Varmint Grenade bullet

These Varmint Grenade, made by Barnes are amazing. I am going to have to try them out in the near future 🙂

 Images Vmtgrenadeboxbullets

In the below video they fire one of them into a grape and the bullet completely disintegrates.

Barnes makes these in .243/6mm (62 gr), .22 (36 – 50 gr) and .204 (26 gr) caliber.

More on the bullet here.

Steve Johnson

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  • Chad

    I think that has to be the most humane way to kill just about anything. There is no pain, just an explosion.

  • MrSatyre

    Poor little varmints!

    I haven’t heard “varmints” since watching Yosemite Sam on Saturday morning cartoons as a kid in the 70’s!

  • This VG is no where as expansive or as explosive as a V–Max. Test them side by side, you’ll see for yourself.

  • Very cool. First I have heard of it.

  • nateF

    can anyone tell me what company loads them in .22? I live in canada, if that affects availability.

  • SKSlover

    think they’ll eventualy come out with a 7.62×39 round?