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  • Daniel

    wow, those little guatemalan guys make those little 223 bullpups look HUGE

  • Diego

    Daniel, not all people in Guatemala is little, im Guatemalan and im 1.80 Mts.
    By the way, we, the little people, have one of the most brave elite forces in the world…. the kaibil forces, a lot of marines and rangers have tried that training, but most of them have failed….

  • Gunlover

    The second cop doesn’t beleive in body armor?

  • Jonas

    wow, glad to see the Guatemalan police getting better weapons. Last time I was there they were carrying old and rusty looking shotguns.

  • Rene

    The reason why guatemalan forces use mostly israelian weapons is because neither americans nor europeans sell weapons to us anymore due, law enforcement agencies are the only allowed to carry automatic weapons in the country and that is why private security agencies use shotguns. I´d sell a kidney for a concealment permit for carrying a tavor rifle, i can only carry handguns, shotguns and non automatic rifles. that sucks.!