Zimmerstutzen rifles

B.B. has written an interesting article on early target shooting with the Zimmerstutzen rifles.

The Zimmerstutzen was the ancestor of the 10-meter target [air] rifle and extends back to at least 1840. Zimmerstutzen is the rough translation of “parlor rifle” in German. The first zimmer was powered by a percussion cap that propelled a small lead ball through a short rifled barrel.

What I found fascinating was that there were 25 different Zimmerstutzen calibers!

A Zimmerstutzen comes in the nominal caliber 4mm, but in fact there are over 25 discrete calibers that range from 4mm to 5.55mm, in half-milimeter increments.


Zimmerstutzen vs .22LR

Read the article here.

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  • Tanner

    My Grandfather has two of these rifles, and they are a BLAST to shoot in the basement with the special target he made for us. On my 13th birthday we went down stairs and had a contest, and that’s a memory of me and my Grandpa i’ll never forget.

  • i have one of these rifle in excellent if not nearly new,what are they worth? mine is complete with the removable peep site.

    thank you

  • Rondald R Nystrom

    Zimmerstutzen is “room shooter” in German