Ruger Charger Pistol

Ruger are now offering a pistol with the 10/22 action! This is big news. Many Ruger 10/22 fans long to be able to create ‘ultimate’ 10/22 pistols but you cannot legally take a rifle and convert it into a pistol.

I predict that within a few months there are going to be hordes of 3rd party accessories to allow anyone to customize the Charger. We will be seeing ‘1911’ Chargers etc. Already you can use the vast quantity of 10/22 accessories.

It will be selling for $ 369.50 which includes the bi-pod, not not the scope. Seems a bit pricy.

Ruger’s press release:

The Ruger 22 Charger™ Pistol delivers the fun, versatility and reliability of the time tested Ruger 10/22® in a handgun. The 22 Charger features a 10-inch precision-rifled barrel mounted in an ergonomically designed, warp-proof, laminated stock. The adjustable bipod that ships with every 22 Charger pistol provides added control and stability on the range or in the field. A new extended magazine release allows easy removal of the legendary Ruger 10-shot rotary magazine.

Whether you prefer a high magnification scope for long-range varmint shooting, or a red dot sight for quick and sure target acquisition, a combination Weaver®-style and “tip-off” sight mount allows your choice of optics. Either way, it is a great new pistol for long-range target shooting.

The Ruger 22 Chargerâ„¢ pistol has an overall length of 19-1/4 inches and weighs 3-1/2 pounds, without the supplied bipod. The matte black finish compliments the black laminate stock and completes the weather-resistant package. It comes with a gun rug bearing the Ruger logo.

More on the pistol (from Ruger):

  • Ruger 10/22® action with extended magazine release for easy removal.
  • Ergonomically designed, warp-proof, laminated stock maintains accurate zero.
  • Precision-rifled barrel for long-range accuracy.
  • A manual safety that positively locks the sear.
  • All 22 Chargers come with a precision-adjustable bipod for rock-steady sighting.
  • Unique combination Weaver®-style and “tip-off” optical sight mount give shooters freedom to use their choice of optics.
  • Compact, light weight package with a barrel length of 10″, overall length of 19 1/4″, and weight of only 3.5 lbs (without bipod).


Caliber: .22 LR
Capacity: 10 Rounds
Finish: Black Matte
Grip: Black Laminate
Barrel Length: 10″
Groove: 6
Twist: 1:16″ RH
Overall Length: 19 1/4″
Weight: 3 1/2 lbs
California Approved: No
Massachusetts Approved: No
Front Sight(s): N/A
Rear Sight(s): N/A
Other Features: Cross Bolt Safety; Extended Magazine Release
Suggested Retail Price: $ 369.50
Miscellaneous: Black Matte 22 Charger. Bipod included.

A video showing the Charger. It looks like a lot of fun.

Some more photos:
22 Charger
Ruger Charger 22
As you can see it is a standard 10/22 action:
Ruger Charger 22 1
Picture 8-8


GunBlast have written a review on the Charger

With most firearms that come in for review, I pass it around a bit to other shooters to get their opinions. However, promising to keep the Charger hidden until December 17th, I had to keep this one to myself. My wife did catch me playing with the pistol, and stated ; “That’s the coolest thing I’ve ever seen!” That means a lot coming from her, as she is not really into guns, and has become pretty jaded over the past twenty-eight years, seeing a lot of firearms come through here. In fact, for our tenth wedding anniversary, I gave her a brand new Ruger 10/22 rifle. It was our 10th, and we were married on the 22nd, so it seemed like a natural choice to me. She has never fired it. After watching me shoot the Charger, she liked it. She wants to shoot this one.

With the superb pedigree of the famous Ruger 10/22 rifle behind it, I think that the .22 Charger will find a lot of owners. It is a great little plinker, and would just be perfect for shooting the game of rimfire silhouette, or any other animated target game. As a hunting pistol, it should prove to be very successful, as it handles like the good single shot and bolt action pistols on the market, but with the reliable ten-shot semi-auto action of the 10/22 rifle.

Picture 6-10

Picture 7-4


It is very similar to Hornet Custom COBRA Pistol which is also based on a 10/22 action.



I have read the reason it is not California legal is because the magazine is outside of the pistol grip. This makes it an AOW (All other weapon) assault weapon under California law, see dogon1013’s comment below.


The, much more expensive, MagnumLite PiCuda Pistols are very similar, based on a 10/22 action, and available in .17 Mach 2
Mlp N


Mr Completely has posted a review:

The trigger pull is a bit heavy but it was quite crisp. It wouldn’t hurt to put in a good trigger kit like a Volquartsen or Jard system. Maybe when we get a warm calm day I’ll get some fresh ammo and try it without handicapping the pistol. If you want to shoot it without the bipod the legs flip forward but it feels kind of awkward. Fortunately the bipod attaches to a sling swivel mount with a pin and comes off with the turn of a thumb screw. My shooting buddy like Mr. C is a lefty and even people who shoot with the wrong hand find the stock comfortable. He didn’t even get hit with the ejected brass. He said that was a plus and claims that brass hitting the forehead is somewhat distracting and affects accuracy.

Both of us were really pleased with the new Charger, and it looks just as good in person as it does in the picture.

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • dogon1013

    AOW (any other weapon) is a federal designation, NOT a California state designation. this is not an AOW, it is a pistol.

    California considers it an Assault weapon under their assault weapons ban definition. according to California, any pistol with a magazine outside of the pistol grip is an assault weapon. the Ruger would also need the loaded chamber indicator and magazine disconnect to be sold in CA (if it wasn’t allready banned because it is an assault weapon according to California).

  • Thanks dogon1013. I will update the blog entry.

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  • So Bummed

    Love this pistol but live in California… so unfair.

  • js

    If you were to custom build a long barrel to the CFP pistol grip, making a legal rifle barrel length would the grip need to be changed to a rifle stock/pistol grip to make it CA legal? any thing else I’m missing to make the ruger pistol legal? you input is appreciated…

  • mark

    I just seen the charger pistol in the cabells catalog it looks very cool and its nice to see ruger come up with a new product like that . they should come out with a kit to convert a 10-22 rifle to a pistol .

  • BBinKC

    You cannot legally convert a 10/22 rifle to a pistol. Once a receiver is sold as either a handgun or a rifle that’s what it is forever and a 10/22 receiver sold as a rifle dropped into a Charger setup would be an illegal short barreled rifle.

  • Lloyd

    Purchased a charger at a local gun show. Mounted an NC Star 2×7 pistol scope and with the cheap 550 round brick from Wal-Mart after sighting in shot a five round group at 50 yds that could be covered with a nickel. I am considering one of the 14″aluma-lite barrels. Very pleased and shoots nearly as well as my TC with the 14″ stainless match barrel

  • nick

    that is a beautiful pistol, and it looks like a blast to shoot, almost like a laser gun! and that stock is really interesting and looks very comfortable to hold. why is it that it is legal to convert a pistol to a rifle, but not the other way around?

  • Tom

    The reason a rifle cannot be converted to a pistol is the Firearms act of 1934. Back in the days of the gangsters running booze into cities like Chicago, they would saw off the barrels of rifles and shotguns to carry under their jackets or coats. A short barrel rifle would have much more power than any handgun at the time, (Even the .357 Mag did not come about until 1935). So the feds passed the firearms act of 1934, (The first of the laws that started the erosion of our 2nd Amendment rights), this law made sawed off rifles, shotguns and full auto firearms illegal unless the person wishing to own one paid a $200.00 dollar tax, passed a background check and was approved by local law enforcement and the feds. As long as the receiver was registered as a handgun when it was manufactured, it will always have to remain a rifle. You can buy a 10/22 receiver from some of the aftermarket mfgs, and register it as a handgun, and build your own, but the cost would be more than just buying a Charger.
    The T/C Contender can be bought as a pistol and then be changed to a rifle and back to a handgun. However if you buy the Contnder as a rifle, you can get a ten year prison sentence if you install one of the handgun barrels shorter than 16 inches.

  • Ruger Fan

    Was able to shoot inside a quarter sized group with 10 rounds (full mag) at 25 yards with 3-9x rifle scope without even trying. The gun was very impressive and a lot of fun to shoot. The bipod really makes this a great bench top pistol, which is what I believe it was designed for. I find it rather difficult and cumbersome trying to shoot this without a bench or bipod. But even shooting without the bench its more accurate then any pistol out there. I believe that I could easily get a better grouping with a little practice and some better ammo. Very nice target pistol. I’m certain that if you shoot small game this will be a nice sniper head shot shooter.

  • Duffy St.Pierre

    Got the 10/22 Charger as a gift a few weeks after I bought a Dodge Charger…. Liked the look of this new toy from the beginning.. But, when I stook it to my range I fell in love with it…. Even with a cheep red dot scope the pistol preformed great…. It is a winner on all of my score sheets….
    Duffy St.Pierre

    • Duffy, great to hear!

  • Marvin Tyson

    Can i put my ruger 10- 22 charger 10 inch barrel on my ruger 10-22 carbine

  • Dano

    Does anyone know what precautions Rugar took against “barrel swapping” the charger barrels with the 10/22 barrels? PLEASE TELL ME THERE WAS SOMETHING OTHER THAN RELYING ON SOMEONES COMMON SENSE AND DESIRE TO BE LAW ABIDING!

  • Dano

    For your own sake PLEASE don’t do that! That would put you in violation of the firearms act of 1934 and you would find yourself in prison. I’m not sure if the swap you are asking about is even possible or not at this point, in fact I just posted that very question a moment ago. I have already been in contact with Ruger this morning and was unable to get an answer as yet. I am still waiting for various people from Ruger to call me back, however as soon as I know I will poswt it here for everyone to know.

  • liz

    So much for accessories. There’s loads for the 10/22 Rifle but not for the Charger.

    I’m even having trouble finding a decent scope for the thing. None of the local stores carries much in the way of pistol scopes except for RED DOT stuff which is fine except in brite light or when the batteries die.

    I did see a Burris scope but it costs as much as the Charger. It is a nice scope though. 2-7×32 and a great eye relief & fantastic field of view.

  • JR

    There are speed limit signs on roads but auto mfgs don’t put governors on vehicles so you can’t go over the speed limit. Ignorance is not a defense for breaking the law. If you (don’t mean you, mean you all) don’t know the firearms laws I don’t think you should be making major changes to a firearm’s platform. The good thing is that there have been studies done that show that lawful firearms owners obey all laws by a large majority than most other groups in the US.
    One other point is if you are going to take on a firearm project, research and study as much as you can get your hands on. Most of all the law!

  • Lloyd

    I purchased an Adams & Bennett 18″ .920 barrel and had a local gunsmith cut and recrown it to 14″ for my charger. Using bulk ammo I shot a 10 round group at 50 yds inside a 3/4″ circle. The scope I use is a 2X7 NC Star pistol scope. I purchased it at a local gun show and it is very clear at any power and was a reasonable price.

  • Jeff

    Hell-o all, I need your input. I just aquired a charger and would like help as far as a scope to put on it. ( i really don’t want a red dot ) I was thinking about a Bushneii 6X24X40. PLEASE HELP !

  • caltrop

    Did you get the email I sent?

    Did it help?