Chinese interpol photos has some interesting photos of the Chinese International Criminal Police Organization.

Some interesting suppressed AKs, they look like AK-103’s but could be something else, and what is probably a Norinco CQ (M16A1 clone) or CQ-M4 (you guessed it, an M4 clone).

Although, I wouldn’t be surprised if these were airsofters (btw, I have nothing against airsoft).

2005447922407316181 Fs
2005482523202820974 Fs
2005402237985479510 Fs
2000544313641378600 Fs

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  • Did you notice that they aren’t wearing the same uniforms?

    The accessories on their rifles are different as well.

    Not a very uniform “Unit!”

  • Yea, I did notice. Its odd.

  • Rocky

    Original photos from above link. Actually, there is inofficial stills from a new TV story. totally actors 🙂

  • @ Rocky:

    Those high res pics are great thanks!

  • kula

    Sometimes the whole idea is to be NON-UNIFORM!… 😉

    There were – and may be still are – units ov Soviet/Russian spetsnaz that didnt have particular uniforms at all!

  • Dirtycommie

    Ak has 45 degree gas block, smooth receiver cover and under folding stock, most likely Type 56-1