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  • kick as man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Steve Traudt

    Where can i get one , even if it didnt come with the drum………

  • Tromix is the company that makes them.

  • jeff

    tromix does not make them they only mod them.. they are mae in russia by the company that makes ak47’s IZHMaSH.. they come in 203,7.62×39,308 as well as 410,20 and 12 gauge.. you can get them from they are lots of fun i have a couple..

  • Was the drum magazine custom machined? In the U.S.? Nice work from what i can tell.

  • Custom Metal Machining, i think it is made from synthetics and manufactured in the US.

  • SS

    The drum is made by Allied armament. It seems to have A LOT of issues across the board. I have an MD Arms MD-20, No problems yet.

  • Wolf

    That’s not an MD Arms drum, it’s from some other company, I just can’t remember *who*. The MD Arms drums are solid, and phenolic, if I remember right, these skeletonized ones are machined aluminum. They *are* very cool looking, and if memory serves me, they’re a 22 round drum.

  • Wolf

    Took me a couple minutes, but I found it, the skeletonized drum is by Alliance Armaments: .

    And it’s a *30* round drum, not 22, as I thought.

  • Steve

    I finally found one at the Local gun show, and it is unnnnnnBeleavable
    I saw it out of the corner of my eye………….
    and it was mine………….

    • Steve, want to email me some photos?

  • Ryan does really nice Saiga conversions as well. I had mine built for about 2200.00 and the gun kicks butt. What impressed me the most was that my Saiga 12 was able to shoot low grade dove/quail shot bump firing.