Afghan army gets Canadian C7 rifles

It seems the Afghans are moving to the AR platform, along with the Georgians.

After a frustratingly long three-year wait, the fledging Afghan National Army finally has a new weapon in its arsenal: the Canadian C7 rifle.

Some 42 boxes of surplus weapons arrived at the ANA base just up the road from Kandahar Airfield last week, Brig.-Gen. Gul Aqa said Wednesday in an interview with The Canadian Press. And training is already underway. Aimed at replacing the Afghan army’s old Soviet-era AK-47s in order to bring the force’s fire power capabilities in line with that of NATO countries, the Canadian rifles are a welcome addition, Aqa said. “They’re very modern and new weapons and the C7 is a real necessity for the ANA,” he said through a translator. He said the AK-47s often jam, leaving soldiers vulnerable to enemy fire. “It’s the difference between old and new.”

It’s a project that’s been in the works for several years.

Picture 3-11
The C7 rifle

Hat Tip: The Western Star

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  • James

    The ak-47’s are jamming too much? the ak 47 is by FAR

  • James

    The ak-47’s are jamming too much? the ak 47 is by FAR more reliable than our own m-4’s the ak has ALWAYS been more reliable. After having recently served in afghanist and having worked with the afghan national police as well as the afghan national army, I have to say that the comments from the afghan general are bullcrap. Yes he probably made those comments but the afghan army’s ability to be truthful I have personally found to be unreliable. just what we need now the taliban and other insurgents getting BETTER weapons because half the police and army forces are working with the insurgents

  • Jacob

    The problem with the afghanistanian AK47:s is probably that theyre getting quite old. Consider that probably many of these guns were produced more than 60 years ago, lied in stockpiles for 40 years until the soviet breakdown and were then smuggled to middle eastern conflict zones by gunrunners and has since constantly been used in extreme enviroments. Its a wonder theyre still in one piece.

    The problem is not the design of the AK:s, its the age of the rifles themselves.

    “It’s the difference between old and new.”

  • Jcamelo

    I strongly believe that the canadian c7s are better then soviet ak-47’s, which were made in the world war two era. In my opinion they are buying very good guns.

  • Nick

    That picture above doesn’t show a C7A1. A1s have a flat-top upper receiver. That one has an M16A2 iron sight and fixed carrying handle, and to my knowledge Diemaco/Colt Canada hasn’t ever produced such a thing. The C7A2 shown is becoming the Canadian Army’s new standard service rifle, the Regular Force is mostly converted, and it sounds like the Reserve will start receiving theirs in September. They aren’t new production, just remanufactured from older models. I know that the one I was carrying this summer had an 87AA serial number (indicating 1987 manufacture). The ANA rifles are the original C7/Colt Model 715 rifles – with A1 style sights. In the pictures I saw they simply had the usual stamping of a Maple Leaf, “CANADIAN FORCES CANADIENNE” and the Canadian serial numbers marred/etched out and new serial numbers ANAXXXXXXX.

  • radtech227

    the C7A1 model has a weaver rail is almost always fitted with the elcan optical sight. the plain jane C7 is most closely akin to the M16A1E1 which has the carrying handle with recessed iron sights. the A2 has the heavier barrel and collapsible butt stock of the C8 (M4) but still retains the weaver rail w/ sight and is still completely universal as far as receiver/bolt/trigger mech parts goes and all C7 models have capability to fit the M203

  • XM

    Yeah, couldn’t help cracking a smile when I read the “…the AK-47s often jam,…”. My “go to gun” is 7.62×39 and NOT made out of aluminium thank

  • I used the c7 alot when i was in the army reserves and i tell everbody this i love that rile. Why i say that is because compared to alot of assault rifles that i fired well i was at rifle ranges in the states. From my perspective it out performed 5 other great and well knowed assault rifles including the ak 47 and the m16. and i will say this that the m16 is a piece of junk sorry americans i know you wont like reading that but it is true. and the ak 47 was fun but very unaccurate and hard to control. but the c7 is to me exectly what a soldier should want if he or she were to have to go into any type conflict. On that note in will end my comment by saying that if i ever do go into any armed conflicts i will have to have a 5.56mm canadian wonderfully made c7. So thanks for reading my comment and feel free to argue your points take care bye for now

  • Buck Adams

    Meh, hide the stamping on the side and people wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between a C7 and a certain version of the M16. I’ve worked with an AR-15 for 17 years and there’s no way that it’s the piece of junk some people claim it is. I’d gladly take the Pepsi challenge with a competition between the C7 and AK47 ( at the 200 meter mark the AK guy usually calls it a day because he can’t hit anything ).

  • We have AR StraightJacket barrel kits that can be changed out in minutes. For the AK-47 we need the entire weapon to modify at our Teludyne facility. We modified the Romak III Sniper which cut the grouping in half with double the rounds. Here is some additional data. We modified a .308 patrol rifle and a .300 win mag model 700, we shot 40 rounds our grouping averaged 1.5 at 100 yards. We were at the FN Manufacturing range – it literally turned heads. We have gun-after-gun with the same, if not better results. If any questions feel free to call me at 864-334-5300.

  • David


    It looks like the carry handle/sight might be detachable, so it could really be an A1 model