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  • I assure you it is quite real. I posted another pictre on the blog of all the painted parts prior to assembly.

  • Wow! It is real. Thanks for letting me know.

  • I can’t wait to show this to my wife.

  • Dirk

    I’m an avid gun owner. I have a Sigg 556, Remington 870, numerous Ruger 10/22’s and picked up a SIG 2022 last night. I take my 14 year old son shooting more than once a month. Last week we picked up some compound bows and are learning the art of bow hunting. That said…

    I find the Hello Kitty motif of the gun simply and completely stupid on too many levels. Making a gun, any gun appear to be a plaything is irresponsible–period. Too many children have been killed because they thought a gun was a toy. They’re not. Guns are tools. Guns are serious.

    I noticed an earlier photo on the blog of a small boy at the trigger of a rather large fully automatic weapon, posing in a prone position. Did anyone notice his trigger finger? While an adults finger would extend forward beyond the trigger guard, the child’s finger was on the trigger. What sort of nonsense is this? I can agree with the young kid shooting an air rifle or a bolt action .22. I simply fail to see the wisdom of putting everyone at the range in danger. It is stupid. It is irresponsible. As gun advocates and owners, we have to take responsibility for our actions. We have to treat our right to bear arms with the same respect we expect from others. To do less hurts our image. To do less hurts every responsible gun owner.

  • John

    I felt better about the pink rifle debate when I saw that some manufacturers are actually installing locks in the mechanism of the file itself. You have to stick a key into the bottom of the stock and unlock the weapon. That is a fantastic idea!

    The files I saw it on were .22lr bolt action kiddie rifles.

    Thanks gun makers, of course it only works if parents are responsible enough to keep them locked. Of course the weapons should be locked away and safely stored anyway.

  • Froggy

    There is something very strange about this rifle, the grip. How can you handle it properly with such a grip ? You can not put your thumb correctly.

    Maybe the designers thought it was better to make it that way in order to fit with the Hello Kitty “mood” ? But why did they tought that ? It remains strange.

    • I think it is more of a compliance method to CA (absurd) gun laws. They get around not having a pistol grip on a rifle with a non-integrated magazine.

  • Harlyn

    um… I OWN THIS!!! its my baby, i love it… and yeah, its an awkward grip, but, i make it work…

    yes, i am female, yes, i am over the age of 18, and no, im not a huge hello kitty fan, i prefer a nightmare on elm street and a nightmare before Christmas…

  • Harlyn, very cool 🙂 Are you David’s wife?

  • sally stowe

    this is an awesome weapon. since we arent allowed to own the AA 12.. this is gona have to do.. thanks and i soo love the pink hello kitty!

  • wiz

    It’s real guys. They have it on display at the shop by my house in OC. @RifleGear

  • David


    Gun safety is paramount, the builder didn’t make this to look like a toy, he did to poke fun at Calis absurb gun laws.