Rifle Painting Tutorial

I have been looking for a good tutorial on how to spray paint a rifle. Sniper’s Hide has a great tutorial on painting your rifle.

$20 worth of stuff to paint $10,000 worth of optics and guns, ain’t life grand.

 Albums C345 Longrange762 Pt6

 Albums C345 Longrange762 Pt11

Here’s the Remington in the woods to see how the pattern/color combination works.

Read the tutorial here.

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  • Hey brother that was a great tutorial! It really gave me the confidence to try it out myself. I was wondering how you painted the bolt of your remington? its the only step you didnt show. Also what maintenance needs to be done after the gun is painted(oiling,cleaning etc.). Thanks for your help, I really need it! Please respond.
    Sincerely, Caleb(Rogue)