FAL Noise Suppressed vs. Unsuppressed

An interesting comparison between a suppressed .308 FAL vs. an Unsuppressed FAL.

The unsuppressed shot comes right at the end of the video.

They were using a AAC Cyclone 7.62MM Suppressor:


The CYCLONE is a thread-mounting silencer for 7.62mm bolt action and semi-automatic rifles. Constructed entirely from welded 300 series stainless steel, the 8.38″ Lg x 1.50″ diameter CYCLONE is the most compact and durable 7.62mm rifle silencer on the market. The computer optimized baffle stack of the CYCLONE delivers a substantial frequency shift, and the resulting muzzle report is indistinguishable from the ballistic crack of the projectile in flight. The weapon’s flash signature is completely eliminated, and recoil is reduced to the extent the shooter can actually see bullet impact through the scope. The slight added weight of the CYCLONE will assist in reducing barrel harmonics which can equate to a significant increase in accuracy with many host-weapons.

More on the suppressor here

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  • MrSatyre

    “The unsuppressed shot comes right at the end of the video.”

    Wait a second. The shot at the end is much quieter than the first shot, so shouldn’t the last shot be suppressed instead of unsuppressed? I thought “suppressor” was synonymous with “silencer”???

  • Bill

    The second shot sounds softer because modern video recorders will automatically damp sounds that will be so loud as to overload those particular circuits. You’ll notice the same thing if you go onto youtube and watch other shooting videos; an unsupressed AK should sound the same, but they dont always on video.

  • Good point Bill, I did not think of that.

  • Snafu

    You might want to fix the video if that is the case, because we can’t tell wtf were supposed to be hearing.

  • Gunsmith

    You can clearly see the FAL recoil on the second Shot, the first one is the unsuppressed the second is suppressed, just a typing mistake.