Winchester Model 70: Extreme Weather SS

This is the first of the 2008 rifles I am covering (during 2008).

Accuracy under all conditons. The Bell and Carlson™ composite stock features a textured charcoal grey matte finish for rugged good looks and improved grip in adverse conditions. The Pachmayr® Decelerator® pad helps take the felt recoil bite out of high performance magnum cartridges.
 Prodinfo Catalog Images 535103M

The claw extractor offers Controlled Round Feeding so the cartridge may be easily withdrawn from the chamber at any point after it leaves the magazine. The cartridge feed lips are part of the receiver for improved reliability and greater durability. The classic three-position safety offers both on safe and fire positions, plus a middle position that locks the firing pin yet still allows the bolt to be operated, providing a greater margin of safety when checking the chamber condition or unloading. The Extreme Weather SS’s free floating, fluted stainless barrel is made in the same factory as those found on U.S. military rifles and machine guns, and features a recessed target crown to help protect the rifling.

1 MOA accuracy with superior optics and match ammo under ideal conditions can be expected from the Extreme Weather SS.

.308 Model (Also available in .270, .30-06, .300 Win Mag, 270 WSM, 300 WSM and 325 WSM):

Magazine Capacity: 5
Barrel Length 22″
Nominal Overall Length: 41″
Nominal Length of Pull: 13 3/4″
Nominal Drop at Comb: 1/2″
Nominal Drop at Heel: 1/2″
Nominal Weight: 6 lbs. 12 oz.
Rate of Twist: 1 turn in 12″
Metal Finish: Stainless Steel
Stock / Grip: Bell and Carlson premium composite stock
Retail: $1,149

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Steve Johnson

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  • Kelly

    I picked up the Extreme Weather 30-06 the other day, first one I’ve seen anywhere. They have done a lot right withthis package, a few spots could have been better finished. It is a very compelling light tactical package, waiting for Leupold Mark 2 scope and will report how it shoots.

  • John

    I also purchased this rifle in a 30-06 configuration. As Kelly mentioned above, the finish needed a few touch ups. I brought to my local refinishing gunny, and he cleaned it up perfectly. Nothing major minor blemishes in final polishing of stainless steel. I mounted a Bushnell 3-9X50 Firefly Elite 3200 series scope. Perfect 8 1/4 pound configuration with scope and mounts. Bolt is smooth and crisp. I will report back in the next few weeks once I make it to the range. Can hardly wait! Overall build quality is second to none. I was able to get through my local Cabela’s. It was my understanding that they had several on hand in the distribution center in Nebraska. So you may still be able to get one in .30-06 or other caliber. If this rifle performs as I think it will, then I will be headed for a .338 Win Mag model 70 very soon!

  • Tez

    Thanks for the report.

    When is the 338WM FN due to hit the streets?

    One in FW or EW would do me 😉


  • Jeff Ford

    I recently purchased a Mod 70 Extreme Weather 30-06 Springfield from my local FFL dealer. My rifle had no flaws in the finish. I’ve built some handloads for this rifle and was pleasantly surprised to discover that it liked the Hornady 150 Grain BTSP bullets using H-414. Took the load right out of the Hornady Seventh Edition Manual. The barrel is 22″ long which makes the rifle feel very handy for me. I utilized the cannelure provided on the Hornady bullets and applied a modest roll crimp. Anyway, I’m quite happy shooting 1″ groups and less. The rifle shoots much better than I can. You won’t be disappointed with purchasing this piece if you are looking for a glass smooth bolt action with a really decent trigger. Look out Texas Hogs!!!

  • Adam

    Purchased the Extreme Weather 30-06 – good gun, but barrel is too light and jumps too much to shoot 1″ groups. I was using federal match grade, 165 grain factory ammo with Viper PST 4-16x50mm scope. On a Harris bipod or on the rucksack the rifle jumped, causing me to have to re-shift/aim for each shot. The the best I could do was 1 1/2″ groups at 100 yds, with far less accuracy at 200 and 300 yds.

    Good gun, but not precision.

  • Mike

    I have a Extreme Weather in 338 Win Mag. It’s only a 2 or 3 shot rifle at best. The nicely fluted & skinny 26″ barrel is light for packing but is so thin, it won’t hold a 5 shot group. 2 or 3 shots… wait 20 minutes to cool, shoot 2 or 3, and so on. This is unfortunate because this rifle is very well made. Winchester magazine box is ridiculously short so the handloader will have difficulty taking advantage of longer bullets or seating depth adjustments without installing an extended magazine box. Lugs lock up perfectly and are better than 90% of the factory rifles out there. Trigger is outstanding. Stock feels great and has no flex at the fore end. 26″ barrel is appreciated in this caliber. Recoil lug is nice and thick! Recoil isn’t bad. Bolt cycles very smoothly. Spent shells can hang up unless the bolt is cycled with authority. The bolt handle is short and my hand seems to bump the eyepiece of the scope when shot from the shoulder but it makes for a more compact carry and fits better in a scabbard. First 2 or 3 shots may be sub 1″. After that, it opens up to 2″ or worse. Frankly, I expected better. As a hunting rig, you’ll like it just fine but don’t have high expectations or any confidence that it will hold multiple tight groups at the range without plenty of down time between 3-shot groups. I talked to the repair facility in Missouri about accuracy. In this caliber, they said not to expect better than 2 MOA. There seems to be a major disconnect with Marketing and Operations since Winchester claims that with good optics and quality ammo, sub MOA can be expected. For $1100.00, it should shoot light out but money spent for factory rifles doesn’t necessarily equate into accuracy.

    Winchester – FN is really on the right track with these EW Model 70’s. I’d like to see longer magazine boxes and shorter throats. It wouldn’t hurt my feelings either if their Extreme Weather rifles held a 10 shot group but I understand that this isn’t a bench rifle and also appreciate the light carry weight.

    Since I handload, I’m having an extended magazine box installed to better adjust the seating depth of the bullets. I’m also bedding the action as the aluminum bedding block still doesn’t insure a perfect fit.

    This is a great hunting rifle and as a hunting rig, the compromises are all in the right place. It functions perfectly 100% of the time, is light and will put the first shots where your aiming.

  • Larry

    I have the new rifle in .30-06 and i have no problem tearing a one inch bullseye up at two hundred yards using nosler 165 gr partitions .I am not quite sure why Adam is having so much trouble. I am shooting off of a harris bipod and not even using a sling. This is a great hunting rifle. I am going to purchase another one in .243 win

  • steve

    I have purchased the mod 70 extreme in 270. put bushnell elite 4200 on it.I must say i did have trouble with sighting in once i had run the barrel in, my rifle didn’t like the new hornady superformance ammo could’nt get under 100mm at 100 yards so i switched back to winchester 130gr ballistic tip, whiched worked well in my old savage rifle now my winchester is grouping under half moa at 100 yards im very impressed awsome rifle ammo is the key to these rifles shooting great or not

    • Dan

      I was reading this as i am considering this rifle as well. While not directly related, I just wanted to comment on the .270 Superformance. I had the exact same experience as Steve did with the Superformance. I’m a huge Hornady fan so I’m not purposefully bashing them as i reload primarily with their components when I reload; however I just customized a .270 and started off with the Superformance and was pretty dissatisfied with the money that i had spent reworking my gun as i wasn’t able to hold anything decent.

      then i opened up a box of Hornady custom’s in 130gr SST and made one hole with 4 shots…over and over again.

      It’s not my rifle, thank god, but the Superformance that weren’t a fit for my .270. Then i shot my very accurate 30-06 with superformance 165’s since i had already bought them. Same deal……

      I don’t care how fast they are if they aren’t accurate

  • Chris

    I recently purchased this rifle in a 270 Winchester and so far I am not impressed at all. I own other model 70’s that are that will shoot circles around any group that this rifle has produced for me so far. I put a Leupold vari X III 4.5-14 x 40 mm with a Boone & Crockett reticle on it and I have ran 3 different loads through it. I can not get this rifle to shoot a decent group and I am beginning to get very frustrated. I have tried some 130 grain reloads using both Sierra and Nosler bullets now I am trying some Winchester factory loads. I am not sure if I am being a little premature in blaming the rifle for all I know the scope could be the problem. Any suggestions would greatly appreciated.