Remington Model 597 TVP

Remington have a new model 597 varmint rifle.

Because our Model 597 action is the ultimate in feeding reliability (Editor: not what I have read) and out-of-the-box accuracy, it was only natural we develop the Model 597â„¢ TVPâ„¢ (Target-Varmint Plinker) to take full advantage of the superior design.

Truly the ultimate 22 target-rifle platform, this tack-driver features a 20″ stainless heavy barrel and a rugged laminated thumbhole stock that’s contoured to accommodate right- and left-handed shooters with equal comfort. The impeccable balance of our new stock design will shine the first time you try an offhand shot. Trust us, one squeeze of the trigger and you’ll be a believer. Its receiver is equipped with a factory-mounted scope rail so you can add optics and be ready to shoot in a flash.

 Images Products Firearms Rimfire 597 Tvp 780

Bolt-guidance system features twin, tool-steel guide rails

Offered in laminated wood stock

Non-glare matte finish

Patented, 10-shot metal detachable magazine, 8-shot for magnum

Last-shot hold-open bolt for added safety

Scope rail

More here.

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  • Ricky P

    Recently purchased a Remington Model 597 in cal. .22LR
    At time of purchase also purchased one Spare Magazine, Uncle Mike Detachable Sling Clips and Sling primarilly to assist in steady off hand and long range shots and a scope. Scope is Over Kill. A Bushnell 4X12X40 and Peep Through Mounts how ever was purchased for good reason over the simple 4X32.
    Being one that when it comes to rifles, should such rifle fail to be capable of tacking bullet hole into bullet hole shots repeatedly (.22 cal.LR@50 yrds), this rifle would have been sold rather quickly and the money applied to a Single Shot .22LR of which I have two already and prefer a single shot or any of the bolt action rifles over Semi Automatics when it comes to accuracy. The rig as a whole was purchased with Wild Hogs, Pigs and Boar in mind which explains the Rifle Scope being that a .22cal.LR may be pushing it when it comes to such animals with larger calibers preferred by many how ever for head shots, between the eyes, base of the cerabellum, behind the ears and temple shots I have never had a problem with this caliber. Remington Standard LR/CCI Mini Mags/CCI Stingers all do excellent and have not tried any other loads as of yet. Straight out of the box, rigged and ready to go, 10 shots later this firearm placed bullet hole into bullet hole accuracey so well it would most likely take a ballistics expert to see that such was performed by multible bullet shots rather than the 1 shot one would suspect at 35 yrds and at 50 yrds the same how ever with one shot slightly off yet bullet hole into bullet hole results as well the bad shot being my bad, not the weapons and the scopes being fully magnified at Power 12 didn’t make it easy either for it was 28 degres, I was slightly under dressed and I had to be sure and breath with a slow exhale while slowly squeesing the trigger resulting in Surprise Breaks! The same was produced as the first rounds fired with no enhanced magnification beyond the scopes minimum range of such. Open sights though difficult to see through the bottom of the scope mounts in low light (Cloudy,Foggy,Drizzly Gloomy Day) Stayed for the most part within the bullet hole area with 3 of them touching outskirts of first bullet hole at 35 Yrds and grouping the size of a nickle at 50Yrds. All shots were fired using a tree as a rest all but 5 shots laying on ground. Since have taken 3 Wild Hogs and this was Just this morning (First Hunt) of which led to my further interests in the weapon leading me here to your web sight! Each was a One Shot One Kill, one at just under 25 steps, one at 40+ steps and one (took a chance) at 70+ steps looking down into a creeks bottom. Have I shot a better rifle? Yes and No and is answered as such as this would depend on Prefferances. As far as it’s quality, I am surprised as I never had such results out of a Rugers 10/22 standard yet did with a BBL version, though I like them, but being other than a Marlin .22 cal rifle (Excellent Rifles), the Remington 597 surprised me being so close to looks and feel of the Ruger yet a bit more user friendly in design! I believe I got a good deal for the money and liked the camo design as well of which I questioned “Is this to make it look better and the weapons not all that great?”, in my head during time of purchase! This One I Purchased I can vouch for, It’s All That Plus Some!

  • Hi Ricky, thanks for the very comprehensive review! I am pleased you are enjoying the rifle.

  • Caleb Longstreet

    Glad you liked it. I have purchased 4 of these rifles over the last 4 years and EVERYONE of them has given me feeding problems. I can’t put more than 8 rounds in any given magazine (factory and aftermarket aka bass pro) and get it to feed reliably.

    Clean them? You bet. Each and everyone down to removing the barrel and using a combination carb/bore cleaner, scrubbing, break free, steam, you name…NO GO.

    After about 50 rounds, the mis-feeds come back. My guess is that the magazines just do not seat well. They are a little loose compared to a 10/22 or any other rifle for that matter.

    It seems Remington has gone from a wonderful, masterpiece builder to just plain “iffy”. Bring back the Nylon 66 I say….now THAT was a .22 you could put your life on….that and the old heavy wood/full bolt .22’s….

    I think this is too much like that piece of crap 710…I actually got Wal-Mart to take mine back after I sent it to Oklahoma to be repaired…true dissappointment.

    Beautiful, smart, solid stock, nice point of aim, button-rifled barrel…all for $115 a piece….but they can’t feed worth a crap….I love Remington of old…bring it back…

  • Jay

    I just got a Remington 597 in a OD green stock and its a blast!
    Have a stove pipe about once every 100-200 rounds and thats ok with me
    I took a dermel to the maginize to make it latch in better
    all you have to do is cut a deeper notch with the dermel where the mag latches into the reciever
    Never had a problem with it

  • Max

    I just got a remington 597 TVP. I shot about 55 rounds with it, and at the 56th the extractor broke down,(didn’t find yet) letting out the extractor spring and the extractor plunger. I gave it back to the gunsailer. I wich that he is going to be able to fix it and that the problem will be resolve as soon as possible. The major problem is that I’m living in Quebec, and there’s not many TVP. The gunsailer had to call in 3 remington distributor to have one.
    I think I’ll have to wait..

  • Hi Max. That doesn’t sound good. Was that the .22 magnum?

  • Max

    No it was .22 lr. I don’t understand what’s happened.

  • I am surprised they do not have spare parts for it. The 597 is quite a common gun, I would have thought the TVP would share internals with the 597.

    Are they uncommon in Quebec?

  • Max

    They are not uncommon. The gunsmith of the gunsailer where I buy firearms, is at the hospital for a reinal operation. This is why he sent it back to the distributor. I don’t think he have spare parts and if he has we still don’t know why it broke. I wish that it won’t take a lot of time to get it back. Having a new gun and not shooting it is not the thing that I prefer!

  • Thats some bad luck 🙁

  • Rob

    I’ve had my 597 22LR for about 7 years ,it came with the plastic mag and would stove pipe all the time.about a year later got 2 metal mag and have had almost none i’ve fired around 6,000 rounds and its still a great shooter and on target……does any one know if the 30 meg has the same problem with stove pipe’s as the 10 round plastic mags?

  • Patrick

    I’ve heard bad things about the 30 round mags as well. The link above will lead you to a replacement spring for your 10 round mags if they give you problems. Also you can think about loosing the two screws for the recoil springs, seems to be too tight in some rifles.

    I am currently looking for a manual and a key for the safety for mine. I foolishly set the safety to lock with a little screw driver thinking it would go back the same way I sent it with out a special key………….. I was wrong.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • Patrick

    Oh I forgot to mention if you get the fore mentioned springs you will need to slighty modify them. You must shorten the spring, it is absolutely vital that you count out the same number of bends as the original springs. The spring will be stiffer than the original and will take a little getting used to when loading but promises a very reliable and long lasting magazine.

  • dan

    I have a new key from remington that I got for my 597 be for I picked it up turned out my gun is older and does not use a key $10 it is yours

    • bruce

      Do u still have the J key for the 597 remington ?

  • super44

    I have a 597 in 17 hmr and dearly love this gun. It is unequivicably the most acurate firearm I have ever shot.I have shot hundreds and own many evrything from .22 to 338 win. mag. The first time I took this gun out to sight it in,took my intial shots at a 50 yard target. Shot 5 times, went to target and found 3 holes about 1/2 inch apart,4in high and 6 in.left. At first I could not tell that all five shot were there because three were in the same hole. This was across the hood of my pickup and resting on a rolled up jacket. After final scope adjusting I can easily put five shots under an inch all day dead center at 100 yards.Not an expensive scope either, Simmons 22mag. 3-9.That said I too have had the feeding problems. The plastic mags were such junk one must wonder how they ever even made it to market. The metal mags are far superior, but still require a little work. Take them apart and use 800 grit wet sanding paper or 3 or 4 0 stell wool and polish them around the lead edge. Polish all if youres is particularly rough. Now have very few jams. Very reliable.They also work better in all cals. if you stay one round under max.After all unless you are going to war, you won’t need any more anyway with such an accurate rifle.

  • Dinger

    Can the Remington 597 sythetic stock be shortened and still save the butt plate?

    What is the best way to remove the butt plate?



  • Dinger, it is probably hollow inside. I don’t think you would be able to shorten it.

    Saying that, I do not own a 597.

  • jc conley

    after reading all these comments , which clip do i buy for the rem. 597 win mag that will hold the magnum bullets and holds more than the factory clip of 8 rounds . is 10/22 the same thing

  • Stone

    I got mine for $200 with the 3×9 scope installed. It has the 3/4 bull barrel and has been a tack driver. I did put the after market hammer in it. I use aftermarket 30 round mags and the stock 10 round mags no problems. But I must say that the opp rod spring setup in this thing makes me so stinken MAD ever time I clean it!!! I could have made a better design and I am a short fat guy! Sorry I just got done cleaning it and I am still hot under the collar……

  • zeke

    any suggestions for an uncooperative opp rod in a 22LR? Got the same setup as Stone – tack driver for sure.


  • Adam

    I have a 597 I bought three years ago. have shot about 2,000 rounds through it, the last of which exploded in the barrel and blew out the extractor and extractor plunger. The bullet never exited the barrel. I am having it sent back to the factor for repair.

  • Matt

    i bought a 597 od combo. not one round went anywhere near the last. i tried cci rem and fed rounds and no difference. i had it sent to the factory and it came back with no paper work. is it fixed? what was the problem? what happened to the company or was it dicks that was the paperwork loser.

  • Carroll

    I purchased a 597 (.22LR) a couple of years ago but had not used it to any extent until about a month ago (Mar, 2009). I loaded a full plastic mag and on the eighth shot, it exploded with the bolt partly open (yes, the trigger will pull and the striker will fall with the bolt not completely closed).
    The shell was about 1/2 way into the barrel when it was fired. It sounded like someone had ignited a firecracker right beside my ear. The explosion threw the extractor, rod, and spring somewhere. The bullet apparently went down the barrel and out since the barrel was clear. The brass was ruptured about 1/2 around the shell at the back next to the rim.
    My gunsmith agreed that it was a good thing nobody was standing on my right or they may have been seriously injured. I find it hard to believe there hasnt been a recall of some sort on these rifles. I have read several accounts similar to mine by others on the internet.

  • brian

    i have a 30 roung rem. mag and it has fixed ALL of my prolbems get a rem 30round and u can shoot till u hurt

  • Jim

    I have a Rem 597 it also blew however the round was completely seated in the chamber when it occurred the ejector, pin, spring and charging handle gone. It also blew the bottom of the magazine in two pieces. The brass less the end stuck in the chamber. I had all the parts replaced 6th shot same thing I have never owned a bigger piece of junk and Remington put their name on it. Do not repair throw it away!

  • Joe


    My Rem 597 in .17 did the exploding mag trick a few weeks ago. I called Rem and they want me to send it back. The box and paperwork came today and i was having second thoughts. I talked to one guy and he said it was just dirty. I was thinking that maybe this might be the cause but after taking it apart, well, it really was actually fairly clean. The only thing I did notice was a slight irregularity with one of the inner return springs. I thought maybe that might be it and starting looking for parts. Google led me here. After reading that i’m not the only one and all th eother problems, well, it has dispatched many a groundhog but after the scare it gave my friend’s son, back it goes.

    I’ll email the moderator of this site with photos I sent to Remington and hornady.

  • One of the best tricks to reliability and smooth operation of the 597 is to polish the op rods using 800-1200 grit wet/dry sandpaper, well oiled. Makes a big difference in the bolts ability to travel, eliminating feed and ejection issues. I’ve done it to quite a few, and it makes a very noticable difference. (If you aren’t a stickler for well-lubed rifles, I’d recommend using a cold blue on them afterwards.)
    Another issue is not the magazines themselves (as long as you are using the updated metal magazines with a plastic base), but the mag springs. They will get weak. Remington has replaced all 6 of my magazines because of it.
    Beyond that, there isn’t a lot of problems. A Volquartsen hammer will reduce trigger pull if that’s to your liking, I didn’t find it neccessary on mine but it probably cut the pull weight in half on the two I’ve replaced for other people. They ended up right at 1.75-2lbs. My factory pull is 3.5, far from unmanageable.
    I’ve also installed a Volquartsen extractor on one, didn’t seem to need it, really, but it seemed to throw the empties out quite a bit father.
    Good guns, most of the issue’s I’ve seen on them are due to poor maintenence.

    • KCShooter, thanks for the advice

  • blt2drg

    yeah…. i shot about 300 rounds thru my 597 .22 and the ejector, pin and spring all fucked off somewheres. and the little spring for the “hold open” feature also busted. this gun is a turd!

  • Britt

    Same here. Bought 597 TVP with high hopes. After 100 rounds, the bolt will not seat tight, and misfires. Then the extraor, plunger and spring fell out. I replaced extractor with Volquartsen, but its still misfires because the bolt will not seat tightly against the barrel with out a slight push to snug it up. Any suggestions?

  • Brian

    I’ve had one of these 597s for a couple of years,I love mine,it’s accurate and as long as it’s cleaned every now and then it runs fine,if you guys are looking to dispose of yours just let me know! I’ll make sure no1 else ever gets they’re hands on them.
    leehodge1976 [ at [ yahoo [dot[ com

  • Daniel Rial

    Just purchased a Remington 597 Magnum. I’m not having any feed problems, but in the middle of shooting eight to ten shells, the trigger won’t pull, and the safety cannot be engaged. The only thing I can do is drop the mag, clear the seated shell, put it back in mag, start over. It works for a bit, and hangs up again. Never heard of this problem before. Anybody got any solutions to this vexing problem?

  • joey

    I had a regular 597 and it blew up on me with a shell half way in the barrel cut my arm up. sent it back they sent me the new remington 597 tvp model love the gun but after about 200 rounds it started firing 2 to 3 rounds with a single trigger pull wat the hell has remington went to hell in a hand basket or wat? by the way the same day we were at the gun range my buddys marlin accidently discharged and shot me in the knee spent 2 days in hospital and had to have surgery fml.

  • joey

    does any body know anything about marlin accidently discharging?

  • Randy

    I purchased the 597 and am having problems with the magazine feeding the bullets. At times I can’t put more than 8 rounds in it and if I do it jams the bullets in the magazine and won’t feed the barrel. I also just today disassambled the rifle and the hold-open pin, hold-open, and hold-open spring came off the trigger housing assembly. I don’t know how to set it back. It is an accurate gun when it feeds the bullets right. I think I should of paid an extra $75 for a Ruger.

  • Male

    Like Daniel Rial I had this same problem and found that it was the ammo. Federal FMJ gave me this same problem “the trigger won’t pull, and the safety cannot be engaged” after a couple of rounds. I fired Remington Yellow Jackets and had no problems. Also, cleaning and proper lube may be a factor.

    I shot my 597 straight out of the box. It is very accurate at 25 yards. Bullseye with 1/4 to 1/2 inch shot group.

  • daryl

    Sure wish someone would make a fifteen or twenty round magazine for the magnum.
    Perfectly satisfied with the 597 mag otherwise.

  • RON

    We picked up a Remington 597 with standard iron sights and some extra 10 round magazines. This was for my wife to use since she did not want the hassle of a bolt action piece.

    The rifle performed well, but the magazines were stiff and needed some lubrication. Graphite anti seize works well in the slots in the magazines where the follower rides. Makes it easier to load the magazines too.

    Then, my wife had to get cataract replacement lenses which made it impossible for her to use the iron sights. Instead of being sane, and purchasing a scope for her use, they had a sale on a 597 with scope that could not be resisted. She began to use this and has shown that she can be a crack shot.

    HOWEVER, as time wore on we started getting many malfunctions in ejecting spent cartridge cases. Major jams with cases crosswise in the chamber etc. etc. Very frustrating.

    Having recently fixed a Ruger Mark II with similar ejection problems using a Volquartsen tool steel machined extractor, it was decided that both 597’s would receive Volquartsen extractors.

    Best 20 bucks each ever spent. All ejection problems disappeared and we are now having a ball with the two 597’s.

  • Can anyone tell me if the forend/hanguard from an AR-15 will freely swap and fit to a Remington 597 VTR ?? …. OR …. can you post a few links of where I can find a forend for my 597 VTR with picatinny rails for accessories?

    Surely there is an alternative to the Remington Part # F302286 listing at $85.00

  • Larry

    I have fired several shots (about 1,000) through this rifle and have yet to experience any of the problems that others have stated. Went nearly 200 rounds on several different days without even cleaning it. I do have a couple of different magazines and have experienced some problems with them. One was an aftermarket 30 round mag (clear) and one was a factory mag, but I think the problem with the factory mag had more to do with the dirty conditions than the mag failure as such. The 30 round aftermarket was due to loading it and letting it set for several days in that condition and possibly weakening the spring. I have not had any of the “flying apart” issues as stated by others but will keep an eye out for them and post if needed.

  • Roma

    When I got married I wanted to try and introduce my son and new wife to the world of shooting sports, one which I have loved since I was a young boy with my Daisy 880.
    We picked up a stock 597, grey stock at a local pawn shop for $150.
    Took it out and shot about 200 rounds through it. Not a single jam or malfunction of any kind.
    Over the course of the last year or so I’ve added a Boyd laminated evolution thumb hole stock, volquartsen extractor (it did start to stove pipe about every 8-10 shots after owning it for a year and half), and a 4x16x40 scope.
    To reduce the trigger pull I actually hand polished everything myself and managed to cut it nearly in half or roughly equivalent to a volq hammer. (At zero cost minus my time)
    I love this gun and as most ,regardless of their functionality experience, have stated it is a literal tack driver.
    I also own Rugers, Marlins and Savage 22 rimfires and even with out my “tricking it out” this gun just felt better then all of the others.
    I would highly recommend this piece to anyone looking for the utmost in out of the box accuracy. There are a few minor bugs but with the vast amount of info available on the mods necessary to correct these, I wouldnt hesitate to pick up 2 or 3 more !!

  • Eagle Feather

    I bought a 597 VTR .22 LR about a year ago, and put a green dot laser on it. My wife and I love to shoot it, but we had the same issue with a cross fed round not seating in the chamber and still firing, blowing out the extractor and bolt handle, same as Carroll and Adam. Fortunate that no one was to my right when it went off. Sent it back and the factory and they polished the ramp leading up to the chamber, repaired the extractor, and the problem has not re-appeared. The last time out, though, the trigger return spring broke, rendering the thing useless for anything other than a club. When i pulled the trigger assembly, I was appalled to see that the trigger return spring and the spring on the mechanism to hold the bolt open are both less substantial than a ball point pen spring. I guess I’m going to have to keep a spare assembly on the shelf. Haven’t had any issues with the Remington 30 shot mags – have six of them and keep them loaded all the time.

  • Carl

    All of the above comments are valid. Accuracy: A+, feeding problems: absolutely. Build quality and design of small parts: Worst ever seen in modern firearm manufacture from a “previously” major company.

    With all that being said, there are four things that must be done that are vital to have the gun function properly.

    1. loosen the guide rod hold in screws to “seated and then back out 1/4 turn”. You can lock tight them but it is really unnecessary as the stock will stop them from falling out. This is usually the major cause for mis feeding and failure to feed and eject (more on this in the other two items). How the manufacturer of this design would ship a firearm with these over tightened is a mystery, but most are shipped with these screws tightened to the point where the rods are no longer straight and the bolt either hangs up or rides too high above the mag to pick up the next round.

    2. Polish the guide rods and corresponding wear areas on the bolt and where the bolt pushes the hammer down. Dry lubricant on these surfaces will help insure near flawless cycling.

    3. Replace the hammer with a VQ (Volquartsen) hammer and replace the extractor with a VQ item. The standard trigger with no mods is so heavy that attempting to shoot the gun without support results in missed targets. I resisted replacing mine and polished and cleaned but the pull weight was still ridiculously high. Once replaced, the pull is perfect for off hand shooting. The extractor replacement is for two reasons. The original works ok until it wears slightly and then will not grab the case properly. In addition, the way it slides into the chamber notch is rough and sometimes hangs up on the way in creating the “explosion scenario” listed in the other posts. Proper cleaning every few hundred rounds keeps this from being an issue, but the poorly manufactured shape of the item is really why it hangs up.

    4. Take the factory 10 (really 8 usable) round mag apart and lightly polish or sand with 600grit sand paper the follower and the notch that it rides in and then lube with a dry lube. You can get 10 rounds in it but typically, it will mis feed the 2nd round no matter what you do.

    Cleanliness is important in any semi auto but with the above mods, you can let it get really cruddy before any problems would show up. The last round hold open spring is really just a low quality piece of wire that easily gets fatigued and will fail almost immediately. (you can re-bend it and it will be fine) In addition, the pin that holds it into the trigger group is just pressed fit into plastic and the hole gets too big after just one or two removals. Fortunately, the stock reliably holds this is place if you are careful when inserting the trigger group back into the gun after cleaning. If you shoot Remington bulk ammo (golden bullets) NOT RECOMMENDED with very poor accuracy not to mention a FTF every 50 rounds or so, clean the gun after you use it. The crap that will build up on the face of the bolt an the face of the chamber will keep the bolt from seating. Again, an explosive issue could occur. Mine seems to function best with standard velocity CCI’s for absolutely deadly accuracy for paper. For hunting, the CCI mini mags seem to be the best.

    I have had mine for the last three years an it now functions flawlessly. I am looking to buy another one for my son. I will never buy a new one due to the above issues but for a low price used and after rebuilding it you cannot beat it for value and accuracy. I am saddened by Remington’s lack of quality like everyone else. It is stunning how such a large company could produce such a piece of crap and still remain in business.

    • i just got one of these and i am looking to polish the guide rods and the depot i got a 3 peice hard metel cleaning compound set. it has emery, stainless steel, and white rouge polishing compounds. are any of these appropriete?