Cops set up Tattoo parlor to bust illegal gun smuggling

Walking into the Colur Tyme Tattoo Parlor is a lot like walking into a head shop. One wall is lined with gang monikers and symbols, the other with bongs for smoking marijuana and other drugs — one even shaped like a skull

Only this head shop was a setup. It was a police front in a sting operation to bust gangs in this Georgia river city that most people associate with the Masters Tournament — not violent thugs with high-powered weapons….

Sixty-eight suspects were arrested on charges ranging from trafficking of illegal weapons to serious drug offenses. Authorities seized more than 300 weapons, including high-powered assault rifles.

From CNN.

ha! They say “high-powered assault rifles” then show a photo of a bunch of .22’s!

Look at the below photo of some of the confiscated firearms.


I see a Ruger 10/22, a Savage .22, a Marlin .22 (?).

Some more photos from the ATF.
111407Aug Inkphoto
111407Aug Inkphoto-Guns

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  • J in Ga

    Need content that bad you guys are bringing up an article from 2007?

    They setup the tattoo parlor to infiltrate and disrupt local gangs. If you read the rest of the article, or happen to live around Augusta, you’d know that the operation was a success. Gang members in jail, their drugs, cash, guns, cars, and homes out of their possession. What’s wrong with this?