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  • Good post.


  • Tye

    The M1 .30 cal. that the Israelis use—–are they WWII weapons—American made—-or a copy?

    • The Israelis are so good at making a gun, that it may be one of thiers. IMI could make any gun that they wanted to, under a license: and there are others. For instance, there is no reason for them to use a worn-out gun. Whether bought from America or somewhere else. Always keep in mind the depravity of some people.

      Even Americans have been known to snooker other nations. That is my rationale for voting them to be Israeli made. M16’s are still being newly made, but not M1/M2 Carbines: not the ones that have a rock and roll switch anyway.

  • I would guess they are American surplus.

    • jerseydave

      The Israelis got a bunch from the US in the 50s or 60s or so. They absolutely loved them as an army carbine, I am not surprised plenty of Israelis have them as personal firearms today. It is a nice rifle.

  • Richard

    Interestingly, they are carrying them empty. Notice no magazine in place. And I love the phone pocket on the sling.

  • This is cool,I love the way those young-un’s are sticking up for themselves.The Israeli’s are a fine example of courage in this World.I have come to love the M1 Carbine as well as other classic weapons.They are easily over-looked in the stampede to get the latest and greatest.

  • Henry M

    cool! I was wondering what kind of modern sling would be attached. Looks very practical, I like the wide straps.

  • Matt

    They do carry the weapons empty but have two 15 round magazines on the stock. off duty soldiers do the same thing as far as keeping their m4/m16/tavor empty but have a 30 round magazine close by. You would be surprised how fast you get accustomed to seeing assault rifles around every corner.

  • James Gibson

    That is Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I want 1

  • Bill

    The M1 is obsolete. They would be better off with Kriss guns and Glock 21, so the same mags work in both guns. If I ever were to move to Israel the first thing I would do is join the civil guard just to get my hands on some firepower, if Israel’s gun laws are as dumb as I just read.

    • Getfunky

      The Americans gave the Israelis tons of old M1 carbines, and that’s why guards on Israeli tours use them. Giving guards a Kriss would be like giving your local mall security an AA-12- expensive and pointless.

      • jerseydave

        Before one talks up how uber the Kriss is, I highly recommend watching the episode of “Rapid Fire” where a guy with a Kriss went up against a guy with a Thompson shooting targets in a time trial. (Granted, the guy with a Thompson was Iain from “Top Shot,” but still) after watching that ep., I would take a Carbine over a Kriss given the choice too. The Kriss jammed about once or twice per magazine.

  • Max

    I agree with Matt. I lived in Israel for 4 and a half months and saw these weapons everywhere. I don’t care how old they are- they are sturdy as all heck and i would not want to be at the receiving end of one of them.. especially since most of Israel is ex-military. But they keep the Magazines fully loaded close at hand. Its just a safety feature to not keep them fully loaded… too many people get shot from “empty” guns.

  • JRW

    pfft M1 carbine is not obsolete Bill. not by far.

    M1 carbine is perfect for personal/home/beach defense.

  • Michael

    The M1 carbine is very underrated in the modern era. This is an excellent personal defense weapon at close to moderate ranges. It is extremely rugged, and reliable. And it is relatively inexpensive compared to modern assault rifles/carbines, and has superior stopping power to any pistol caliber carbine. In fact, you can acquire 3 m1’s for the price of a single modern assault weapon. Read the following article from 2001. It still holds true today.

    Over 6 million m1 carbines were manufactured during world war 2, and more after the war.

  • Archie

    Fuckin jews suck my machien gun LONG LJVE TED NUGUNT!!!!!!!!!!

    • Too bad Archie’s “machine gun” is an airsoft copy…

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