New Ruger Products

Ruger have announced some new products.

Black Slide Ruger SR9 Pistol

I like the look but prefer the stainless.

The recently launched Ruger SR9â„¢ pistol, the first striker-fired pistol from Ruger, is now available with a blackened stainless slide. The multi-step blackening process improves both the durability and corrosion resistance of the stainless steel slide by creating a surface hardness of 68Rc. The extra hard finish also reduces scratching and holster wear.

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Super Redhawk in .480 Ruger

Ruger has finally sorted out the problems they were having with the Redhawk .480

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The Ruger Super Redhawk revolver chambered in .480 Ruger, specifically designed with the big game sportsman in mind, is back. Production had been suspended early in 2007 to address a fired case extraction issue. After a complete analysis, it was determined that to provide easy and sure extraction, all .480 Ruger Super Redhawk Revolvers, including the easy-to carry Alaskan, will now feature 5-shot cylinders. Beginning in 2008, they will also feature a Hogue® Monogrip® for added comfort. The Target Grey® All-Weather® version adds a low glare matte finish preferred by hunters.

The .480 Ruger cartridge offers handgun hunting performance without the heavy recoil experienced by other big game calibers. This cartridge offers power without excessively heavy recoil using Hornady’s .475″ diameter, 325 grain XTP Magnum bullet. The .480 Ruger cartridge can produce a muzzle velocity of 1350 fps – nearly one-third more muzzle energy than the standard .44 Magnum cartridge, with substantially less recoil than the other big bore hunting handgun cartridges. This exciting cartridge developed by Hornady can be said to effectively “split the difference” between the powerful .44 Magnum and other super-powerful, heavier recoiling hunting cartridges.

M77 chambered in Ruger Compact Magnums

I could be wrong but I think this is the first rifle to be chambered in the new RCM cartridges.

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The Ruger Compact Magnum cartridges, developed in conjunction with Hornady Manufacturing Co., are extreme cartridges for extreme hunting. Based on the beltless .375 Ruger, the .300 and .338 RCMs are engineered to offer .300 and .338 Win. Magnum performance in a more compact package. With their short actions and 20″ barrels, the M77 Ruger Compact Magnums are today’s “mountain rifles and brush guns.”

The new cartridges are chambered in the compact action Ruger M77 Hawkeye rifles with features that include the smooth and crisp Ruger LC6â„¢ trigger for improved out-of-the-box trigger pull, and a red rubber recoil pad that provides more effective recoil reduction. Other features of the Ruger M77 Hawkeye rifles appreciated by knowledgeable shooters are the Mauser-type controlled feeding and powerful claw extractor, 3-position safety, hammer forged steel barrels and free Ruger patented scope rings. The design of the patented steel floorplate, which bears the distinctive Ruger logo, provides easy unloading and eliminates accidental “dumping” of ammunition.

Two compact-action models of the Ruger M77 Hawkeye rifles chambered in the new Ruger Compact Magnums are available. The matte blued version features the M77 Hawkeye’s slimmer walnut stock with wrap-around cut checkering on the forearm and more rounded contours on the bottom of the stock and top of the pistol grips. The matte stainless version features a synthetic stock with a new recoil pad.

The new cartridges designed by Hornady Manufacturing provide unmatched ballistic performance in compact rifles, less felt recoil, longer barrel life, and superior performance at all temperatures. The .300 RCM is available in 150, 165 and 180-grain SST offerings. Each .300 RCM load exceeds comparative .300 Win. Magnum loads from a 20″ barrel. Muzzle velocities for the .300 RCM are 3,170 fps, 3,030 fps, and 2,900 fps, respectively – from a 20″ factory barrel. The .338 RCM is available in the newly developed 200 gr SST, and 225 gr SST offerings. Velocities for the .338 RCMs are 2,850 fps and 2,710 fps respectively, easily out performing the .338 Win. Magnum at equal barrel length.

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  • Scott

    I am getting excited about the new ruger 338 rcm rifles and might soon purchase one in the synthetic version. It appears to be what I have been looking for over the last couple of years. I love my 444 Marlin, but its range is a real disadvantage at times. I want a rifle to complement my hunting style in steep rough country while still have the ability to hit on those 300 and 400 yard shots that are common here in Western Montana.
    My only problem is making me ease up on my anxiousness to get one now. Simply, I have not seen any numbers that reflect positively about the rifles accuracey. 2 1/2 inch groups at 100 yards is twice my group size I get with my 444 with open sights.

  • Anythig but a RUGER for me.
    Hy I purchased a Ruger m77 Mk11 march 2008, and have nothing but trouble trying to have it repaired or chaned over as it fails to eject empty or loaded rounds, and I returned it to the gun shop and showed them the fault and they retuned it to the Ruger distribiter here in australia who replaced the extractor BUT damaged the face of the bolt while doing the repair this only took about 7 weeks I took it to the range and IT WAS the same, they have now had it in there possesion for longer than I now 23/12 08, it finaly returned today and guess what they had polished the bolt.
    On test at the gun shop rather than going to the rang, every body was impreesed with the way it did not EJECT and so here I am with no gun and my holidays wasted again thank you RUGER if any one would like I can email a short video to them omdi@tpg dot com dot au I think I have owned my last RUGER I am sure I can get better service
    PS I am not new to guns I have had many rifels and shoot guns in my life time but never had this expirence before and am interested if any one else have had a problem with RUGER’s
    Yours Bruce

  • benny

    i have own ruger all my life i have never had one go bad.maybe it was a lemon form they start.i have kill deer with the m 77 compack 243 out to 350 yards. i am thinking about buying a browning auto short track 308 are they any good.i hear they were and i here they not thanks benny

  • Matt

    Never had problems with Ruger but Brownings are terrible. I owned a BAR Safari in .338, one of my brothers had a 12 gauge over and under, the other a 12 gauge automatic. The fore arms on all three split after minimal use. The automatice shotgun has had continuous mis-fires. Tried replacing lots of things. Browning helped with NONE of it. Every problem with thier stuff is your own problem. On the BAR rifle and the Shotgun the stock works is way loose after minimal shooting. Browning is terrible. I will never buy anyting made by them again

  • Rick

    Thats the first time I have ever heard of a Ruger M77 not ejecting.
    I hate that you are experiencing this.
    I think Ruger owes you your money back on this one.
    Sorry to hear of your bad luck with this rifle.
    I have a Ruger M77 frontier, and it works perfectly.
    Yours must not have been mechiened properly to begin with.
    I hope you get satisfaction, as you have spent your hard earned money on a defective product, and that truely sucks!

  • Phil

    I bought a Ruger M77 Hawkeye – Stainless on Sep. 29, 2009

    I took it to the range to start the break in today (Sep. 30, 2009) – and low and behold.. I have a similar problem.

    First shot = Couldnt eject the cartridge, it was breached.. I had to slam the bolt leaver up really hard several times in order to break it free.. Seemed as the bolt was stuck in the first action phase and wouldnt fully open into the retracting position.

    Second shot = same thing

    Third shot = bolt didnt catch and didnt load round correctly, had to remove it and try again.

    Third shot attempt #2 = same shit..

    All the brass has knicks and scratches down the side from something – who knows what I cleaned it again and couldnt see any burs… shrug

    I got it from Cabelas – I wont buy from them again they have a no return policy on firearms.

    I will be contacting Ruger tomorrow first thing. I cannot afford another rifle.. This really frign sucks man… Ive owned tons of rifles in my time and I have only expected crap like this from 300 dollar model rifles..

    This really sucks.. If Ruger doesnt help me.. I will do more than boycott.. Word of mouth costs them tons, especially with a guy like me that wont shut up for YEARS! I hope I dont get screwed, if I do I hope to at least publish something over a long period that will start to cost them hunds of thousands in sales.. I know A LOT of people at gun clubs and hunting clubs =)

  • rich misorski

    I own a Ruger sr9c and use it for my personal defense weapon. It is easy to carry with my crossbreed supertuck holster($75). I have about 1000 rounds through it and the gun is now well through its break in period. At first the gun was tight as it will be, now the gun it smooth as hell!
    keep em clean and I feel comfortable using this gun for my carry gun. I always keep the saftey off when I carry, so
    i love all the saftey features on this gun guys. Awesome gun!