Quiet Shotgun

How far would you go to enjoy 12 gauge shot gunning without disturbing the neighbors?

Wendell Diller has invented a lightweight shotgun barrel extension that is about 5 feet long!

 Quietgun Img Image001

When Sean Coffey’s honker call pulled a flock of geese within range, paraplegic Dave Guzzi swung his shotgun with a 7-foot-long barrel and dropped one of the geese dead.

There was a moment of stunned silence — and not after the goose tumbled out of sky. The morning stillness was barely disturbed when Guzzi pulled the trigger on his extraordinarily long shotgun.

The sharp blast of the 12-gauge was replaced by a muffled fzzzttt. Sitting just four feet away, I was struck by how the shotgun sounded like a loud air rifle. Guzzi, who lives in Burnsville, laid the experimental shotgun between his legs and waited for more geese.

“Pretty amazing, isn’t it?” he said of his gun.

Apparently it is also useful for deer hunting.
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  • That’s amazing! Just watch, soon the BATFE will issue rules about maximum barrel length too…

  • or worse they will increase the minimum length to 6 feet!

    Obviously no one needs a barrel less than 6 feet, only criminals and terrorists 😛

  • This is technically a sound suppressor. Could get in serious trouble if it is ruled such without the $200 tax stamp.

    • fulsame1

      A suppressor uses baffles or similar construction to reduce the pressure of the gasses escaping the barrel. This is just a really long barrel, allowing the gasses to slow and decrease in pressure on their own. So by your definition, TECHNICALLY, air is a suppressor. Looks like you’re going to prison for breathing.

      • nettles

        Technically, air IS a suppressor. What gives you the idea these regulations make sense?

        Old article, but someone might read this discussion and be confused. As I understand it, anything attached to the end of a firearm barrel that is intended to decrease the report is considered (by BATFE) to be a suppressor, regardless of design – baffles are not required.

        So, if this is all one piece, just a freakishly long barrel, BATFE won’t consider it a suppressor by that rule. If such a barrel has exhaust ports…then we’re getting into the gray area where you’d want to get a written opinion from BATFE confirming that they don’t consider the device to be integrally suppressed – which would still require the tax stamp – and probably consult with a competent attorney as well, since BATFE opinions, while relevant, are not legally binding.

        If, on the other hand, this is a muzzle extension, attached to the end of a separate barrel, then it most definitely is a suppressor, according to the above definition. The only way to fight it would be to claim that the muzzle extension serves an unrelated purpose, and the noise reduction is an ‘unfortunate’ side effect – a difficult position to defend.

        Similar concerns pop up occasionally regarding flash suppressors and compensators, since they all have SOME effect on the firearm’s report. This is what happens when gun laws are written by people who don’t know anything about guns, then enforced by people who don’t think only the government should have guns.

  • Respectfully disagree, Thomas. That would make my Henry lever action carbine “suppressed” when I fire .22 Shorts. It’s so quiet I don’t even need ear pro. I’ve used louder staple guns. So should I NFA register my stock Henry because of a barrel to powder ratio?

  • Aaron

    What’s sad is that it is necessary to go to such lengths (in this case, 7 feet) to get around draconian silencer laws and regulations.

  • komrad

    How does it work? Is it ported? Can I have it?

  • Keith

    This barrel is called the Metro barrel and was sold through Cabellas or that is where I purchased mine 8 years ago. Hastings was the importer or contractor but the building company is Verney-Carron from France. The barrel is the bottom barrel of a over and under shotgun that has 64 ports yes I counted. L.P. Brezny is the designer and it started in 1993 to shoot crows. If you have any questions I would be glad to help.