amazing gun he was using a reduced load. 115 grain core lockts. and he shot a hog and it dropped but when he went to go up to it he noticed there were 2 more hogs that he dropped. they were all shoulder shots too. I have no idea how this happened but it is one of those stories that will be passed on haha. 3 hogs with 1 shot, I was jealous. but this rifle is amazing and even with reduced load’s its powerful enough for anything, well almost. If you are on the fence about this gun let me give you some advice. GET IT !!!

  • jim

    I had an Accuracy problem with my 06,1rst 2 shots ok .79 warm barrel it went high to the right at least 2 to 3 inches. I floated the barrel, and then had to shim the rear of the stock on the right side about a 32nd. This put the barrel dead center. I have only test fired one load so far that is a 150 gr. sierra bt. federal brass, 200 cci primer, 59 grains of h4350 powder. Consistent 3 shot groups now of .39. at 100yrds. still tuning, but very happy so far for any amount of money.

  • Marnus

    Hi guys i’m from namibia which is in the south west part of africa,short history on buying a firearm here,buy do aplication for a licence wait anywhere between 3 and 7 months then you get the gun,believe me it aint fair!back to the story i bought a XL7 aswell in 30-06 ,did alot of recearsh before hand and jup the gun feels damn good when your holding it,good solid action,has a quality feel about it and just seems like a very good buy for the price,I bought a 25-06 Ruger M77 Mark 2 target a couple of months ago paid alot more for it,it shoots good groopings and is an good gun for hunting springbok at up to 300 yds I just hope the marlin is’nt more accurate for half the price,and looking at the gun it just might be!

    • Marnus, welcome to the The Firearm Blog. I think you may be the fist Namibian. There are a few South Africans.

  • Marnus

    Thanks steve ,here getting advice on guns is difficult and the blog is excellennt helped me make the decision on the XL7,thanks !

  • Damien

    im am 17 years old and my dad wants me to bye a centerfire rifle he has got his 270 wich is a great gun on the deer is tasmaina but we are planing a trip 2 vic next year after red and we was looking around the gun stors and found the XL7 it pulled up great felt like a ripper of a gun …. i dont no what sort of scope , scope mounts and bullets i should use can some 1 help me

  • Marnus

    Hi Damien,270 ,great all round caliber ,research so far has made me believe the marlin is an excellent gun for its price,as for deer hunting I would believe the accuracy of the gun is good enough have heard some guys claim sub 1 MOA groupings at 100 or just over,most days that sort of gun is more accurate that i am,so i would say not a bad choice,as for ammuniton I dont own a 270 so I cant say,but as i usually do test,test ,test ,you will find the ammo that soots you as for deer I would go 130 grain as you have enough stopping power and your trajectory stays flat,but test a few different loads ,get one that groups in your gun and that you feel comfrotable with!good Luck!

  • dave

    Coach P: The scope I mounted is a Bushnell Fullfield II 3-9×40, and the rings are med height Weaver. I didn’t have to move it much to get it sighted in so I didn’t run into any adjustment range problems. What’s the reason for turning your 03 back to a military rifle?

    Damien: For the .270, bullet weights of 140 and 150 will hold more energy downrange and generally be effected less in the wind, and all major ammo manufacturers sell ammo in one or both of these weights. For scopes, Leupold are hands down the best for durability and clarity, and their Rifleman and VX-1 lines are economic as well as reliable. Burris and Nikon are also really good and offer affordable models as well. Regardless of scope brand, get medium height rings for a 40mm front objective and high rings for larger size objectives. The scope base included is made by Weaver so scope rings by Weaver are the best bet. Good luck

  • dave

    In addition, the XL7 I bought has a walnut stock, and a really good looking one at that! If any of you don’t want a synthetic stocked one the walnut is high quality and there’s a wood laminate version as well. They are about $100 more than the synthetic stock version though. Either way, if you want one get one, my salesman here tells me ordering new ones takes a while as Marlin is tapped out in their production.

  • Coach P


    I bought a M1 garand and am looking at a 30 cal carbine. I guess I am going through a nostalgic stage in my life.

  • dave

    Coach P, that’s understandable- they usually take some attention to detail in sportizing them, so I figured it was to use it in service rifle competition. Have fun building the military rifle collection!

  • dave

    Also, the scope I mounted is a Burris, not Bushnell, and since my last post I have taken off the Weaver base and rings and put on Leupold Standard base and rings. The base is a two piece, with a separate front and rear base, so the area above the receiver is more open and easier accessed. It is more clean looking, and in my opinion a more solid mounting set up than Weaver style bases and rings. For those who are interested, the cost for the switch was $58 through Midway USA with parts and tax, and use Winchester Model 70 Long Action post-’64 bases with a reversible rear base (so scopes like my Burris with shorter mounting tolerances can fit).

  • Hi folks im new to this sight been reading alot about the XL7 wanted to know about them in the 25-06 read a couple places they had problems an d some concerns as to barrel length,also have they come out in short action yet.I am from ohio and my local dealer does not stock the XL7 because of some kind of deal W/ the stephens rifles for about the same price they can order me one any thoughts on the subject appreciated.

  • Will


    what model of the Leupold bases did you use? i can’t find one specifically for the XL7

  • Ben

    I have been reading a lot of reviews about the XL7 and can’t seem to find anything wrong with it. I am just getting into hunting, I have a .22, but this would be my first higher caliber rifle. What would anyone reccomen about the .270 vs. the 30.06? Or should I go with something different until I’m more experienced? Thanks.

  • Mike Boyd

    Glad to see there are so many other Happy Shooters out their. I bought an XS7 in .308 for my grandson at Academy and put a Pentax Game Seeker 3-9X50 scope on it for another $130. They mounted it for me for free and it was less than $500 out the door with tax.

    When I got it home, I fine tuned the bore sighting Academy did with a laser projectile at night out a little over 100 yards.

    A few days later we took it out to a field and the first three shots were only 1/2 inch left of the X and all three touched each other. Needless to say, no more sighting needed!!!

    My 13 YO Grandson shot his first big game rifle that day with it and was on the paper only two and three inches to the left of the X. He remarked that he did not think the rifle kicked bad at all and is ready and eager to to out and practive some more with it. I think I will retire my Rem 700 and buy an XL7 pretty soon in .270 or another XS7 in .243. The factory trigger set was perfect out of the box at about 3.5#.

    Hope everyone else enjoys their bargain rifle as much as we do, good luck and happy/safe hunting!

  • Mike Boyd

    Ben, I might recommend either the .270 or .30-06 in the XL7. The .30-06 is going to roar and kick more than any of the others, but there are so many different loads out there for it. You can go from the Remington 55gr accelerator load all the way up to 220gr hunting loads for heavy brush hunting. You can buy standard 150, 165 and 180 Remington Core Locks for less than $20 a box at Wally or Academy. The .270 is also awesome and common with decent prices on ammo.

    The short bolt XS7 I just bought in .308 is also an awesome and inexpensive round. These are very inexpensive, since the 7.62X51 Nato rounds are .308 rifle loads and can be purchased in large bulk, saving a bundle if you want to do a lot of target shooting. Out to 300 yards a .308 can get the job done on most large game, such as hogs and white tail.

    I just submitted another post on my grandson and his first experience with the .308 XS7. Hope that helps. Don’t scrimp on the scope, there are a lot of decent scopes out there under $200. One of the best for the money is the Nikon ProStaff for around $150. I am fairly impressed with the Pentax Gameseeker, so far. Can’t tell the difference between it and my Nikon, both much better than Tasco, or the lower priced Bushnells and BSAs.

    Good luck shopping, have fun!!

  • Kevin

    Just got an XL7 in .30-06 with a 2-10x Simmons scope, carrying case and some ammo for $350, everything still in the box.
    Why .30-06?
    When I shoot something, I want to know it`s going down and staying down. Damned boars…

  • dave

    WiLL- I used Winchester M70 Long action post ’64 bases. You won’t find any specificaLLy for the MarLin cuz they use the Win hoLe spacing anyway. ALso, DONT use the express modeL 70 bases, they are different from standard M70 ones.
    Ben- If you onLy pLan on hunting deer and game simiLar in weight and size, the 270 wiLL easiLy get the job done with Less recoiL, and buLLet weights of 140 and 150 grain are best. If there’s a chance you wiLL hunt Larger/tougher game Like eLk,caribou, or bears, the 30-06 is Larger with heavier buLLet weights of 180gn or more and wouLd be a better choice. It wiLL however recoiL harder, so if Larger game isn’t on the menu the 270 is best. If so the 180gn 30-06 buLLet weight is the best aLL-round choice for one weight to choose. Have fun, Dave

  • Ben

    Thanks a lot for all the response everybody. I think I probably will go with the XL7 when I have enough extra cash. I definitely want the walnut stock. And since I probably will only hunt deer, at least for a while, I will go with the .270. But you never know, I might change my mind. Thanks again.

  • hey.guy’s…new to this site need some advise going to purchase either a xl7 or xs7…is the short action alot faster?

    • bobby, well slighly faster, but the real saving is weight and total length. Really it comes down to the cartridge you want to shoot.

  • finally got my first look at these gun’s today..(xl7 & xs7) and went with the .270 got great deal at ACADEMY…..both the XL7 & XS7 was only $289.00 here in ft.smith,arkansas…….cant wait to get my leupold mounted & sited!

  • jake

    I bought the XL7 30-06 in May 2009. It’s my first rifle. I read a number of reviews before deciding to buy this gun. I’ve been to the range 3 times this summer to practice and to get a good feel for the gun. It is now zeroed in wonderfully at 100 yards. I am typically seeing quarter-sized patterns on my targets shooting a Remmington 150 grain soft point. Really seems to be a fantastic rifle in every regard from the manufacturing to the performance. It is also very easy to breakdown for cleaning, and the trigger pull is very easy to adjust. I am very impressed with this rifle and look forward to taking into the field for whitetails this fall – and to the mountains next year for elk. This rifle is a really great value and the reviews are true. Marlin did a fantastic job in producing this rifle.

  • Kevinc

    Hey everyone, Ive been in the market for a new good enexpensive rifle. For a while i didnt think those two words could go together in the same sentence but it can. I was shooting a british .303 for a while but finally decided to retire it. Ive decided to go with the xl7 30-06 and i love it. The action and lightweight is just awesome. Ive already decided on the Alpen 4-16×50 scope to mount atop this gem. The only thing im wandering is being here in California we have to use lead free ammo for any kind of big game hunting. I was wandering if anyone has shot any of this ammo and which would be a good weight, so on and so fourth to use for this rifle. Any comments or advice would be much appreciated….thanks again and happy shooting

  • Hey guys can any of more experienced shooters recommend the best type of ammo for my .270 xl7.I need a round that will hold up for longer distances (200-400 yards) i have done added a real nice leupold scope,any advise would be appreciated.You can either contact me here or at bobbyr1121 [a t] live dot com

  • dave

    Bobby- A polymer tipped 140 or 150 grain bullet will have the best ballistic coefficient for your .270, and retain the most energy for longer ranges. It will also help with being less effected by wind. Hornady makes great ammo that is accurate and also quite affordable- the 140gn SST load is $25.50 at Midway USA, and probably close to that in a gun store. Federal and Winchester make tipped 140 and 150gn ammo but they are a bit more expensive at $40-$50. Zero it 2in high at 100yds and it will be 1in high at 200, 5in low at 300, 17in low at 400, and 36in low at 500. With a 10mph crosswind it will drift 1in at 100yds, 3in at 200, 6in at 300, 10in at 400, and 16in at 500. Most rounds produced of the same weight are around the same velocity by most manufactures, so this trajectory should be about the same for similar 140gn poly tipped loads from others. Good luck with the bucks, Dave.

  • dave

    KevinC- Black Hills, Cor Bon, and Federal make loads with the Barnes TSX bullet that is all copper in 165gn and 180gn, and Federal has one with the Barnes MRX in 180gn. They are all quite pricey, at $42 being the least expensive. These are all good manufactures, so any one of these should give you good results. That’s too bad you have to use the most expensive type of ammo available. Good luck.

  • I just purchased the xl7 in 30-06 today took me for ever to decide beween the marlin and the savage but reading your post I think i made a good choice havent fired it yet got the leuphold 3x9x40 on it all for 349.00 at a local dealer here in virginia cant wait to try it

  • patrick

    this is the best gun i have ever seen.i got the 270. bolt action and shoot 130 grains out of it.i got a 3 by 9 busshnel scope on it and im shooting a group the size of a nickel.i love your wepons.

  • Michael

    Hey guys I’m a new hunter and recently bought the Marlin .270. After reading these reviews I’m pretty excited about taking it out soon. It came with a scope already mounted, I’m taking it to the range later today. What are some tips for sighting in that you can give me? Thanks for the help?

  • I finally got to shoot my xl7 30-06 he other day. I haft to say it is one of the best shooting rifles I have fired. I was shooting mainly the 150 grain remington core loct bullet was getting half inch groups with it. I would recomend this weapon to anyone you may pay more for a better looking rifle but your not going to get one that shoots any better. I only wish they put a removable clip in for loading.. but I could find at least one thing i dont like about any weapon so way to go marlin for building a great shooting afordable rifle.


    I have Marlin 795 22cal and I love it so much that I’ve decided to get something bigger for my target shooting. I just can’t decide between 270 vs 30.06. I need something that will be good for both 100 and 200 yards. It looks like the price for ammo is about the same for both…(If I’m not mistaken).

    Thanks in advance

  • Mike Boyd

    All depends on how much shooting and what you will be shooting to harvest. You may want to look at the Ballistic tables on this site:

    The .06 has a very wide variety of ammo for many uses and is commonly available. The .270 aint too shaby either, both have been around a very long time. I am considering a .270 my self and am debating between the Marlin and the Weatherby Vanguard. I have a Marlin XS7 in .308 and really like it, but the .270 cries for a 24″ barrel to gain the most from it’s long range capabilities. I have an .06 Reminginton 700 BDL with a 24″ barrel and really like shooting it, especially since I installed a Pachmayr Decelerator recoil pad on it. I appreciated the fact the Marlin came with a decent pad on it already. If you think bear, elk or moose are in your future targets, the .30 caliper has a heaver range of bullet available but will kick a little harder than the lighter .270 rounds. If you know someone with both rifles, you may ask to shoot each, in the weight of bullet you would considering hunting with, to determine which is most comfortable for you to shoot. Either round will take down most game in North America, with an appropriately placed shot. Comfort and confidence are big factors in shooting, especially in the few moments when we get a trophy in our sights.

    Hope this helps,
    Happy and Safe Hunting,
    Mike B.


    I’m planning on using Marlin XL7 for target shooting only (200 yards). Personally, I don’t see myself hunting but like everything in life…that might change as well…so I’m trying to get best rifle for target shooting.

    So I’m trying to decide between 270 vs 30.06…

  • robert

    I recently purchased 25-06 and to date am impressed with its capabilities. I am grouping in bout a qourter shooting 120 grain winchester ammo. deffinatly cant complain about the price or performance with the xl7, was a recent owner of rem 700 and tney are very comparable. with the exception I had close to 500 more in the 700 after adding adjustable trigger. All and all marlin did a fantastic job!

  • John

    New to the site but wanted to add my 2 cents worth.I recently purchased the Marlin XL7 in .25-06,my personal favorite catridge,after seeing the gun on several forums and websites.At first had a hard time locating one in eastern NC.I called my local dealer,who I have purchased several firearms from,and he advised me if I had called a week earlier I could have had one bought he was sold out and he couldnt get anymore.I was dishearted so I took a trip to another dealer in the east who has 1000s of guns in stock.They had this gun in all calibers but .25-06.I asked them to order one for me and was told they didnt do special orders for any one.So I left there and checked one more gun dealer in the east and lo and behold he had 3 in stock 2 black and 1 camo with the scope combo.I didnt need the scope so I purchased 1 in black.I explained to the clerk that I was having trouble locating this paticular gun but he advised he could have a truck load for me whenever I needed them.That is good to know the next time I buy another gun.
    After my research I learned that Winchester Mod 70 mounts were compatible so I ordered a Game Reaper(Dednutz) 1 piece scope mount as well as a Burris Fullfield II 3x9x40 scope.
    After mounting the scope and bore sighting I headed to the range I had 4 different loads to try.Winchester 120gr PEP,Winchester Supreme 115gr Ballistic Silvertip,Federal 117gr SP,and Remington 120gr Core Lokts were all tried.My XL7 liked the Federal load the best with 1in groups at 100yds with the Core Lokts a close 2nd with little over 1in groups.
    Overall I like this gun it is lightweight,action is smooth,nice recoil pad,trigger broke at 3.5lbs according to my gauge.
    I own 4 other .25-06’s ranging from Browning to Winchester to Ruger and I stack this gun to any of them.I still have some fine tuning with handloads to do and I will keep you posted.
    I know this was lenghty but I wanted to get my 2 cents in.Also I saw some debate on the 22in barrel.In my opinion you will only lose 100fps with the lose of the 2in of barrel.Only difference I saw between this gun and my other .25’s with 24in barrels was that it was noticeably louder.

  • wreckmaster

    So here we are with the age old question of a 30.06 or 270 being better. I am going to step on some toes here for sure, but I will add my educated opinion.

    The .06 is great caliber. A bit slower than the 270 but hits harder. Hits harder only if you are using a larger grain the the 270. If anyone feels I am wrong about this please…explain. Humor me.

    For larger than elk, yes the 30.06 is the way to go. As for long range accuracy (above 250 meter) the 270 will always win. The 270 will always retain more FPS at further distance because it is faster from the start.

    Below 250 it does not matter what you are shooting. Both will do what ever you ask of it. So with all that said the better round for an all around rifle, hunting and distance target is the .270

  • Mike Boyd

    You may want to visit the Shooting Times Ballistic Tables web pages at

    While the .270 loaded in Light Magnum, such as Hornady sells in 140 grain soft Points are comparable to most .30-06 rounds and definitely shoot flatter, the lighter bullet is effected more by wind. The .270 light magnum leaves the barrel at 3100FPS and is still moving at 2155FPS at 500 yards with muzzle energy of 2967 FP and still delivers 1443 FP at 500 yards, dropping only 36.6 inches when sighted 1.4 inches high at 100 yards.

    Now there are two heavy hitting flat shooting .30-06 rounds from Hornady in 150 and 165 grain.

    The 150 gr SST-LM leaves the barrel at 3100 FPS and is still hauling 2013 FPS at 500 yards with a drop of 36.6″ when sighted 1.4″ high at 100 yards and has 1350 FP of energy.

    The 165 gr SSTLM round leave the barrel at 3015 FPS, still moving at 2041 GPS at 500 Yards, dropping 39″ at that distance, with 3170 FP muzzle energy, dropping to 1765 FP at 500 yards.

    Clearly, the 06 hits the hardest, but will certainly let your shoulder know about it. What I like about the 06 is the wider range of ammo available for it and is almost always on the shelf in some form or another, that will certainly get you into the field hunting. If you are only going to have one rifle, then my vote goes towards the 06 or even the .308 due the the ammo being readily available almost anywhere.

    Just a note, I am now currently debating between a .270 either from Marlin or Weatherby. I already have a Rem 700 BDL in 06, 7mm mag from Savage, both with 24″ barrels, a Malin .30-30, and XS-7 in .308. My next purchase will be a .270, followed by either a .243 or .25-06, as I proceed to collect the most common sporting rifles.

    My first rifle for deer hunting in Central and Northern PA was a Winchester in .32 special, which was stolen. I was only 19 and devasted, so the old experts at our deer camp recommended the NEW Remington 700 in .30-06, this was in 1968. I still have that gun and it still shoots great and still looks nearly new.

    Good luck in your search, I am sure you will be more than satisfied with the Marlin, just wish they made the .270 in 24″ barrels. If they did, I would be buying one now, but am leaning towards the Weatherby or Savage with the 24″ barrel.

    Happy hunting,
    Old Salt.

  • Esteban

    Hey guys! I have been in front of my computer for aprox. 10 hours total trying to gather information about what rifle is best in ther market for deer hunting in a price range of $400 to $500. Now, I know that both the marlin lx7 .270 an the 30-06 are great rifles no doubt about it. Here is my question: Can we compare the marlin 336 30-30 to the lx7 (.270/30.06)in terms of performance? i Know that there is a diference in price. Can anybody explain to me the diference between those rifles. This is my first time buying a gun I will sincerly apreciate the help provided.

  • Mike Boyd


    The 336 is a lever gun. I have one in .30-.30. It is a great, close in brush gun and is often used with open sights to ranges out to 150 yards. Some mount scopes (I did) since I am 60 and don’t see as good as I used to. Since the 336 is tube feed, the bullet tips are soft, so you don’t get the sharp tip of a pointed tip banging against the primer, causing an explosion in the tube magazine. The XS and XL are bolt guns in much more powerful cartridges. They load up in a blind magazine and can support much more ballistic stable bullets. There is no best round out there for white tail, it is more towards your shooting comfort, confidence, and environment you will be hunting in. Favored, poplular rounds are; .30-06, .270, .308, 7mm and 300 magnums. Many will argue that if you only have one hunting rifle, then either of the first three are good choices since there is plenty of ammo available for all three. The .30-06 has been around the longest and has the greatest range of ammo to choose from, just visit able ammo on line for all there is to select from and you will see what I mean. The 06 in the correct Hornady cartridge compares easily with the .270 in flat shooting in similar weight bullets. But many white tail are harvested with the venerable and inexpensive Remington Core Loks, the most popular in 06 is usually the 180 grain bullet, however the Hornady 150 grain boat tail ballistic tip bullets only drop about 3 feet at 500 yards. (See my earlier post on the balistics).

    I purchased an XS7 in .308 and put a Pentax 3-9X50 on it for my grandson (14YO) who is quite comfortable shooting it with 150 grain Winchester or Remington ammo. He also likes the 336 with .30-30. I put an excelerator pad on it and you don’t feel much of anything from that rifle with 150 grain Winchesters out of it, but of course much less powder behind the .30-.30 than the .308.

    If you have friends like me, that have several rifles, you may want to ask to look them over and shoot them, to see what fits you best. I am 6’2″ and don’t have a problem with any of the most popular rifles out there. I love my Remington BDL 700, but for half the price, the Marlin isn’t as pretty, but sure shoots just as good. I also have a Savage 110 in 7mm Rem. Mag and like it almost as much as the Marlin and Remington. I am now looking at buying a Weatherby Vanguard in .270 and .223/5.56mm. The Marlin in .270 is also tempting at $100 less than the Vangaurd, but I am leaning towards the 24″ barrel of the Weatherby over the 22″ of the Marlin.

    Good luck on your search, there are just so many great weapons out there that will do a great job for you. Look at Buds, they are comparable to Walmart and Academy in price, but have a much larger selection that most stores or gun shops. Now if I could just find someone with primers in stock, I would be so happy!?

    Have a great Christmas everyone!!!

  • Esteban

    Thank you Mr.Boyd! That information is being very helpful to my research. I think I’m getting the xl7 in 30-06.

    Great forum!!! Merry Christmas Guys!!!

  • Mike Boyd

    I don’t think you will be disappointed. There are several reports on this site from happy Marlin XL7 .30-06 owners.

    Years ago, I shot ground hogs in Central PA with my 06 using Reminton Accelerators. My round of preference in the mountains of Nortern PA was Remington 180 grain core lokts. Here in Texas, I am using Hornady 165 gr SSTLMs. They are twice the price of the Remingtons and Winchesters, but shoot as flat as most .270’s or 7mm Magnums.

    I would recommend you break your new gun in with cheaper ammo at a range, running a bore snake down the bore after each round, for twenty rounds, then clean thoroughly every 3 to 5 rounds until you have about 50 rounds through it. After that, your groups should really be tight for final sight-in for hunting.

    I only have 20 rounds through my Marlin so far and the groups already are below 1.5 inches at 100 yards. I am also breaking in a 7mm mag and a new .22LR Bull barrel and the weather has sucked on my days off, so not much progress, I’m afraid.

    Hope you have a great Christmas Estaban, enjoy that new rifle and let us know what scope you went with, don’t scrimp here, there a plenty of decent scopes around $200 or less and some terrific scopes around $300, Leaupold and Nikon heading up the list in Mid-range scopes.

    Felice Navidad,
    Mike Boyd

  • dustlove


    I have just put a Marlin Xl7 30-06 with scope on hold today a dick’s. They gave me the combo price of $319.99 but did not tell me what the scope was. The manager said he would match the deal with the Leupold scope (which i assume is nicer than the combo) if i could get a store name location and or print out of the invoice. Can you email that to me dustlove [at] gmail [dot] com?

    Your help is appreciated. Man im excited about this gun

  • dustlove

    Thanks for all of the information.

    I just ordered the Marlin XL7 30-06 Combo (with Scope, its a 3-9×40) for 289.00. WOOHOO. Last one at the distributor in AL! They were going to sell it to me for 319.99 and said the holiday discount did not apply to special orders. When we got to the register the computer gave me the discount!!!! Im not sure what brand scope will come on it, If anyone knows please reply. I have never killed a deer before but a buddy has some wonderful green fields and there are many bucks waiting on this 30-06. I am so excited! If any of you have any suggestions on the grain count / type of tip to shoot please let me know. All shots should be between 75 and 150 yrds.

    Thanks again guys

  • Mike Boyd


    What an awesome deal you got. I believe the scope is most likely a Bushnell Banner. That is what came with my Savage 7mm package gun. It is a lower end scope, but should work great for the shooting you are planning on doing.

    At the range you mentioned, the good old Remington 150 grain core Lokt or Winchester 150 grain power points or Federal 150 grain power shock. They are all available at Walmart for less than $20 a box of 20. All three are soft point bullets and should do the job just fine out to 400 yards. I recommend the 150 grain, because they don’t kick as hard as the 165 and 180 grain.

    I went by Walmart earlier this week and their ammo case was packed full of almost everything in rifle and pistol ammo except for .45 and 380 ACP.

    Good luck with that sweet rifle, I am sure it will serve you well, just keep it clean and well preserved.

    Have a very Merry Christmas

  • tony

    Dustlove, why don’t I just come hunt with you and I can show you how the 30.06 works, ha. Just kidding. Any of the Remington Core Lokt PSP bullets perform well out to 100-300 yards in 150 grain, 165 or 180. And, they are reasonably priced. You should get a good group with either. Zero in at 200 (2 inches high at 100) and you don’t lose much more than 8-9 inches at 300 yards for either of the three (per the ballistic tables and from my experience the tables are fairly close) depending on barrel length. I’m sure others can give you good advice on their experiences. Enjoy the hunt and great choice on the gun. Don’t know what scope but would guess it is a Bushnell. If it is a Leupold Ranger of Nikon Pro Staff you just got a heck of a deal. Let us know.

  • Esteban

    Mr Boyld:
    Last moment decision:

    I bought a marlin 336 30-30 used with a Simmons scope 4-12×40 for $200 in a wood case. I’m still getting the xl7, but I’m gonna have to wait a few months.

    Thank you for the help!

  • Mike Boyd

    You got an awesome deal, Estaban, I am sure you will enjoy the 336. I bought one recently at a pawn shop that looked new, made in 1986 for $275 with a two rifle aluminum case and thought I was doing well.

    I am sure you will enjoy it for years to come.

    Merry Christmas,
    From the Boyd Family

  • Esteban, Do yourself a favor and check out the Hornady lever evolution ammo made specifically for the different lever calibers I have a marlin 1895 in 45-70 and got some of this ammo it is awesome.Go to hornadys web sight it shows all the ballistics charts for all the calibers offered compared to traditional lever ammo its pretty impressive I personally have hunted white tail w/ this ammo in 30-30 and 45-70 it will put the smack down on about anything you wanna hunt in North America ,now dont get me wrong I still like my 270 but it seems more nastolgic taking down a deer w/ the old lever gun I wish you the best and safest hunts. Toad

  • Esteban

    Toad, that’s exactly what I’m looking for. I spent some time yesterday night looking for the 30-30 in leverevolution but, it seems that they are sold out everywhere. I’ve already check with Cabela’s, Able’s, and Midway USA but they got the item in back-order. I’ve read great reviews about this ammo. I’m just having a hard time finding it. Do you know where can I get it?

  • Esteban, hello I live in Ohio,and my local gun shop is the Fin feather&fur they have the leverevolution ammo in most of the time but I do know they are in and out from time to time I have seen it at Dicks sporting goods as well also the sportsmans den in Shelby Ohio I dont know where you live but I believe Dicks is a national chain I believe. I cant stress enough how good that ammo is, if you are familiar at all w/ ballistics you can see what I am talking about. Depending where you live, me being in Ohio I am not allowed a rifle for deer only muzzle loader or slug gun so I have to go to W.V. or P.A. to use my lever guns on deer but I can use them on coyotes no shortage of them around, but I have 4x nikon pro staff on the 45-70 but I did have a Burris ballistiplex which I traded and wish I had not, not that the nikon is not a good choice but the new ammo makes these lever guns a legit 300 yard gun in the right hands not that I am endorsing that long of a shot but its more than capable now, so we will leave it at that.Good luck in finding the ammo I am sure you will enjoy the gun and hope this info helps.Merry Christmas to all, Toad

  • Mike Boyd

    Estaban, I bought a box a couple of months ago at Academy, here in San Antonio. Since we are pretty much into deer season or most of the way through it by now, the best hunting ammo usually gets sucked up first and fast.

    I don’t think you will be disappointed with the range and knock down power of most of the popular ammo in Rem, Win, or Federal in 150 to 170 grain blunt/soft nose rounds. They are very effectiive out to 200 yards, which is usually where most of us hunt for white tail in the brush or woods. The advantage of the shorter barreled 336 is its light weight, short barrel allows for quick shouldering and rapid sighting in tighter hunting surroundings. The lever also helps speed up getting a second round in the chamber. That’s why most of us used the lever guns with open sights most of the time, so you can get that quick shot off at traveling game, up close.

    The less expensive rounds are also fun to practice with for cowboy action and other fun events.

    Get some ammo and get out there and enjoy that great used gun you bought for less than half retail! Also, go to the Marlin Arms sight and download the manual for it, so you have the proper instructions for partially disassembling it for cleaning. If your rifle is a newer model, it will have microgroove stamped on the barrel. You will need to use jacketed ammo with the micro barrel to get the best ballistic and accurate performance from your rifle.

    Have a very Merry Christmas,
    Mike Boyd and Family

  • Coach P

    Merry Christmas Gentlemen,

    Well since purchasing my two XL,s I have been bitten by the reloading bug and have been working on loads for the .270 and 30-06. I have found a good recipe for the .270 and have been shooting a lot at my local range.

    This firearm continues to improve with each trip to the range. I am now shooting consistent 3 shot groups at 100 yards with a .368” spread. This is way more than I had expected. I have enjoyed this firearm since the day I bought it.

    I will be starting the 30-06 loads after the first of the year and am looking forward to developing a load for it. I really enjoy shooting these firearms ! I am amazed with the accuracy of these guns considering the low cost.

    Here is the load that works good in this gun;

    Bullet Grains Case Primer Powder Grains
    Nosler 140 Fed CCI-200 RL-22 57.6
    Ballistic Tip

    Velocity Spread
    2959 .368

    Just one more comment and I feel it is the most important. No matter if you hand load or shoot factory ammo when you boil it all down it’s about one thing. Practice, practice, practice! This will make you a more confident and accurate shooter, whether punching paper or a perfectly placed shot on game. You can never substitute time in at the range.

    Have a Happy New Year !

    Coach P

  • Skyler

    I bought a Marlin .270 at Acadamy in Joplin, MO. So far it has done me alot of good, But I am wondering what would be the weight of bullet for deer?

  • Thomas R.

    I just got the marlin .270 from our local gun shop and so far i would have to say i am not pleased. it has misfired on me 6 times and i have only pulled the trigger 8 times. im swapping it out for another one tomorrow. maybe i just got a bad gun. its not the ammo because i swapped that one out too.

  • Rich Johnoff

    I am purchasing a Marlin XL7C and am interested in what scope you guys recommend for it. I’d like it in camo to match and am looking for something clean, accurate, easy to take care of and sight in. Also what king of mounts are recommended? Mostly for deer hunting in Minnesota. Appreciate your help

  • Mike Boyd

    Academy has a Nikon in real tree camo:

    They list it a $189.99, for a few dollars more you can upgrade from the 3-9X40 to the 3-9X50 or from the Prostaff to the Buckmaster.

    When you want the camo finish, you start limiting yourself to scopes more towards varmit hunting. I have leupold, nikon, pentax and bushnell scopes and have no complaints with any of them, you get what you pay for. I have a real preference for leupold and nikon, but I have several Pentax that I bought on ebay and am quite impressed with them for the low price I got them for.

    I like buying at Academy and Walmart or a gun shop that lets you look at and through the scope to see how clear the lenses are and how well they stay on focus when you change magnification. For some of the stuff I shoot, I like the mil-dot or BDC that comes with many scopes.

    A good set of rings and mounts is just as important as the scope, get something solid and reliable that will keep the scope aligned properly with the barrel, especially for hunting, where it will get knocked around a bit.

    My Marlin .308 has a Pentax 3.5 -10 X 50 on it, I used the Leupold steel mounts and rings which work very well.

    The most popular variable scope is the 3-9 X 40 or 50. Most of us use around 4 to 6 power, sight it in and leave it there for the type and range of hunting we will be doing. I sight in for 200 yards, which is about 1.5 or 2 inches high at 100 yards. For hunting larger game, that usually works best.

    Good luck with your new Marlin. Hope you enjoy it as much as the rest of us are enjoying ours. Great gun, at any price!

  • Rich Johnoff


    Really appreciate the help. You have me thinking twice about the camo rifle and scope. Maybe the wood.


  • Charte

    Hi all……….just dropped the cash for an XL7 .270. I have been using a Marlin 1895C .45-70, but it’s too much for East Coast deer. I wanted to caliber down, and also set up for longer, flatter shots.

    I went Marlin again based on my experience with the 1895C (fantastic!!) and the reviews I’ve seen on the XL7.

    It’s a beautiful rifle.

    Can’t wait for the season to start again!

  • Mike Boyd

    I just dropped by Academy last night to purchase an XS7 in .243. They were out of them all across town. When I asked when they would be getting any more in, the salesman told me that they were closing them out and wouldn’t be selling them anymore. They only had a 7mm-08 left in stock and sold it to me for $281 out the door including tax, $259 before tax. Other stores had some .270s in stock around town, but this was the last Marlin bolt this store had in stock. Rumor has it that Remington won’t be making any more of these. Go figure, the salesman at Academy said they had been the hottest selling rifle they had to sell, at the best price. He also said that he has not received any complaints at all on any of the Marlins they sold over the last two years.

    We shoud verify if it is true that Marlin/Remington is really stopping production on these fine inexpensive rifles. I still want a .270 and .243, if I can still find them, when I have the money to buy them, especially at the current Academy price!

    Has anyone heard anything on this disturbing rumor, for sure?

  • Eddie

    I just purchased a xl7 25-06 what type and what grain of bullet does any one recommend to use for white tail deer in the south east. Thanks for all your help.

  • Rich Johnoff

    I have been doing some internet surfing for the XL7W and the rifle is very hard to find? If I do find one they want $500.00 plus! I’m really sold on the walnut. Any ideas on where to find a more reasonable price?

  • Brent

    I purchased the xl7c in 30-06 two weeks ago and put the new redfield 3x9x40 on it . I’ve had two days at the range with it and have shot 80 rounds all 180 grain , but three different brands. The cheap Remington corelokt, Winchester ballistic tip, and the barnes triple shock. The barnes triple shock were far more accurate and consistent for me all the way out two 300 yds. I didn’t have very good results with the other two and wouldn’t recommend them. All in all I love the gun and the new redfield scope , I don’t think there is a better setup for under 500,and really it shoots as good as my dads 1500 setup.

  • Art

    Eddie, I have Marlin XL7 in 25-06 and found that it did not shoot the 120 grain Remington Coreloks very well. My group ran around 3-4 inches. I went to the other end of the weight range and have found that it shoots the 75 and 85 grain bullets well. Next I am moving up to the 100 grain bullets. If it shoots them well, there are some good deer bullets at that weight.

  • bryan p

    i bought the xl7 rifle for $235 at my local gun shop right after Christmas just bought a scope for it today so i haven’t shot it yet, i have it in the 30-06 and i was wandering what ammo performs the best in the 30-06 from 180gr or lower

  • Mike Boyd

    Bryan P: Take a look at the Shooting Times Ballastic tables. They provide a pretty good spread of information about the various manufactured ammo for your rifle.
    Hope this helps.

    BTW, you stole that rifle at that price, well done! I have two XS7s, one in .308 and the other in 7mm-08. They both shoot sweet. The triggers are terrific too.

    Happy Hunting,
    Mike B.

  • David

    “If marlin (Remington) were trully innovative they would have developed the “sure fire” long before the accu trigger. This gun is a clone, nothing more, and out of principle I will never buy one.”

    If one wants to, the same can be said about anything, from firearms to margarine. Sure there is some ad hype here, but name me one manufacturere that isnt trying to sell their products and profit by it?

    Personally, I am glad to see yet another competitor in the value rifle field – yet another maker putting out a quality American made product that serves the need. Instead of finding fault and complaining “on principle,” there should joy.So what if they’re not first… only one can ever be first.
    But Marlin has had enough ‘firsts’ before any of us were born to qualify them as innovators. I cam live with that. Way to go Marlin!

  • Monty Clein


    Does anyone know where in northern Illinois I can purchase
    the Marlin XL-7 .270 ?
    I have called Gartner Mountain,Bass Pro shop and Gat’s gun
    with no luck. Any info would be appreciated.

  • Darrell Smith

    I have a question, has anyone had a small pre-rease creap in the trigger pull? My xs7 7mm-08 does. And do you know how to correct this? Everything else seems great, the ajustable trigger is great and it shoots great.

  • rich

    Just bought an XL7 30.06 for deer/hog hunting, I will be using 180 grain loads. I lightened my trigger exactly 2 turns. Where do you thing my trigger now breaks ? maybe I can measure it with a Zebco deliar ?

  • Mike Boyd

    I recently purchased a XL7 in 7mm/08 youth model for my grandson. When I took it to the range, I could not get it on paper at any consistency. I hate to admit, that I did clean it right out of the box, but it was night and never looked down the bore, just kept cleaning until patches came through clean.

    After several frustrating attempts to get it on paper, I finally looked down the barrel after running a boresnake down it and discovered it did NOT have any rifling!

    I sent it back to Marlin in CT last week and am waiting for it to get a new barrel.

    I will post more info about this rifle as soon as I get it back, inspect it and start breaking it in. Needless to say, my grandson was more than disappointed.

    I can’t believe I was so stupid to not look down the bore before I bought it, or while I was cleaning it the first time. I always take a look when I buy used guns. The store was getting ready to close, it was after a late night at work and it was the last XS7 they had in stock, but live and learn!!

    • Mike, HAHA! That is a funny story. Did you take a photo?

  • Mike Boyd

    I thought about taking a picture, but didn’t know if it was worth the effort or not. It definitely had the smoothest, shiniest bore I have ever seen.

    We’ll just wait and see how fast Remington/Marlin’s turnaround service is on this. This is the first time I have ever had to send a rifle back, which really says allot for American craftsmanship.

    I be the gun was made either on Friday or Monday.

  • Darrell Smith

    I purchased an XL7 youth model in 7mm-08 and put a 2×7 Leupold on it and am very impressed.
    I am loading and shooting 120 grain Nosler Balistic Tip with great accuracy at 100 yards and the recoil is very light. The thing about the 7mm-08 is that you can also load it up with 140 or 150g Barns X and use a load that is very comperable with the 270 and the 280 in performance. In fact by the reloading specs and cartridge performance very close.

  • Robert

    Bought a XL7 in a 308 Win youth stock. I like the shorter stock especially for use in the fall when you have more layers on, it doesent catch your shoulder as you bring it up. Have fired it some in that caliber. I had a Bbl in 250 Save that I bought from Midway for the Savage 110. They also fit the Marlin. It is a sweet shooter and a little Nostalgic.. You can also be a little more versatile with different barrels for the same gun. I also have a 243 barrel I can use also. Happy shooting

  • Mike Boyd

    Update on the Marlin 7-08 youth with no rifling. Got it back from Marlin in two weeks in a new box, completely repackaged, looking like a new rifle. Had the same serial numbers on the action, so they definitely replaced the barrel with one with rifling. I immediately cleaned and inspected it. It took several patches to get it clean, so it was definitely test fired before Marlin sent it back.

    We are very pleased with Marlins quick turn around on this manufacturing error under warranty. Marlin is absolutely back on my shopping list again!!

    I just hope they keep making this fine rifles as I see many of the web sites listing them as “discontinued by manufacturer”. If Remington does away with these, then the new Savage Edge may be come the best buy for the poor man’s hunting rifle. Right now, the X guns have my vote for the best buy in a sporting rifle!

    Would like to hear more from those of you that are starting to cusomize your Marlins. I am thinking about buying a Boyd’s Savage stock to see if the Marlin action and barrel can be fit. I really like the looks of their Laminate stocks. Anyone know anything about this, information would be greatly appreciated.

  • Tiffany

    I’m purchasing the Marlin XL7C in 25-06. This is the first time I’m buying a brand new gun, That I have never shot. I hunt year round varmints an hogs. An then obviously I can’t pass up deer season! I wanted a rifle I could use to take care of all of these. Right now I have a Marlin .22Mag that I use for coyotes an hogs, but not legal for deer. Last season I used a .22-250 that I barrowed from a friend.

    Has anyone used the XL7 in 25-06 yet?

    I would like to know how it compares in recoil an sound and in accuracy to these other 2 rifles I’ve been shooting.
    The dealer said it’s just the next step up from the 22-250. That tells me nothing an this guy has never shot this kind of gun… How would he know?

    I’d just like some ‘real’ feedback about this gun. I’ve done my research on it online but there are no answers to my questions.
    I appreciate any info on this, thank you all!

  • Tiffany

    Also if anyone does have feedback for me, What would be My best bet on ammo for this rifle for what I’m using it for?
    I’ve never used a 25-06 an I’m not a new hunter but I am new to the world of gun research. I’ve always just grabbed aimed and fired whatever I was handed, no questions. But with this being mine an not barrowed I want to know as much as I can. I know this rifle is going to be a lot more in every aspect then my lil’ .22Mag.

  • Mike Boyd

    Tiffany, here is a web page that could be informative, depending on the type of shooting you are doing:


    .25-06 ammo tends to be more expensive and a little more difficult to find than the more common rounds; .270, .308, .30-06 and .243. However, it is a very effective, flat shooting round that many prefer which has a little less recoil than the larger, heavier rounds.

    Did you get it with the scope, or are you putting one on? You will already find many great suggestions on this sight from previous post. We’d love to hear from you on your experience with your new prize.

    Best of luck,
    Mike B.

  • Tiffany

    Thank you Mike!

    Well, I picked the rifle up today an started sighting it in just before dark. The only rounds I could find around anywhere were Remington 100gr..

    It came with an NCstar scope. Don’t know much about the brand other then I have the same brand on my .22mag. Good scopes an not expensive at all, at least from my experience with them. The one on my .22 has cross hairs that light up. That scope is around $60 where I bought my XL7C. An the one that came with the XL7C is $40(non lighted). May look them up online for less?…
    An it wasn’t nothing to get’r sighted in good at 100yrds. before dark.

    Well, over-all it is more then I expected! The guy said it’s just the next step up from the .22-250 I been shooting. That I wouldn’t know the difference… HAH! He could’ve prepared me better. It kicked like a mule compared to the other rifles I’ve shot. Nearly knocked me clean off the shooting bench an had me deaf for a few minutes. I could’ve swore Iraq dropped a bomb beside me! I’m also a rather tiny girl, 5’8 130lbs.
    However, after the initial shock of the first shot, I was ready for it an I never had any problems. Still a bit loud, but all in all it wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle. I was just given info that was misleading for what it was.

    So in the end, Even though the XL7C is more then I needed or wanted. I really like it an settled right into it comfortably.
    I’ll come back an post again with more/better info after I get more experience an first blood with it.

    Thank you again!

  • Darrell Smith

    A note for Tiffany, Use good ear protection while shooting on the range.
    It will help with your concentration protect your hearing and your head will not be ringing for the rest of the day.
    I have a 7mm-08 in the XL7 Youth model—it is a tack driver.

  • Mike Boyd

    Glad to hear you are getting comfy with your new rifle. A few hints to help with recoil; pull the rifle into your shoulder snuggly, if you hold it loosely, you will get kicked around like you described. Also the isometric tension by pulling in with your forarm helps to steady the rifle better.

    I recommend that you might consider both ear plugs and muffs for hearing protection. Double hearing protection will greatly reduce hearing loss from the associated impact assault on your ear drums. If not, you will end up like me, with a constant ringing in your ears and poor hearing as you age.

    Also Remington makes reduced recoil ammo for the most popular rounds, so if you plan on shooting a lot, you may want to give them a try.

    The scope you have is okay for a starter, but you may consider upgrading a little to say, a Nikon prostaff. For the money, Nikon rivals the top end scopes like Leupold. If you do a little research on line, you can read up on scopes and their ability to hold zero well, through allot of shooting.

    Keep us posted on your experience. It is always great to hear ladies getting into this great sport. Both my daughters can shoot very well (pistols), but can’t get them interested in rifles. Momma has her tactical 12 ga. and a compact 9mm near her bed, but I think a couple of her dogs will scare anyone off, before they posed a real threat.

    Good luck and safe shooting,
    Mike B.
    San Antonio, TX

  • 7.62NATO

    Hey John(up top),
    Know it’s probably 2 late but I like to blab…so-
    Go with neither! In fact, ditch the XL7C altogether! Get the XS7C INSTEAD! The xs7c compared to the xl7c is mundane! They are almost if not exactly same rifle in specs, same camo stock, only the Xs7C comes in better calibers for a guy like you. 7m-08, .243, and .308.
    Whenever a guy I know is torn between .270 and .30-06, I say .308, he says, “NO!” Then I take him to the range and let him use my XS7C to explode a few shaken Dr. Pepper cans sitting on a bench at the 150-yd. range.
    The .308 is loved by many *SNIPERS*, yes real ones that served not impersonators, that I know, has a flat trajectory and is AFFORDABLE to SHOOT a LOT! If you plan on hunting buffalo, go with the .30-06, but other than that, a .308 will easily get you anything from (partially exploded) squirrells to large black bear out to 100’s of yards, without being that reat of a shot!

    .308 ALL THE WAY!

  • Just got an XL7 in 7MM-08 put a burris 3 x 9 ballistic plex scope hand loaded some rounds and put 5 round in an inch and a half at 100yds.Cant wait to see what it will do when I fine tune my hand loads.

  • bubbarollans

    i recently did some swapping and trading and got the marlin xl7 in the 25-06 with a 6×24-42mm barska scope on it the only reason i even considered the trade of the marlin for a remington 1100 non vent rib 2 3/4 only shotgun (the rifle in my favor) is because my brother in law has the xl7 in a 270 and i have shot 2 in. groups @200 yards with his. this is going to be my primary deer rifle i also have a remington model 7600 pump .270 that my wife shoots, and a marlin 336c gold trigger .35 cal that i have yet to kill a deer with. PLEASE give some pointers on the ammo that shoots best out of yalls xl7 25-06 to save some time and money. deer season is just around the corner, happy hunting and the best of luck to all

  • Morgan Eriksen

    I am from Norway.
    The buck hunting season on deer has finally started, and as I got my hunting licence this year I looked forward to getting out to hunt.
    Well.. I purchased an XL7 cal.30-06, and I am very satisfied about the accuracy of the rifle. But it has misfired on me several times and I suspect the spring to be to slack.. Does anyone have experience of retaining more spring pressure to the firing pin, or is this not recommended to do, and how to do it would be great to know.. Any tips welcome..
    morganer [at]

    • Morgan, you should return the rifle to wherever you bought it from. If you don’t want to do that, try disassembling the bolt and cleaning it. Make sure there is no dirt or oil inside the bolt.

  • KC Moore

    Purchased the 270 xl7c and not only is the rifle good looking, but it is the most accurate rifle that I own. I took it to the range one day and I just happened to be shooting next to a gentleman who had one of those bolt action single shot rifles made by Savage, chambered in .308 that is designed from the factory as a bench shooter,(now I happen to know that these rifles are very well made and deadly accurate). However on this particular day my “cheap” Marlin out shot the Savage with 4 shots just 1 inch left of the bulls eye, into one ragged hole! We both were extremely impressed! By the way the 270 caliber will kill elk (especially ones this accurate), and I am just as confident with the caliber for elk hunting as I am with the ’06 or my 7mag. I would recommend the Marlin to anyone looking to buy a very,very good rifle! (By the way the load I was shooting was 150 grain Speer spitzer sp. on top of 57 grains of R22).

  • josh

    i bought the xl7 30-06 about two years ago after reading up on it a little. i bought a burris fullfield2 3x9x50 and leupold rings and mounts, which really set the rifle off. i love my gun! i tested hornady, federal, and remington corelokt bullets. surprisingly, the remington bullets shoot the best. great shooting and very accurate up to 400yards. drops rapidly after that. i shoot 150 grain bulles and im very satisfied. would recommend i to anyone who wans a great rifle at a fair price!

  • Rigor

    I picked up an xl7 second hand but was told only a few rounds went through it to set the scope.
    I noticed after that there was 1/2 the trigger missing.
    thin brittle metal – bound to break I guess.
    nice gun otherwise I suppose.

  • Rigor

    Aparently its going to be impossible to get a new trigger for my xl7.
    I’ve been duped!
    Marlin said they are between factories and they won’t have one for a long… long … long time
    I’d like to know how a brand new gun has a broken trigger

  • kolten

    i bought the xl7 25-06 i put a 3x9x40 bushnell on it and i love it. i shoot 100 grain remington coe-lokts out of it and its accurate light and easy to handle the only thing is 25-06 is hard to find good bullets for so im lookin at a 30-06
    the 25-06 can reach that 350 and 400 yard mark but its alittle small for elk so im trying to sell it any offers? 250 with scope and sling i killed two deer with it this year and one last year

  • Eddie W

    Kolten-where do you live? I might be interested if you are close. I am in LA.

  • T Neyer

    I am also from Namibia recently bought a .308 and what a pleasure . Good price and shoots springbuck and will down a Eland with good placement. All American hunters are invuted to “Nam”…for a good fun trip…Amazing country and hunting ficilities.

  • I bought a Marlin XL7 in 308 Win and already I have converted into a 250 Savage with a custom A&B barrel from Midwest USA. It shoots great. It takes the same barrel as the Savage 110 with a little adjustment to the face of the bolt which I solved with a little bit of sandinf of ot’s face to bring the bolt into full contact of the shell. Of course if your not sure of this yourself contact a local gunsmith and they can probably do it for you.Good shooting.

  • NewCalRusaDeer

    Hi guys,

    I live in New Caledonia (don’t worry if you never heard of it, most people haven’t) and we have the best Rusa deer hunting in the world. They are fairly tough to take down and on some properties the shots for trophy stags are quite far (300 to 450yd and above) I am looking to buy a rifle here now and came across the Xl7 today in one of the shops. They only have one in all the shops that I checked, which are most of the shops on the island. Its the .270 by the way and really the minimum cal one should use here… It is mounted with one mother of a scope, will find out the make and model but was told its Australian (?) Problem is the price. it sells for 1300 Euros which today is around $1900!!! From what I have seen on this page, I better be able to shoot a squirrel in the nuts from a mile away for that kind of money. Other problem is scopes are generally really (I mean really) expensive here and usually cost about the same as a quality rifle (x bolt, savage etc.) and unfortunately are a must have with the distances.
    All you guys have pretty much sold me on the xl7 by now and it should be an excellent choice. Any combo I buy here will most likely be around the same price, most quality rifles retail for at least 1300, 1400US here, no scope (damn Euro) so I am not sure what to do. My problem will be even bigger if they truly discontinued that rifle…
    So I am thinking I make the guy an offer for around 1000US for the rifle and get a scope from somewhere else?! Sadly enough, 1300 Euros might be a reasonable price for a high quality combo. I can get a Rem 700 with some sort of scope for around 1500US but I truly fell in love with the xl7 (got the brush camo look, which is perfect for here)
    So, shall I bite the bullet ,) and go for it, just from the looks of it, the scope should be amazing, but no real clue…
    or for the money go for an X bolt or something similar?

    Any advice is much appreciated, already decided not to get the Browning Cynergy for the unbelievable turkey hunting that we have here which is “reasonably” priced around $3340 for a trap shoot model… Even though I love that gun!

    PS> you guys have forgotten more about guns than I will ever learn!

  • Mike B

    NewCal, you mentioned you could get a Rem 700 for about the same $$. If your deer are that sturdy and shy, you may want to consider the Rem in 7mm Rem Mag. I have a few Marlins and like them fine, but I also have a Rem 700 BDL in 30-06 and it is definitely a better rifle with 24″ barrel, floorplate that opens to empty rifle easily . . . etc. Another candidate would be the Weatherby Vanguard, which is available in alot more calibers than the Marlin. I am looking at purchasing a .270 for hunting here in Texas, but the Vanguard seems to be my choice because of all the extra features for only $100 more thab the Marlin at They have the Marlin in camo for about $350.
    The .270 is touted as one of the flattest shooting rifles out there for most mid sized deer using similar case dimensions as the .30-06 and .25-06. Sorry to hear you have to pay so much for quality weapons over there. Also, don’t rule out Savage 110 with 24″ barrel, I have one in 7mm Rem Mag and it is awesome at almost any distance. I have a Pentax 3-15X50 scope on it a Boyd’s Custom Thumbhole stock and Pachmyer decelerator recoil pad. It’s still not a rifle you want to shot twenty rounds through, but is awesome for the one shot that really counts. A 300 mag would also fit the bill, but would kick even more.

    Good luck on your choices.

  • NewCalRusaDeer

    Thanks Mike,

    I am still pretty keen on the Marlin xl7, really is the least expensive rifle here. Next in line is the Savage FHSAK in eiteh 7mm Rem Mag or .270 WSM which shlould also do the job quite nicely. Looking at getting a rifle sent from Germany right now, one of my mates over there reckons that there are a number of cheap really good guns over there, so if the import permits are available I am going for one of them, but I am not getting my hopes up.
    Another question i have is how do I bait for wild boar. We have heaps over here and i am keen on giving it a go. Reckon dog pellets and a can of dog food should give me some reasonable results. The way here would be to bait up, then set up maybe 50 yards away in a prone position, full camo gear and wait it out. That way it might be feasible to shoot a good stag as well that might be wandering by…
    I have zero experience in baiting hogs and will be the first one to try it over here as far as I know so again any advice is appreciated. They are doing alot of damage on the native plants so no limit on what to do so to speak.

    Yeah, prices are really steep over here, plus side is though that one can get a license in like an hour and take a gun home the same day, which is quite amazing. Any of you folks wanna come down here and do some world class hunting for Rusa and turkey give me a buzz, I would e happy to set it up for you and help with the translation which can be a pain over here!

    Happy Hunting

  • Rich

    Newcal, here’s a great (and affordable) way to bait hogs. Get some feed corn & soak it in water for several weeks. Keep it covered, as it will smell putrid after a while, but the hogs LOVE it. Dig a hole wherever you wish to hunt & pour the corn down the hole. Within a couple days the hogs will be rooting all around that hole. Be careful of the wind when setting up to shoot. A hogs sense of smell is second to none. I like 180 grain Core loks in my 30/06 XL7, but with proper shot placement almost any caliber will do. Good luck !

  • aaron

    I agree 100% about the 30-06. I have a xL7 on layaway in that caliber after i sold my last single shot 3006. I think it is the best round for many reasons fisrt springfield designed it to military specs and it has been used in every major engagement since. second it is very versatile loading from 55 to 190 grains with differnt results for different game. third it wont shy away when it hits most brush. fourth my dad used one and his dad before him so that is my family round. last and not least some of the greatest guns ever built were chambered in the 30-06 m1 garand, 1903 springfield, browning assault rifle (BAR) and now hopefully the reasonably priced marlin xl7

    • Nick

      The BAR stand for Browning Automatic Rifle, not Browning Assault Rifle.

  • camera

    Does anyone have experience with the 308 win in 26″ bbl XS7 heavy bbl?

  • Mike B

    Not yet, but Able Ammo has them listed, out of stock for $336.00. I clicked the box for “email me when in stock”. I want one of each. Just hope Boyds start making custom stocks for them soon, as all my X guns are fitted with their stocks and they make an awesome looking, inexpensive hunting rifle. The 22-250 would be great for nailing prairie dogs and coyotes and the .308 for competition, if the barrels are true.

    Just hope they are available for sale soon.

    Let’s hear from anyone lucky enough to find one and shoot it!!

    Rusty Nuts,
    San Antonio, TX

  • Ray W

    Hey Camera,
    I just finished set-up and break-in of an XL7S-VH in .308. It comes stock with a 26″ med-heavy barrel. I tuned the trigger to 2-3/4 lbs, mounted a Simmons 6.5-20x-50mm scope in Simmons tall rings, and used Rem 150gr SPT CoreLokt ammo for the breakin. I paid $319 on sale at a local gunshop. One trick I learned for rifles with the synthetic stock: remove the buttcap and fill the empty stock with clean, dry sand, and use a piece of thin packing foam as a seal, then replace the buttcap. This will dampen recoil and improve the balance of the rifle. This rifle with my first test reloads is shooting 1 MOA at 100 yards, which is very good for an economy-level rifle. I’m confident that I can get into the 1/2 MOA range with some handload development.
    I’ve also ordered a Boyds laminated wood stock that fits the XLS action: Savage inletting will not fit the XLS, already checked that!!
    For the price and features, and the potential accuracy, this XLS is one great rifle.

    Ray W.

  • adam

    jUST PURCHASED THE LX7 IN A 270. 130 GR. FEDERAL FUSHION. VX3 4-12X 50. SCOPE. Not impressed one bit I have been shooting for 30 years and am very accurate. after proper break in the best i can get is 3 inch groups @ 100yrds. 8 inch groups @ 200 yrds. And cant hit the broad side of the barn @ four hundred. But what do you expect for $300.00 But look at the good side ,it will drop a deer @ 100yrds. just dont expect any more. You always get what you pay for.

    • Ed

      Hey – just thought you might appreciate a reply – the XL7 seem to, by all accounts I’ve read, be a lot more accurate with .270 win in a heavier bullet. After reading that, I went to a 150 grain Core Lokt and have no problems with the 270. I have a stainless with a VXII 4-7 x 33 Leupold Scope on it.. I took a muley with a spine shot at 200 yds.

      I you haven’t gotten rid of it yet, you might want to try a 150gr.

    • boonie

      if you got your marlin xl7 after fall 2009 after Remington purchased the company your xl7 wont be as accurate. Remington owns savage and the xl7 was competing against savage as the most accurate out of the box rifle and as soon as Remington bought marlin their quality went to shit. i have shot deer with my xl7c ranging from 325- 400 yards without a miss, but it was made before the merge.

  • Ron

    I too have a Marlin XL7 30-06. It is a great (accurate) rifle at a fantastic price.

    I want to comment to everyone who thinks this caliber or that caliber is best for flatest shooting, knockdown power, etc. It doesn’t matter what you use. If you do your job as a hunter, getting within the range your rifle is designed for and placing a shot accurately, you should have no trouble taking down a deer. Over the past few years, I have dropped 11 mule deer in western states and 14 whitetails in the great lakes states at 50 YARDS USING ONLY A RIMFIRE .22LR. This was only done after acquiring permission from the various states. The point was to prove that rifle caliber does not matter when hunting. When you make your shot count, you will get the kill.

  • My first firearm was given to me 41 years ago by my father at the age of twelve. It was a Marlin Glenfield bolt action model 25 in 22 caliber. I used it everyday and fired thousands of rounds through it. I have purchased many firearms since but I Still love using the old 22.
    — Last year I decided to purchase the XL7 in 308 caliber. LOVE IT!
    I put a Redfield accu range scope 3x9x50 on it and it’s dead on out to 400 yards. I found the Winchester power max (in the red box with the deer skull on it) in 150 grain PHP to work the best in this rifle. Easily groups at 1.5 inches at 400 yards.
    For the money, WOW! can’t beat it.

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