UK: Toy guns and plastic swords need to be registered.

From the Metro:

A pantomime troupe has been ordered to keep its toy weapons under lock and key – because of health and safety rules.

The amateur dramatics society imagined its plastic cutlasses, wooden swords and gun that fires a ‘Bang’ flag were harmless enough for a production of Robinson Crusoe.

However, it was a case of ‘Health and safety officers are behind you’ when they were told to call in police to ensure every ‘weapon’ was safe. The toy gun must now be kept in a safe box in a locked room when not in us

Photos of the dangerous weapons:

Bangapex 450X300

Swordsapex 450X320

I am pleased I don’t live in the UK, with all of those kids running around with guns and knives. It must be a dangerous place.

Steve Johnson

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