Remington Model 700 CDL SF Limited Edition

This is a new limited edition model 700 that is chambered for the .260 Remington.

 Images Products Firearms Centerfire 700 Cdl Sf Limited 410

You can try to keep this limited edition rifle in the box, but one shot and it’ll be your big-game rifle of choice for life. Chambered for the accurate, flat-shooting 260 Remington,® the Model 700 CDL Stainless Fluted Ltd. is the ultimate embodiment of our world-famous action’s sleek lines, good looks and unrivaled out-of-the-box precision. The 260 Remington is an incredible all-around big-game cartridge. To commemorate its chambering in our newest limited edition rifle, the floorplate is intricately engraved with the cartridge and “260 Remington.”

The rifle’s receiver is heavily roll marked with “Model 700 Limited.” To achieve optimum velocity, the magnum contour barrel is a full 24″. It features Light Varmint-style fluting for rapid heat dissipation, and the action and barrel are solidly bedded in our distinctive CDL walnut stock. And prepare to be amazed by the shot control and breaks-like-glass feel of our X-Mark Proâ„¢ trigger.

Engraved hinged floorplate commemorating the 260 Remington cartridge

24″ magnum-contour 416 stainless barreled action with Light Varmint-style fluting

Special receiver heavy roll marked Model 700 Limited

CDL walnut stock with black fore-end tip and grip cap

X-Mark Proâ„¢ Trigger

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  • Charlie Pottenger

    I am surprised that Remington has selected a 1-10 twist for this rifle whereas it is common knowledge that the 1 – 8.5 or 1 – 9 twist is superior, especially for the 140 gr bullets. The old Model seven with SS was 1 – 9 and was super.

    Does anyone know if Remington is going to go to a 1 -9 ? If they did, I would buy one.

  • Charlie Pottenger

    As of February 9, 2008, and perhaps earlier, Remington’s web site now states that the Model 700 SF in 260 Rem has a 9″ twist. That makes for a better long bullet rifle.

    Charlie pottenger

  • Hi Charlie, thanks for the update.

  • Charlie Pottenger

    Today I talked with Remington and they confirmed that the twist is 1 in 9″

  • Charlie Pottenger

    I bought one and it arrived today. It is beautiful and I will evaluate and report as soon as I get the fun done.

  • Bill


    I’ve been looking at these CDL SF models via the internet and think they’re very beautiful guns… and thinking about ordering one. Because I’m currently based overseas and cannot handle the guns personally, I’m just curious about the stainless steel’s finish. I mean, could a man mount Leupold silver rings and bases on the rifle and perhaps a Leupold VXII silver 3-9x and make it look matched, or what’s your opinion on scope options that would match the CDL SF finish?



  • marcus

    Purchased a model 70, cdl sf in 30-06. Mounted with Leupold mounts and scope VXII Silver 3X9. Does it mathc perfectly, no, but it is a very nice looking gun.

    And don’t believe anything stories about refelctin in the woods. The metal in the woods is the same color as a bleached out pine branch.

    Anyway, 2nd year in. 1st year sighted in and shot. great trigger.

    This year, two shots, one in the other at 100 yards. Accurate, great trigger pull, I LOVE IT.


  • Marion R McMillan

    A new, out of the box 700 CDL in .270 WSM craters primers with Fed 215 or WLRM primers. I asked a few gunsmiths and they say the problem is with a chamfered firing pin hole that allows primer metal to flow in the chamfered recess in the bolt face. Most annoying. Anybody else seen this problem?


  • nathan rogers

    I just bought the same rifle in the 270 wsm and am having the same problem with factory ammo and i took the rifle to a gun smith and was told the firing pin hole is to big and the chamber might have excessive head space and i was told not to fire the rifle anymore until it was fixed.The rifle is currently being sent back to remington for repairs.I’ve always thought highly of remington in terms of quality but now im having second thoughts.

  • DeerStalker

    good discussion and pictures on Sniper’s Hide Forums:

  • Anthony

    I own a first generation Remington Model 7 youth with 18.5 inch barrel and it shoots sub moa groups at 100 yards with basically any factory or reloaded ammo. It likes the corelokt 140 grains,reloads with 140 grain Hornady soft points, 125 grain Nosler Partitions and HDy 95 grain vmax. No matter what I feed into this rifle it shoots between 6 O’clock and 12 O’clock and only height adjustments are required.

  • I have the 260 cdl sf and no matter what ammo i shoot the gun will not group under six moa. What should i do?