CCI Segmented Hollow-Point Subsonic

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CCI have renamed Quik-Shot as SHP (Segmented Hollow Point) and are now offering it as a subsonic round!

It will drive a 40 gr bullet at 1050 ft/s with 98 ft/lbs of energy! This is great news for me. I have been using Quik-Shot but since I use a suppressor subsonic is preferable.

CCI’s unique Segmented Hollow-Point (SHP) bullet is now available in 22 Win Mag and a 22 Long Rifle subsonic load. This offering is ideal for bigger targets that require a larger wound area and makes perfect sense in the 22 WMR. The flat-shooting SHP is designed to break up into three sections on impact for even more stopping power. These three segments diverge from the main path for unique terminal performance on game. The subsonic 22 LR offering is great when hunting around a populated area and a quiet, effective round is needed.

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  • TheGunGeek

    I don’t understand the statement that it “makes perfect sense in the 22 WMR” since there is non difference between this round in 22LR or 22WMR once it leaves the barrel.

    The only advantage to 22WMR is the increased velocity possible. If you’re using subsonic rounds, there’s no difference at all between the two.

  • Hi TheGunGeek, I probably did not make it clear in the post. They are offering a subsonic .22lr, supersonic .22lr and supersonic 22WMR.

    A subsonic .22 WMR would be useful if it pushed a heavier bullet. A 60 gr subsonic bullet from a .22 WMR would be great, if it would stabilize.

  • TheGunGeek

    Ah, yes, that would be nice. I’ve heard that there are a number of folks that “reload” 22WMR. They pull bullets, replace powder and often use new/different bullets. IIRC, there are companies making equipment to help in this effort since it’s not like normal reloading.

    Now that I’ve got me a 22WMR again, I’ve been wanting to look into it.

  • thats interesting. I would very much like to try a very heavy subsonic bullet in a .22 wmr rifle. It would be great with a suppressor.

  • JG in SB

    Curious what you are shooting these in. I am thinking of trying them out as a defensive round for a Walther P22 that I just got. Yes, a .22 is not my main defensive weapon, but I like to have a few of the most damaging rounds available for each of the handguns I own. Do you think these would be a good option for a defensive round in the Walther P22?


  • TheGunGeek

    Okay, Paco, I’ve got your “Leverguns and Handguns” book (on CD), but don’t remember hearing about your two other books. Didn’t see anything on about them, either.

    What else have you written, and are they still available? I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve read the one I’ve got.

  • kevin

    I must say. If you have a suppressor on a .22 you must have this round. I just purchased 500 rounds. I did not know how they would shoot but I was taking a chance. It payed off.

    This is the best round for varmint hunting in a subsonic round hands down. I have been using subsonic hollow points from CCI, Remington, Eley subsonics and nothing has as much collateral damage as this round.

    I took two soda cans filled with water and compared shots. The best subsonic hollow point was the CCI 40gr. It definately made a substantial amount of damage but the can remained a cylinder.

    Next was the Segmented Hollowpoint in subsonic. It destroyed the can and with the suppressor it did not make a sound.

    I have used this round in the 1600fps version and the effects are supprisingly similar for the difference in velocity. The only other round that has more damage is the Stinger round, but it is not subsonic.

    Just my 2 cents. Def. worth the money.

  • Mary

    Are the 22LR Hollow Point bullets safe for a .22 pistol? All the comments I’m finding talk about rifles.

  • Bill

    The reason that its mostly information on their performance in Rifles is because most would not want to use a subsonic round a handgun as it probably wouldn’t have the recoil you’d want in order to cycle the gun if its a semi. I would recommend the CCI Velocitor for a pistol load. Those things are insane. Have to be the most devistating round i’ve seen.

  • AA

    The most powerfull 22LR round for Close Personal Defence (Hand Gun) are
    (1) Aguila Super Maximum (Mass m=30g,Velocity V=1750 fps,Energy E=204ft-lb,
    Momentum P= 7.5 lb-ft/s) (V= speed, E= Area Damage, P = Deep Penetration )
    (2) CCI Stringer (m=32 g, V=1650 fps, E= 193 ft-lb, P= 7.54 lb-ft/s)

    The most powerfull 22LR round for 100yrd long shoot for (Rifle) are
    (1)Agulia interpractor (m=40g,V=1470 fps, E = 192 ft-lb, p=8.4 lb-ft/s)
    (2) CCI Velocitor (m=40g, V=1435fps, E=183 ft-lb, P= 8.2 lb-ft/s)

    The Powerful-and Quiet Subsonic 22Lr are
    (1) Agulia SSS (m=60g, V=950fps, E=120 ft-lb,P=8.14 lb-ft/s)
    (2) CCI Subsonic (m=40g, V=1050fps, E=98 ft-lb, P= 6 lb-ft/s)

    The most Quiet Power Less 22lr,long,short are
    (1) Agulia Colibri (m=20g, V=350fps,E=5 ft-lb, P= 1 lb-ft/s)
    (2) Agulia Colibri (m=20g, V=500fps,E= 11 ft-lb, P= 1.43 lb-ft/s)
    (3)CCI CB Long & CB short (m=29g, V=710fps, E= 32 ft-lb, P=2.94 lb-ft/s,
    CB long is a little Quiter than CB short)

  • Odie

    Countries that allows using silencers the “new” 22wmr cartridge from CCI is making sence. I’ve been bying wmr rifle, but haven’t bought it yet cause of the muzzle noice. Now there is at least two manufactures that provides subsonic wmr shots I’ve gotta by me a new rifle. In finland silencers are allowed and even free of licence .

  • Jim

    Hi I was wondering there are a bunch of plans forsale on making on makeing homemade suppressers ie: coke bottle, pop can.
    has anyone tried these and do they work? I know it i illegle to own I just want to know for academic research

    • isb67

      use a oil filter