NAA can’t keep up with demand

Apparently North American Arms have been unable to satisfy demand.

 Pix 380Big
NAA Guardian .380 (.380 ACP)

Without going into any further detail than I have on several occasions in years past, both in this Soapbox as well as posts I’ve made to our Message Board, I want to offer my assurance that YES, we are continuing to produce these pistols in both frame sizes (small/large) and in all calibers (.32/.380 ACP and .25/.32 NAA).

We acknowledge that these pieces have been very difficult to come by because the pipeline from the factory, through the distributor and onto the retailer, is effectively empty. Similarly, we advise that supply will continue to be limited for the first couple of months through the year, despite the fact that we are furiously manufacturing at the greatest possible rate that our quality systems and attention to detail allow us.

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