Remington Model 870 SPS Synthetic Turkey

I am not a huge fan of camo guns, but this one is not to bad. I like the ShurStock.

The most dependable slide action of all time super-tuned to bring the strut to a grinding halt. The specialized turkey shotgun is fully covered in Realtree® APGâ„¢ HDâ„¢ camo and deliver a 3 1/2″ Super Magnumâ„¢ payload with lethal authority at the longest ranges. Now featuring our new ShurShotâ„¢ synthetic pistol-grip stock, the updated Model 870â„¢ SPS ShurShotâ„¢ Synthetic Turkey offers both right-and left-handed hunters the pinnacle of lightweight shooting comfort and handling ease.

 Images Products Firearms Shotgun 870 Sps Shurshot Syn 410
23″ rifle-sighted barrel

TruGlo® fiber optic sights

Wingmaster HD extended Remâ„¢ Choke (Turkey)

Receiver drilled and tapped for scope mounts

Realtree® APG™ HD™ camo

Black sling included

Molded in rear sling swivel stud and front stud included in magazine cap

Featuring Remington’s new SuperCell® recoil pad technology.

More here.

Steve Johnson

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  • Richard

    I am going to get one of these as soon as I sell my Advantage Camo SuperMag. This gun is awsome. I shoot lefthanded and finally-I can shoot a pistol grip. Thank you Remington!

  • Hi Richard, I am pleased it works for you. Once you get it, please post a comment saying how it handles etc. etc. Thanks.

  • Jason Masters

    when comparing the Remington “Model 870 SPS Synthetic Turkey” to the “Model 870 Express® Super Magnum” which is the better of the two? what are the differences besides the stock?

    thanks so much
    Jason Masters

  • Visit Remington website for detailed specs on each of them. Which is better depends on what you want to do with it.

  • I will add that I think the new stock is very cool. I am looking forward to trying it out soon.

  • Richard

    Well fellows, I have purchased the ShurShot Remington 870 a2 Gauge SuperMag. One word-AWSOME. I posted previously, that I am a left handed shooter. I can, if necessary, shoot right handed also. I practice a few right handed shots. This ambidestrous stock is well designed. More that just a thumbhole stock, it is a pistol grip. The allows much more control and there is plenty of room for a gloved hand. Pistol grip stocks have been around since WWII and are there must be a reason the military uses them. I don’t mean to make it sound like this is a battle gun. Not at all. Picture yourself at the base of a large tree, seated between two exposed roots with a rock you know where (ouch). But youv’e got a gobbler responding and your holding on. And that’s where this gun will help bring it together. The gun gives you much more control that the traditional stocks. There is less fatigue when you are locked in and unable to move. You will find your head down lower on the stock looking through the fiber optic sights (I prefer open sights on my turkey gun). The forend stock extends all the way to the receiver so you hand won’t end up in the gap. This adds to the comfort that will help you forget about the rock you know where. The recoil pad is much improvedl. Soft and sturdy material. I’ve shot the gun-no dissapointmet here. I traded in my old SuperMag. I thought I’d miss it, but the new gun is such an improvement that I’m over it. Can’t wait for turkey season! Gobble-Gobble.

  • Hi Richard, thanks for all that infomation!

    I am really looking forward to trying it out, I think I will have the opportunity to break a few clays with it in about two months.

  • casey

    i purchased a remington 870 super mag turkey edition and it has a regular stock i was wandering if there is a pistol grip style stock that i could add on to the gun and were i could purchase on at

  • aj

    Just purchased my Remington Model 870 SPS Synthetic Turkey and I’m pretty impressed so far. Love the sights so much I did not purchase a red dot. (maybe next year)

    It points nicely and still feels cycles a good ol’ 870. Looking forward to Turkey season!


  • Hellmuth

    I read it all what is posted here, but still nobody tells what are the real internal diferences between the 870 magnum express combo and this one, besides ¿in contruction comparison with the 870P what diferences are present?…

  • Paul

    About a year ago I bought a 12 ga Remington 870 super magnum that was set up as a turkey gun. It came with a camo, pistol grip / thumb hole type stock and a redot scope. It works great for turkeys and other stuff you have to aim at. A couple of weeks ago I took the scope off and tried using it to shoot trap. I find that I have to have the stock really high (almost above) my shoulder to not see the top of the barrel and to have it hit the targets. Thats not to comfortable. I am wondering if swapping the stock out for a normal stock will solve this problem? Anybody else have this problem? Anybody have suggestions for other ways to solve this problem? Thanks.

    • RangerJ

      Paul – I have essentially the same problem but my gun didn’t come with sights. I cannot get my eye low enough that the barrell isn’t pointing above the target.

      I put a picatinny rail on top of the receiver and it helped some but I am still not overjoyed. I am thinking of either a Ring O Fire sight or something else – to be determined as I think of something.

      Any comments? Oddly enough, I use the gun currently only for sporting clays, which is clearly not the intended purpose, but I actually do fair with it. My goal is eventually to equip it with a red dot sight.