Sidelock Glock Safety trigger

A new safety trigger for the Glock has been launched by American Tactical Imports

From the press release

SIDERLOCK® from American Tactical Imports is a security trigger designed for GLOCK® pistols which replaces the original trigger to offer a safer and more secure blockade of the firing action.

The concept is simple; with a push on the safety pin a sliding pin acts to block or release the movement of the central pivot of the trigger whereby avoiding an accidental discharge of the weapon. SIDERLOCK® behaves exactly as the original GLOCK® trigger when it is in the fire position all the while maintaining the original manufacturer specifications and its immediate availability of shot.

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Having not seen one I cannot comment on how useful it would be. I just hope no one will draw a Glock in self defense only to have the trigger jam!
American Tactical Imports will be displaying it at SHOT Show this year.

Steve Johnson

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  • DaveP.

    Dumb. The entire point of a Glock, the thing that has made them so successful, is the fact that you DON’T have to mess with anything other than the trigger- total simplicity producing total speed, nothing to forget or to get stuck. Now here we introduce something else to screw with, or forget in the heat and confusion of the moment; something else totally nonintuitive that needs to be practived ad infinitum before the gun can be relied upon in a problem.

    No frigging thanks.

  • It is not something I would use. I have said again and again on the blog that the less external safeties the better. But there are some people who are just not comfortable with no external safety.

  • don

    no way, “can you just wait a second till i push this button on the trigger so i can shoot”, manual safety under stress is bad enough

  • I imagine that this kind of safety device will get worn out and get loosen up? Making it practically useless

  • aaileen

    Im wife and a mother. My husband is always out of town. Im looking into buying a glock 26 with the external safety. He doesn’t think the safety is a good idea. How wrong can I be? I have a riffle that Im good with. But i get nervous with hand guns……… What’s a good gun with a safety?????????

    • aaileen, I do not recommend a glock with an external safety. Any external safety will be added by someone after manufacturer. Unless you are technical enough to understand how it works and if it has problems, you could be buying yourself an unreliable pistol. I personally am no engineer so I would stay away from adding extra mechanical devices that could fail.

      Glocks have an internal safety. With any gun ultimately the only safety worth anything is good training. There are many pistols that are decent, maybe you should consider a revolver if you are worried about safety.

    • arne

      HK compact, manual safety and trigger decocker

      • arne

        Not trigger decocker, its hammer decocker

  • jreyntra

    If you are really concerned about safety, consider a revolver or a Springfield XD……the XD has a trigger safety like the Glock but also a grip safety like the 1911……the XD has a cocked indicator and a visible and manual indicator of loaded chamber……..

  • Schalk Pienaar

    I own a Glock 22C, I have been shooting since 5 years of age, my father was an international marksman. So been around guns all my life and have own various weapons. In 2006 I was on my way out my house with briefcase, papers, Glock etc. Carrying too many things. My Glock slipped and I grabbed it, as I grabbed it I inadvertently pulled the trigger with my pinky on my left hand. Make a long story short, I put a Black Talon .40 cal. through my ankle. I had my glock for over 9 years when this happened, I have been in shootouts with criminals with my Glock and if not for my Glock I might not be here today ( I live in South Africa). I still have my Glock and love the weapon. I do feel a better safety should be designed. I admit I made a mistake, but have tested the trigger saftety and even a 5 year old can pull the trigger on my Glock 22C. In a military and law enforcement environment that I am around, it is perfect, but for everyday use for average Joe, a better trigger safety is necessary. Remember Glock was designed for military and law enforcement where the trigger safety is adequate, not for home environments.

  • new to glock

    Schalk Pienaar

    you bring up an interesting and valid point, but from your story I deduce that you were carrying the glock in an unsafe fashion. It sounds as if your were carrying it out of holster with a round in the chamber while trying to carry other items resulting in your dropping and trying to catch the glock. If you had unchambered the first round or just let the glock hit the ground an accidental discharge may never had happened. I’m not criticizing it just seems that you made a mental error in gun safety but again the point is valid and gives some food for thought.

  • Schalk

    Yes I definitely carried my Glock 22C in an unsafe manner, a one time mistake that cost me months of agony. However here in South Africa we carry a chambered round. We don’t want to have to still cock the weapon, by that time it might be game over ( dead). Unfortunatly we live in a dangerous society. So the safety is adequate but I do feel people should have a choice because a child can pull that trigger. I would still leave my Glock as is, but I feel a weapon left (and I hope that never happens) could be shot by a child. So most people would say that when getting home the round should be taken out of the chamber, but in South Africa it could cost you your life when all you time for is point and shoot.

  • Dave

    The critics seem to be unaware that this safety doesn’t have the time consuming clumsiness of an extra lever located way up on the left side of the frame that requires contorted hand movements to disable (like most safeties), in reality, it’s just where you’d want it (for RH shooters), it’s located on the RH side of the trigger itself requiring only a slight nudge with the same finger that you are placing in front of the trigger to fire the weapon.

    I tried it last night and it was extremely fast, smooth & very natural for the index finger to deactivate.
    Its proximity is such that it will minimize delay to the utmost while still enhancing the questionable Glock safety.
    You won’t find a safety that deactivates as quickly, nor is as close to your objective (the trigger) as this system.

  • EverettWilliams

    Don’t listen to the Glock pro naysayers, you want that trigger saftey, get it. I’d get and may get one of those, it’s semiler to the ones on many shotguns just in front of the trigger. Never mention something on the internet, to many gunsmith and “”Professional Gunman”” on the net. Practicing twenty four seven will not prevent an accident, so go for it..