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Yet another groundbreaking firearm from Glock. The new Glock 30SF (slim frame) .45ACP Sub Compact pistol uses the same advances as its predecessor, the Glock 21SF. A slimmed down backstrap, ambidextrous mag-release and mil-spec picatinny accessories rail are sure to make the Glock 30SF an instant classic. Pre-Order yours today!

The website is not showing the Glock 30SF yet.

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The pistol is out. The press release:

After releasing the highly popular G21 SF at the 2007 SHOT Show in Orlando, Florida, the Austrian Handgun manufacturer announced today the release of the compact version of the .45 AUTO short frame pistol, the model 30 SF. The newly released pistol includes new features to the GLOCK pistol that have been desired for the last couple of years by military, law enforcement and civilian markets. These features were fulfilled with the G21 SF pistol and the GLOCK 30 SF offers all the accuracy and power of the model G21 SF in a more-compact, highly concealable, faster- handling .45 AUTO companion pistol. These features include the GLOCK tactical rail for modular mounting of GLOCK Tactical Lights and weapon accessories. The 30 SF also features a hammer forged octagonal rifled barrel with a 1 in 15.75 inch rate of twist designed for increased durability, low maintenance and precision of accuracy when firing.

With the “SF” designation, the G30 receiver has been reengineered to provide a smaller diameter grip, resulting in a trigger reach that is more comfortable for individuals with smaller hands. This reduction in the grip does not affect the pistol’s reliability and accuracy.

In order to utilize older magazines with the G30 SF, the ambidextrous magazine catch will not be offered as an option as it was with the G21 SF. With a magazine extending slightly below the receiver, the G30 SF offers a 10 round magazine capacity. The compact form of the G30 SF makes the pistol a perfect backup weapon for law enforcement to attach to their protective vests or comfortably carry in a concealed rig.

The G30 SF will be available with the GLOCK Standard Rail design that will allow the use of all GLOCK Tactical lights (GTL 10, GTL 21, GTL 22, GTL 51 and GTL 52). This standard feature on the G30 and G30 SF continues the tradition of excellent reliability and dependability of GLOCK lighting products designed for the GLOCK family of pistols.

All GLOCK pistols, including the new G30 SF are backed by the GLOCK Limited Lifetime Warranty. With exceptional world-class customer service and support provided from the GLOCK, Inc. plant in Smyrna, GA, GLOCK customers have learned the importance of rock solid reliability backed up with support and service that is unmatched in the industry. “With our superior engineered pistols and accessories, our incomparable service staff, and our employee’s single minded desire to satisfy each and every GLOCK customer, the lifetime experience of owning a GLOCK is second to none,” states GLOCK, Inc. Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Gary Fletcher. “Adding the G30 SF to the GLOCK family of pistols is a natural progression of our product line as the G30 SF meets the need for a concealable and reliable backup pistol for Law Enforcement and civilian concealed carry requirements harnessing the powerful .45 AUTO cartridge in a shorter frame.”

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  • hi im arthur i oun a vektor sp1,9mm ill like to know thi diference betwen thi glock 9mm en vektor sp1?

  • The “SF” stands for Short Frame, not Slim Frame. There has been much discussion and arguments over what SF stands for, but offically from Glock Inc., “SF” stands for Short Frame.

  • i like better glock 30 sf bec of the picatinny rail. Hope that avail her now at the philippines.

  • @ Eric Eduardo T Farinas:

    Is anyone allowed to own a pistol in the philippines?

  • Aaron

    That just might be the gun I “trade-up” to next. I love my little 26, but always wanted a .45.

  • yes but you should applz first for a license, im a cop thats why i own one.. But there is no avail glock 30sf here in the philippines can anyone help me where to buy one for me. Thnks here where can you call me. 09184326881

  • Government Owned

    This weapon is a great buy, the recoil is optimently minimal for the payload the .45 delivers, it is suprisingly acurate for its small barrel, the best part is how concealable it is, I have owned the Glock 26 as well “.40 cal sub compact” and the .45 dominates. You wont regret this purchase.


  • T J Lakia

    I have owned the 30sf for about 6 months now. It is one of my favorite pistols. Accurate and concealable. A great combination. One thing I’ve noticed is you can not load the mag at 10+1 or it will malfunction. No big deal I just load it at 9+1. I absolutely love this pistol.

  • T J Lakia

    As a follow up to my last post, I have not chronographed any loads out of my 30sf. I only use the 230 gr. FMJ or a 230 gr. gold dot out of it. If anyone has run a chrono on these factory loads out of this pistol, i would appreciate hearing about it. thanks.

  • wardog

    Hated Glocks!! Never cared for the looks, handling, or trigger. However, I did qualify with them but got rid of them as soon as choices were available. A brain fart caused me to check out the 30sf for thoughts of wanting a shtf weapon which could withstand being submerged, muddy water, dirt, and dust for my grab bag. I know my Kimber Gold would probably not go bang a second time under those conditions. I still hate the trigger but what a gun the 30SF is!! Digested everything I fed it & printed gorgeously at 15 yds (didn’t go beyond yet). No regrets on this model – it’s going to be just fine.

  • Nam Marine

    Sorry…..the “SF” stands for Short Frame ….not slim frame! Check out Glock’s site!