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  • Dan C


  • If you are used to the AR setup and want and adjustable stock then this may be useful.

  • This is the company that offers SMLE conversions to 7.62×39 or .45 ACP and their work looks top-notch.

  • Rus

    I’m with Dan….

    Dude… why… ?

  • Travis

    Provides some added stability and adjustability. I have a broken rt wrist w/limited range of motion and pistol grip does the trick for this great rifle….

  • @ Travis:

    Are you able to email me a photo of your rifle? I am keen to post more photos of the enfield pistol grip.

  • Travis

    I have just emailed you 3 pics. I also sent an email to SIA today hoping they respond. This stock looks solid.

  • Travis

    My apologies, what is your email address?

  • Ryan

    Oh oh oh the endless amount of possible things you could do….just need a synthetic forend to go with it a bipod and a scope mmmmmmmm I’m gettin excited !!! I have a NO4MK1 with a cut down stock I picked up for $75 and it shoots great.I have no mag for it so it’s 1 shot at a time but I’d like to fix her up. .303 groundhog killer sounds nice

  • David

    Yes it’s about time someone makes a pistol grip for a .303.I use mine for deer hunting and I think this would make it more enjoyable for me, seeing that I am used to firing an M-16 in the Army. And I agree with Ryan a matching synthetic fore-end would be excelent, but lets ad a longer magazine and flash supressor, bolt on a high power scope. Oh man wouldn’t that make the Brits jealous. Yes I would be spending my money.

  • TheRedHorseman

    Will the “let’s stick an AR stock on every gun ever made!” thing ever stop?!??

  • SIA

    We did produce a limited number of this adapter.
    Finish is mil-spec black hard anodize.

    Updated pics on the web site.

    We still have about ten left as of 11/9/09

    Price is $200 each, they are not easy to make, even on a CNC mill.

  • Ryan

    well I have been looken for somthing like this for a long time . Iam building a 303 sniper rifle because i dont feel like 7000$ to get a good one , and thers nothing cooler than shooting your grandfathers gun. so how do i get one .

  • Direct URL to pic of finished units.

    These are true limited production items, we only made 25 and really do not plan to make more.

    Only a few left, $210.00 shipped.

    E-mail me at to confirm availability and to reserve yours.

    Mail address for payment,
    Special Interest Arms
    1422-A Industrial Way
    Gardnerville, NV 89410

  • Ryan

    ok one more thing,is that the only grip you can put on it or any AR stuff ???

  • Well, you “Could” put a fixed AR-15 stock on it.
    But it was only designed for the CAR-15 stock.
    A fixed AR-15 stock would end up with an awkward and probably uncomfortable protrusion of the lower front taper of the AR-15 fixed stock.

    There may be other AR-CAR type stocks that would work well.
    I think some one had a folding stock that might fit with this adapter.

    We did not make an adapter to take the fixed AR-15 stock since there are already synthetic Enfield stocks available, which include a fore-end.

  • Ryan

    A CAR 15 stock and grip ok and I dont under stand the AR 15 stock should fit if it screws in right, I just want somthing that can get smailer and to be for a sniper check pice and all , Iam buillding this gun for my dad and hes a bit old. the grip your showing is good just asking about the stocks because i cant find a Car 15 sniper stock… thanks for replying to my questions..

  • If you compare the lower front edge of the two types of stocks you will see that the CAR-15 stock has a round profile due to the extension and lock nut.

    The AR-15 stock has a taper which blends directly into the AR-15 lower.
    That taper does not match up to our adapter, the adapter was not designed to accommodate that taper.
    You may be able to trim the AR-15 stock for better fit?

    I believe that there are cheek rest available for the CAR-15 stock.
    But I am not sure if they would meet your exact need.

  • Will

    Pretty interesting setup. I know someone that might like that.

  • Stanislao