Remington AccuTip Bonded Sabot Slug

Remington have announced a very cool looking new sabot slug called the “AccuTip Bonded Sabot Slug”

Accutip Slug
Looks cool doesn’t it?

It doesn’t just look intimidating, it’s flattening whitetails and competitors in the tipped-slug market with devastating ferocity. Guided by our new Power Portâ„¢ Tip, the AccuTip Bonded Sabot Slug delivers a degree of accuracy and terminal performance unmatched by any other we tested. This masterpiece of aerodynamics consistently prints tiny 100-yard groups and transfers tremendous knockdown force out to the farthest reaches of shotgun range. It’s the largest tipped slug you’ll find anywhere.

In field testing, this huge .58-caliber slug produced gaping wound channels and crumpled every deer it touched with a single shot. From 5 to 200 yards, it yields perfect mushrooms and over 95% weight retention thanks to its spiral nose cuts, bonded construction and high-strength cartridge brass jacket. With performance as revolutionary as its appearance, this is one tip sure to get stunning results. Available in 2 3/4″ or 3″ 12-gauge versions for 2008.

  • Power Portâ„¢ Tip delivers dramatically superior accuracy
  • Spiral nose cuts and proprietary bonding technology control expansion at all ranges from 5 to 200 yards
  • Huge .58-caliber slug is the largest tipped slug available today
  • Over 95% weight retention – weighs more after impact than all the others start with!
  • Slug jacket made from high-strength cartridge brass
  • Designed for use in fully-rifled barrels only


Check out these amazing photos of the sabot being fired

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 Albums Ff248 Petricaflorianioan Accutip Uj 3

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    Looks awsome. I am useing the corlok ultra know and will try the accutip when they get available. The only problem is the price.

  • Hi Gravy, let us know what you think of it once you try it.

  • Talon

    I also use the core-lokt ultra and they are supremely accurate but, in my experience, suffer the same problem as every other 12ga slug I’ve shot at deer— complete and total penetration with practically no apparent expansion and an exiting slug with the VAST majority of its kinetic energy.
    Typically, this isn’t a problem with a shotgun on whitetail deer since the gun is really quite horrendously overpowered for such a relatively small animal. I’m hoping that the accu-tip really does gives the type of expansion shown on the website, that amount of kinetic energy transfered to a whitetail would be “insta-kill” on virtually any size deer.

    • Will

      I have taken over 12 deer with various sabots slugs. I have had issues with the deer not bleeding after they have been shot. If I do get blood it’s very limited. I get lots of hair and the have great killing power but just very little blood for trailing

  • Brent

    Three years ago i bought my first slug gun and started using sbots. last year i used the hornady plastic tiped slus and they dropped every deer i hit with in 30 yds of were i hit them. i am a huge fan of remington products. that is the only brand of shotguns i own. i am hoping that these slugs will stand up to all of the talk that they are getting. i am excited to try them on our whitetails here in iowa this fall.

  • Dean

    $22.00 a box of five. Ouch! Thats hurts my wallet as much as I presume they will hurt a Deer.

  • ken

    At 20 to 30 dollars a pact of five slugs, a would like to know how these slugs do in a smooth barrel slug gun. Can anyone tell me??? Thank you ken…..

  • steve

    rifled slugs in a smooth bore is a bad idea and a good way to ruin your gun and it would shoot bad…go out and but a rifled barrel its a good investment

  • Just bought some at M.C. Sports. $16.99 PLUS a $5.00 rebate per box for up to two boxes. Not bad! The real deal here is the .58 caliber slug. The thinner the wall of the sabot and the closer the slug itself is to the lands and grooves the more accurate and powerful the slug will be. Remeber this is a designed slug for the 12 gauge, not just a plastic covered pistol bullet.

  • Talon


    The only saboted slugs I know of that can (according to the manufacturer) be used in a smooth bore gun are the ones made by Winchester. It is not a matter of damaging the gun. Smooth bore guns are supposed to shoot rifled slugs (contrary to the post above) because the rifling on the slugs causes rotation on exiting the barrel. Sabot slugs will not rotate after exiting the barrel of a smooth bore but they do sometimes fly perfectly well. I used to shoot the Hornady SST’s from a smooth bore and they were accurate to at least 75 yards which is very close to the limit for smooth bore anyway. So i’d say give a couple brands a try (yeah, pricey experiment I know)
    DO NOT however shoot rifled slugs in a rifled slug barrel. The lead slug contacting the rifling will, at the very least, leave nasty hard to clean deposits and possibly ruin the barrel.
    I know it sounds backwards but rifled slugs go in a smooth bore. Sabot slugs go in a rifled barrel (which you apparently already know Ken)

  • Ed


    A rifled slug through a smooth barrel is fine. A rifled slug is not made to go through a rifled barrel. Sabot slugs are made for rifled barrels

    • Will

      Why use a sabot slug when Remington offers a high velocity slug for smooth bores. I can make 3 touch at 50yrds and can hit out to 125 yards all day

  • Lou

    Rifled slugs do not spin in, or even out of the barrel of a smooth bore. The rifling on the outside of the slug was designed to make it spin in the air, but it does not, in any significant amount. The reason rifled slugs are more accurate in smooth bores is the way the slug is designed. The rifled slug has a hollow base and has a heavy nose. This nose heavy design causes it to fly with stability and not go end over end. It works the same as a shuttlecock. A sabot slug will shoot fine in a smooth bore with a cylinder bore and no choke. The problem is after the sabot slug leaves the barrel. It does not have stability in the air and so is not as accurate. If someone can design a sabot slug that has stability in the air it will be an improvement for smooth bores.

  • Tom

    I know how Winchester & Hornady sabots perform in my H & R (2 inch groups or less at 100 yds). So I am willing to try the Remington Accu Tip to see how it performs at 200 yards. Plus the 58 caliber was impresive on the gel blocks!!! Will see how it works on 21 Nov. 08

  • Brandon W

    I just found this blog while searching for more info on the 12 Ga Rem. Core Lokt Ultra. The AccuTip sounds amazing. I haven’t seen any yet. I just sighted in my 870 at 100 yds with the core lokt’s. Last year was the first year i found and used the core lokt’s. I was impressed with what i read on the box but I was laughing at the idea of actually sighting a shotgun in at 100yds or more. I am not laughing now. If I can find another box, I’ll try sighting the 870 in at 150 yds Here in Indiana they recently allowed handgun cartridges to be used in rifles for hunting. I thought “yeah!!!” at first but the best long range gun i could get would be a 44 mag or the 454 casull. The 44 mag wouldn’t be to bad to buy but i’ve already got an 870 setup and don’t feel like a 44 mag is an upgrade with this higher velocity sabot ammo. Aside from a little recoil, I am tickled pink with the core lokt’s and can’t wait to try the AccuTip’s. Which brings me to my question. Has anyone reading this sighted AccuTips’ in after having core lokt’s sighted in? Are the ballistics comparable?- Thanks! 🙂

  • Butch Wheasler

    I haven’t tried the Accutip yet, but I’m depending on it. I’m going to Africa in May. Warthog and Kudu are the main fare. I will be using my custom thumbhole 870. I’ve use the core-lock for years and are top notch. I felled many deer and hogs with this slug. But the Accutip looks to be even better. The only downside is price. And you got to shoot to get good. Am I crazy to take a slug gun to Africa or just trying to prove the slug gun can hold it’s own.

  • Is there a serious shotgun slug hunter/shooter club or web site? I’m crazy about slug guns and slug hunting. It’s all I use, anymore slug nuts?

  • Those high speed camera pictures are amazing!!

  • Talon

    Butch, is a great place for all things firearms related. They have a forum dedicated to shotguns.

  • tim

    i have been able to shoot through 3/8 of and inch thick solid steel plates with remington sabots

  • nolanwells

    I ran the hornady sst 2-3/4″ and the rem accutip 3″ (virtually same ballistics} thru my rifled mossberg & got 2-1/2 groups w/Hornady & 1-1/2 groups with accutip @ 2oo yds w/no scope adjustment…. either one will do the job on damn near everything u want to take down… If u want the accuracy my suggestion is to sight with the less cost SST and use accutip for the heavier knockdown

  • The accutips rule. I used the exclusivally in Africa this May. I shot a blesbok at 172, impala at 125, springbok at 145, kudu at 55, duiker at 100, and a bush pig at 10. I recovered 4 slugs, with the springbok and duiker pass thrus. Weight retention was over 90% and bullets peformed flawless. All were 1 shot kills and will use them next year when I go back. So when asked if the Accutips are tested, know the tested Africa tough..

  • Illinois Slug Gunner

    I first found these slugs last year before we started our annual “site in” before gun season. I had trouble with alot of different brands of slugs mostly because I had the rifle grouping mentality. I wanted better groups out of my slug gun and thought that with all the technology out there, we(slug gunners) should be able to have a better choice. I paid the $20 a box for them with my back side hurting all the way home. But then came the caldwell bench test. I was SO pleased with the way they grouped at 50 that I decided to take them out to 100. I have a picture of the grouping at 100 that most slug shooters would not believe it unless they were at my place when I shot the groups. Can any other slug beat 4″ at 100? I thought that I was doomed to pay 4 bucks a “pop” for these babies the rest of my days…that was until last week. Shopping at a local farm supply store I encountered what I thought to be a mis-print on the pricing. $11.49 a of course I bought ten boxes and whistled my way out of there like a thief in the night. I am by no means a Remington fan but I have to give the engineers props on these wonderful slugs. If you are having trouble getting sited in, try ’em you will not be disappointed!!

  • That’s agood price on the Accutips, Midwest USA has them for 12 a box. I bought a hastings 24′ with muzzle brake, cantiliever mount for my 870. I had a Tasco side mount, but had trouble keeping it tight. I hated to change because when it stayed tight 4″ groups @ 100yds were an everyday thing. Now with my new set up I shot 2″ ragged hole groups A 100. The range master was even impressed. And they way they performed for me in Africa, the only way I stop shooting them is if they stop making them.

  • nolan wells

    Butch – Stretch it out to 200 and you’ll be even more impressed. the accutip will hold if you and the gun can. good luck!

  • Dave Larsen

    Hey all, I bought an H&R 20 ga. slug gun (rifled barrel) with a Nikon 4x scope last year. The Hornady SST’s were getting rave reviews so I thought they’d do well in the H&R. They don’t. Been trying to zero in at 100 and have been all over the place. Very consistently scattered. Tried everything from cleaning the bore after every shot, to letting the barrel cool between shots. After about 5 boxes last year and 2 more last weekend I was getting quite frustrated so I gave up. I bought a box of the REmington Accutips and the 1st three shots were all within 1.5″ of bullseye, even though I hadn’t gotten it zero’d with the Hornady’s. Apparently it WAS zero’d, but the Hornady’s were just not a good match with this gun. Maybe someone should start a dating website for guns and ammo:) …my 2 cents… Dave

  • RyanB

    I shot the Core-lokt Ultra Bonded slugs in 2006 and 2007 and had great luck with both taking Deer all the way out to 260 yards. Call my crazy but I practice all the way to 300yards and go thru aprox 4 boxes just in the pre-season. Shooting them thru my Rem 870 with at the time a bushnell shot gun scope. Last season (08) I swapped out the bushnell for a Leupold Grand Slam and swapped the core-lokts for the Acu-tips. I was amazed at the accuracy. Not sure if it was the slugs or the scope but I was grouping 3″ at 300 yards (5 shots). I shot two does last year at distances from 125-240 yards both had complete pass thru and made a mess inside but both where one shot kills (just like all my other deer since I started shooting the riffled 870 and remington sabots.

    In 2 weeks I am heading up north for Moose and for the days I am walking thru the tight stuff the 870 is going to be strapped to my back. When I am sitting in the clear cuts though I will be packing the new Browning x-bolt in .325wsm.

    I am more than happy with the results on deer with the acu-tips but I am having second thoughts on which is better for moose. Same FPS and same Weight….just thinking now that the core-lokts might hold together a little longer entering a moose.


    • Steve Phipps

      Iam interested to know how ryan would site in his slug gun to shoot out to 300 yards with the rem accutips. I have had good luck out to 200 yds but I hold just above the spine on deer sized game at that distance. with a better scope I could go farther.

  • Buckbasher

    Just got back from Cabelas in Ct. and the accutips are $12.99 for 2 3/4″ and $13.99 for 3″ 12 ga slugs. At a local sport shop they are getting $23.99. Still a bit expensive for 5 slugs, but manageable. Dont know why there is such a huge difference in price.

  • boomer51

    Just came back from Dunhams here in Michigan and have to report that the accutips were on sale for $12.99 a box for the 2 3/4 inch. The original price on the tag was $24.99. Don’t know why the mark down unless it was to generate store traffic. It worked, I’ll be going back for more.

  • southern dawg

    I just got six boxes from Dick’s in Carbondale for $9.98 per box. I dont know why they were marked down, but I got two boxes to begin with. When I found out they were on sale and I didnt even know it until I got my reciept I immediately went back and got 4 more. Can’t wait to try em’ out this weekend sighting in my gun .

  • nolanwells

    S Dawg – It’s a regional sale. they are great (read my post above). I need your help if you are willing….I would like 5-10 boxes but my nearest store doesn’t stock them. I will pay price + tax + Ship to me if you are willing…sale ends Saturday. Yes or No, tnx, Nolan

  • Talon

    I finally got around to trying the Accu-tips myself. They are, without question, far and away the most accurate slug I have ever used. There is not even a close second.

  • Slugger 870

    I just bought a couple of boxes of 3″ Accutips for my 870 with rifled barrel/rifle sights, and after switching from brenneke’s they shot about 8″ high at 50yds. but then I reached out to 100 and they were like 20″ high. Then I adjusted them to shoot 2″ high at 50 but then they still shot 7″ high at 100.

    Does anybody have any reasons for this to happen. Are they just that flat shooting? Any Suggestions of what I should do?

    By the way- they kick like a frickin’ cannon, I’d suggest staying with the 2 3/4″

  • RyanB

    They are that flat shooting! Site them in for 150 yards/0. At 100 yards they will be just aprox 3″ high and at 200 yards 6″ low. I shoot with the same shotgun and a Leupold Ultimate slam scope and I can group 4″ at 300 yards!


  • Illinois Slug Gunner

    To Ryan B

    My accutips are hitting perfect bulls at 150….how low are they at 300?

  • nolanwells

    Illinois Slug Gunner – Hey man they drop like rocks, just like anything that heavy. My zero’d mossy @ 175 Is 3 high @ 100, 3 low @215. diff guns, diff results, ya just gotta know what they are….Want more detailed guess…>call Rem & get ballistic coefficient, muzzle velocity & then use either Rem shoot or Hornady online calculators to get the drop……but I can tells u its big @300.

    I had a trophy buck 2 wks ago @400 and would not take shot cuz have not checked drop. wish I had my 270 zero’d for 300. be good good luck, Nolan

  • Just bought a new H&R Ultra Slug 20 ga. Dick’s had a sale on Remington Accu tip @ $ 9.98 a box Waiting for Leupold Ultimate Slam 3×9 power Scope to come in. Will let you know how well they perform.

  • Nolan

    Scorpio – Dont know what you’re paying for that Leupold, but I gta a Barska on mine – clear as a bell. I got one on sale for 27 on gunbroker take a look, got a great deal, just a couple more than family needed & just lookin to get $$ back B good Nolan

  • Scorpio48

    I was very impressed with the Remington Accu tips they grouped at 1″ to 3″ after sighting in. Took it out to 100yds. with same results. Without changing settings on scope fired 2 rounds of Hornady SST 20 gauge and grouped @ 1″ to 1 1/2″. I had heard they were accurate with talking to other people who were using them. They look like a rifle bullet ! ! ! Hello
    The question is which Sabot of the two have the best knock down power at that range. With the H&R Slug gun and Leupold Ultimate Slam scope you only get one shot. Could use both without changing settings. Feedback is appreciated thanks. Scorpio48

  • nolanwells

    the hornady sst & rem accuitips did same @ 175 yds, 2″ grps, in my mossy 500… guns like diff ammo what can I say

  • charles222

    …300 meters is really possible with these? Hell, I’d ditch my M4 for a tacticool 11-87 at that point. :p

  • matt

    following comments made on this site and others me and several of my friends bought 3 savage model 220f to go to illinois this season after doing some research on slug brands and scopes we all equipted shotguns with leupold ultimate slam scopes and remington accutip slugs in 3inch took them to the range last week with 0 wind and 55 degree temp using leadslead all 3 guns shot great 3 shot groups at 100 yards they shot under 1” with the smallest at .88”the bullet drop compensator works perfect 1 inch high at 100 use bottom of crosshair circle at 150 (big dot) AT 185YARDS (small dot) at 200 to 225 all 3 guns shot less than 4 inch groups at 225 was running low on very hard to find ammunition
    sunday i plan on trying to pattern the gun at 250 but so far very impressed with the accuracy obtained with these shotguns thank for all the helpful information hope these results can help someone with their descicion

  • I bought a 20 guage Savage 220 and sighted it in with Remmington Acu-tips and can no longer buy these shells any where in Wisconsin. Remmington sucks!!!!

  • Joe B.

    Accu-Tip 3″ 20ga. out of my Savage 220f using a Leupold VX-II 3-9×40, I’m hitting dead center, 4″ high at 100yds, 3/4″ groups

  • Gremlinsrus

    Ok, well I ended up here looking for the ballistics Coefficient for the accutip sabot slugs. I will say that i have been shooting Hornady sst’s out of my H&R rifled barrel 12 ga and getting 1-2″ groupings at 100 yds consistently. I was looking for the managed recoil copper solids, as the sst’s kick like a mule, but no one seems to carry the managed recoil sabots I bought 2 boxes of accutips (and yes, they were on sale 15% off at dick’s costing 12$ a box). The stopping power for the accutips seems to be higher at 200 yds, around 1100 lb/sq in, and the muzzle speed is 150 fps less than the hornady’s which should translate to lower recoil. I am putting these slugs to the test tomorrow. in the mean time, I believe the accutips are 3.6 in high at 100 yds and 0.0 at 150 but drop 9.1 at 200.. i don’t see making 300 yd shots with any level of confidence.. but i could be wrong.

  • r1flman

    i shoot a remington 870 with a 23 inch cantiliever barrel i planning to shoot the 3 inch accutips thru it ,i need to get a scope and was looking at the nikon slughunter 3-9-40 scope ,does anybody have any info if these slugs will match the bdc circles on the scope?they say sight the scope in at 50 yrds and it will match aiming points out to 200 yds,i know that the remmys worked supurb out of my rifle sighted barrel.385 grains and 1900 fps are deer destroyers ,i only want to use these slugs and want to make sure the scope will work with these before i spen 229.00 on it..any info will greatly be appriated..

    • bob kay

      I personally shoot a Mossberg 695 bolt action with a 22 inch fully rifled barrel with a Bushnell 4x scope, 1 piece Weaver see thru mounts. This combination along with the Remington 2 3/4 ” AccuTip Bonded Sabot Slug has been producing 1″ 3 shot groups at 100 yards time after time. I have collected several large bucks & doe’s since 2008 with these. Last years Ohio monster I harvested was taken @ 203 yards with a single shot thru the front chest cavity (the only shot that was presented to me). It had an inside spread of 27 5/8″ carrying 9 points that field dressed out at 191 lbs. . These shells do give one heck of a kick when sighting your gun in but are manageable. At only $13.95 (Dick’s Sporting Goods) per box of 5, you can’t beat them. I have stocked up on them & are very proud to carry them afield. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Respectfully, Bob Kay

      • r1flman

        thank you for the info ,it was very helpfull and congradulations on that fine buck you described..what a monster…i will be looking at getting the bushnell scope ,thanks again and happy hunting….