The Chinese .50 BMG sniper rifle

The Chinese have two types of gas operated semi-automatic .50/12.7mm caliber rifles. Both only shoot at 2 MOA with standard ammunition.

This is enough for anti-material work but well below western sniper rifle standards. For comparison, the Barrett M82 is supposed to shoot sub MOA (less than 1 MOA).
It is available in either 12.7x108mm or .50BMG.

It comes in two versions.

The M99

 Sniper Cn M99-1
and the bullpup M99B / M06

Cn M99B-M06
More info here.

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  • Tom Murphy

    Do you have a good photo of the Chinese M99 that I could use in my sniper rifle book? Credit will be given.

    Tom Murphy
    Gardnerville, NV

  • josh

    kinda funny specs remind me of the piece of junk the russians made to battle those rebels years back even the pathetic grouping, it seems communist inspiration can be done by liberated federals too.
    looks rather cumbersome and how is the recoil use the barret as a reference I doubt they will have an easier time than us.

  • Ed Foster

    Actually, Barrett has been trying to get their .50 BMG semi-auto certified as a sniping weapon, rather than an anti-material rifle, for 20 plus years. But mil-spec for the U.S. is MOA @ 1,000 yds., and the Barrett won’t do that even with the Hornady match load.

  • Josh J

    uhh were does that info come from “moa at 1000yds”
    all U.S. sniper rifles I know of are 308 and they are not moa past 600.
    by the by the U.S.M.C does call the Barret rifles sniper rifles as do S.E.A.L.s if they use the term it seems safe to me.
    this info I based off numerous books and publication videos.

  • Jere

    Josh J
    What you are saying is not true regardless of where, or how often you read it.
    I’m sorry.

  • Adam

    How many of you have actually shot the rifle in the field or at Norinco’s facility outside of Beijing, to be able to comment on it been junk?
    And sadly Chinese steel case 50BMG ammo leaves a little to be desired in the accuracy helping department…
    With decent ammunition this rifle will shoot MOA all day long………

  • USAmerican100

    That B model has an excessively long length of pull (stock length), that will knock accuracy off.