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  • The original concept was called a De Lisle Commando Carbine and was indeed a SMLE rechambered to fire .45 acp rounds and were made with an integral sound suppressor for nearly silent use. They were made with a shortened barrel and either a shortened wooden stock or a folding unit.
    Recently a company called Rhineland Arms made conversion kits to build your own De Lisle carbine, without the suppressor of course. As I recall, they weren’t very expensive and used standard 1911 magazines. Shotgun News had a really neat step-by-step article on the kit and built one or two themselves.

  • Cymond

    Yeah, that’s an Enfield with a conversion to 45 acp. The absolute proof is the ProMag 1911 drum magazine.

    I’d love to have a DeLisle replica myself someday but they’re pricey and the suppressor tax stamp is another $200 down the drain. Valkyrie Arms previously made an interesting DeLisle but their page is down now.

    I’d love to have one of the SIA enfield conversions in 7.62×39 too! I love cheap ammo.

  • Harry

    The drum puts the shooter too high off the deck. Considering that a 45 Enfield has an effective distance 100 to 250 yards depending on the shooter, one might consider blackening and greening the weapon, flip up scope covers that hide reflection as well, a hush puppy, a G suit which matches your surroundings, and being recessed back or seemingly obscured. Duh