TDI KRISS Super V XSMG .45 ACP Submachine Gun

Defense Review have tried out the soon to be released TDI KRISS Super V XSMG .45 ACP Submachine gun.

The gun has a very interesting design which makes it more controllable in full auto. They say it is a modern Thompson submachine gun and will compete with the H&K UMP 45.

Some facts about the KRISS

– Available in the first quarter 2008.

– 800 RPM cyclic rate

– Magazine initially 13 round. A 30 and 45/50 round magazine are in development.

– Weighs a little over five pounds

– A semi version will be offered to the public.

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More here.

Steve Johnson

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  • Tom Malan

    Don’t waste your money. I have one of the Kriss Super V’s and have had nothing but trouble. These guns command a high price because they have been built up to be something they are not. As a former Marine I have shot several weapons and if my life depends on it I would rather have a rock than this gun. Spread the word these things are not what TV has made them out to be.

    • To

      I respect ur opinion. Would you be intersted in selling ur Kris’s?

  • Tom, what kind of problems have you been having?

  • Tom Malan

    Miss feeds & Jamming. The last time that I shot the weapon a miss feed actual allowed a round to discharge while only half seated. This is apparent because the back half of the brass is damaged while the front is still round because that was the only part seated during detonation. I have even taken to two gunsmiths and they both said that it is a weapon problem not an ammo problem. Also the rifle is not made to a good standard. The barrel under the shroud is thinner than a 1911 pistol barrel. This will eventually lead to many different problems after several rounds have been fired.

    Steve like have told several people don’t waste your money because something looks cool it is not worth it.

  • Mac

    this gun is terrible, rented it, tried it out on the shooting range. I would rather have a pointy stick then this gun, not worth the nickels and dimes AT ALL.

  • tom

    is the kriss super v durable at all what other problems have you been having?

  • Al

    I bought a Kriss a couple months ago – what a mistake that was. I was unable to make it past ONE magazine without having a serious jam. Its a POS! I talked to the seller and he told me the rental KRISS they have cant make it past five rounds without a jam.

    Terrible design – this design has no bolt dwell time; making it an utter failure. There is NO fix for it other than a whole re-design of the bolt system. Imagine a Kalashnikov with a one-inch recoil spring and a bolt that travels back into the receiver only the lenght of the cartridge. would fail all the time too. This is the problem with the Kriss. Looks cool though. I’d rather have a shovel in an emergency because all the sharp edges the Kriss has are going to hurt when the enemy shoves it up my rear end when it jams.

  • steve battaglia

    shocking that all these 1st hand negative reviews come from a HK product…’s a shame…..would have liked to add a ACP Auto to my collection….does anyone know if they are working on these problems…???? or will they just can the system…???

    • Mark

      Why is it such a suprise that I would use my H&K UMP as another example of a .45 ACP carbine that could be another choice than the KRISS? I am not bias to any one company, but I haven’t had any failures in my H&K UMP firing anything through it and it is the same caliber and would be used in the same senarios. Having said that since getting my KRISS back from repair it has run pretty reliably and I do like it alot…. I don’t agree that the felt recoil is all that reduced, but the muzzle climb most certainly is. I own multiple assault rifles from many companies in multiple calibers. I always give any manufacturer the benefit of the doubt and ACTUALLY fire and use a weapon before making comments on if it is good or not. Since my first post/ complaint with my KRISS I now work at a firearms dealer… we have sold a half dozen KRISS vectors and none have come back with an issue. If you can afford all sorts of weapons get a KRISS… it is cool… it does have great muzzle control. If you think that you only want one assualt type rifle and want one to run reliably and don’t have 2K to spend… go with a good quality AK47 or AK74.. ammo is cheap.. parts are a plenty and most people can easily learn how to field strip and replace parts.

  • steve battaglia

    can someone direct me to a info stream re: the Kriss and it’s UNBIASED update on corrections to this platform????

  • Alex

    Rented the gun

    Pros: Excellent grouping although i was using the semi version, i was shooting as fast as i could pull. Fist size hole. Does not jump. I was able to keep on target. Interchangeable magazines with glock.

    Cons: 3 stovepipes/jams going through 50 round box. Since this was a rental i didn’t think anything about this, but seems it may be more of a problem than originally believed.

    i was going to purchase to have a glock and a kirss with interchangle mags but right now i’m on the fence.

    • Alex, I am afraid to say that the problems you experiences are commonly reported.

  • Brian

    I have a CRB/SO 16″ and I did have a few issues @ first. Their customer service has been excellent and I sent the gun back to them and when it returned it had several new parts. I had 1 30rd mag that the spring was weak or in backward and that created 1 problem so the gun was not to blame. The bolt was replaced and the trigger assembly was as well. This design is not 100 years old like everything else out there. You may give them a little credit for thinking outside the box. If money were no object I would buy another. It is extremely accurate with ball ammo. I can’t imagine an easier gun to break down and clean either. You can email any questions to

  • Jason

    Has anyone had problems with the stock lach that is made of plastic? i was looking at one to rent but they told me they keep snapping the latch.

  • Grant

    All the comments of that refer to this gun jamming can be answered HERE:

    And for thous who do not trust links, here is the c/p:

    KRISS Ejector Issue SN 1100-1633

    We’re sorry to have to advise you that we’ve uncovered a potential issue with a small percent of the ejectors installed in KRISS CRB/SO and SBR/SO models with SN’s (last 4 digits) between 1100 – 1633. This does not effect any of our LE SMG’s.



    The symptom seems to be a higher than normal incidence of failure to eject (FTE’s) wherein the spent casing does not clear the chamber or ejection port and or stovepipes.

    The underlying cause seems to be a small percentage of ejector parts that were delivered to us off-spec…and we failed to catch in our QC process. These potentially out of spec ejectors have been noted to bend, in some but not all cases, after the first 75-100 rounds have been fired. Your KRISS was test fired 15 times before it left our shop, which was apparently about 50 rounds short of what we needed to catch the problem. If the ejector tip has bent, it will not contact the spent casing correctly and can cause an FTE.

    NOTE THAT IF YOU HAVE MORE THAN 75-100 ROUNDS ON YOUR KRISS AND ARE EXPERIENCING NO PROBLEMS, there is no action required on your part. Your ejector will be fine. IF YOU HAVE NOT PUT 75-100 ROUNDS ON YOUR KRISS, PLEASE DO SO before contacting us. We’re only re-fitting those firearms that have a demonstrated problem.

    However, if you are experiencing continual FTE’s with your use of KRISS approved ammo, here’s what you need to do.

    IF YOU ARE THE ORIGINAL OWNER OF YOUR KRISS, take your KRISS to your local KRISS Certified Dealer from which you bought the firearm. Let him know in advance that you plan to come in so that no one’s time is wasted. We have designed and will supply your KRISS Dealer with a tool that he can use to quickly check the position of your ejector… minor disassembly of the firearm is required. Do us all a favor and please clean your KRISS before you take it in. If the ejector has moved out of position, your KRISS Dealer will either refit a new ejector using the parts kit we have supplied, or will return it to us for refitting, at no expense to you. We will compensate the Dealer for his time to repair if he so chooses to do the work on-site.

    See the pdf links below for a full description of the issue and the instructions we have provided to your Dealer for the replacement of the old ejector.

    If you are the owner of a used KRISS and did not purchase your firearm new from a KRISS Certified dealer, as you know, your firearm does not carry our Lifetime Warranty on defects in materials and workmanship. However, as a one-time exception, KRISS-TDI will make available to owners of used KRISS firearms a free re-fit kit that you or your local gunsmith can easily install. Our KRISS Certified Dealers are under no obligation to provide this service to you under warranty claims, so please don’t ask them to.

    Please don’t hesitate to call us on our Ejector Refit hotline, 757.821.1089 ext. 303, 0800-1600 ET or use the form below.

    Again, apologies for any inconveniences this causes our valued owners and Dealers, and you have our assurance we’ll do all can to set things right.

    Charles J. Kushell IV
    CEO and Director
    Transformational Defense Industries

  • Jason

    I would like to see civilian model in 10mm and in other colors “LOL”

  • zach

    I simply think, that like the MG42 or the StG-44, the super-v system is ahead of its time. It’s a great idea, like a 7.92mm machine gun that fires at over 1200 rpm, but like that gun it is unreliable, and I bet running dirty doesn’t help the gun either. Who knows maybe in 40 years it will be the standard to which many SMG’s are made, like the direct impingement gas system in the M1941 Johnson, I would bet no one would have guessed it would later become the standard system for the US and other armed services (albeit it still isn’t great)

  • brian

    I have had no problems with anything other than what I described. Until I can’t get them to warranty what I bought then I really have no complaint. If you have a “BAD” weapon then send it back. I hava a P22 that had to be returned to S&W so it isn’t just a problem with the Kriss

  • Jason

    The internet can make one individual looked like a army. So there is problems with some of the semi auto Kriss guns,the manufacture repairs for free no one gets there XXX in the ringer, unless your righteousness exceeds your knowledge of firearms.

    Thoughts Semi Auto Kriss
    Expensive ?, yes just like SCAR,HK USC,AUG ,FS2000,PS90 .I would like the dealers to be a little more knowable of the updates and recalls, what the gun comes with from the factory.

    Thoughts on military and LE use.
    Unfortunately the use of submachine guns has been dwindling world wide LE’s are selling their MP5’s for M4’s do to advancement in 223 ammunition cost and training on one platform. On the brighter side the war on terror created a demand for true PDW’s there is growing demand for the Kriss in this roll .

    1) Semi Kriss, I would like a better stock like the B&T MP5K being a carbin.
    2)life time warranty to be extended to second owners until the radical design gets more accepted by users like Glock did.
    3)I would also like to see a toucher test of the semi and full life expectancy of parts and barrel as part of you promotional campaign, do not forget the melting Aug myth is still alive.

  • RD

    We tested the Kriss, full auto for three days a few months ago, fall of 2009. It jammed and jammed and jammed. I am not sure what qualifies the one we tested as either LE or non LE, but I would make an educated guess this one was LE as it was full auto, and brought to our shop directly from the Kriss rep.

    For three days, we couldn’t get the thing to fire more than a few rounds on full auto without jamming. No real explanation given. Also, you must use factory approved ammo, which is Winchester White Box…Rep brought a bunch and we tried to go through it, but the rep could not get it to run properly.

    I tried to find out more info on the problem via the link posted above by Mr. Kushell, but it looks like their whole website is down right now.

    The internal design deserves kudos for originality, and if they can make this a reliable firearm maybe it will have legs. The biggest problem aside from unreliability is the size of this thing. For a sub, this thing is large. Yes it has a potentially blistering rate of fire, (if you get one that works,) but you are sacrificing size. It is not at all sleek, so I cannot see the value. I love that it is a .45 ACP, but there are other options that fire other rounds, (whole other debate…)

    Point is, in my experience with the Kriss Super V, it jammed, and jammed and jammed. I was able to dump 20 rounds or so full auto at the very most over a 3 day course, and it must have jammed about 40 times. Not sure when this “not-a-recall-but-should-be-a-recall” was implemented, but this happened in the fall of 2009.

  • Jason

    So i picked up a Kriss TDI 1750.00 and tax.I was insured by my TDI dealer in Colorado all bug were worked out.It jammed and jammed and jammed on everything at my dealers range the same day i picked up, i had to send back ON MY DIME the same day i picked it up .

    I should of believed the reviews out there.


    Get a Stamp, a Glock and Stock

  • Dennis

    My Kriss did the same thing jam after jam. They need to make it out of metal because the only protection you have with the Kriss is to hit someone with it. If you want a plastic fantastic buy an airsoft full auto. At least it will shoot plastic projectiles

  • RD

    Wow, I have some oceanfront real estate in Iowa that is for sale. I honestly cannot believe people are buying these things after all the reviews and comments, not just here but all over the place. I was really trying to hint and give you a clue that my review is from a FFL. Typically, I don’t like badmouthing other companies, but I swear I would never trust my life to this pos.

    Good luck.

  • RD

    Looks like the website is working now. I just read this from thier website:

    “TDI is in final development of what will be the most innovative breakthrough in auto-loading shotgun operating systems in more than 100 years.”

    Is that the sound of waterfoul across America breathing a sigh of relief? New Headline—“Duck population out of control, hunters fined by DNR for littering thousands of Kriss shotguns in protected wetland areas…”

  • verticallimit

    I am a current owner of two Kriss Super V carbines. The CRB and SBR and I must say stay away from the 2008-2009 models. There were some issues with those that most have mentioned. Even early 2010 models had barrel issues that had not been addressed to the public. I have a July 2010 build and it runs flawless with no problems what so ever. It runs cleaner and smoother than my Jan 2010 model. My Jan 2010 model didnt like hollowpoints. That was fixed with the new barrel upgrades in my July 2010 build. So my recommendation is buy the latest model if you are in the market for one of these. Customer service has been great for me.

    I have heard of other owners having issues but I must say everyone that has had issues had a 2008 or 2009 model and I wouldn’t spend money on those. I would say to be safe buy April 2010-present and you will good to go.

  • Mark

    Just fired mine for the first time today and the magazines (10 rnd & 30 rnd) fell out when fired! Anyone else have this problem or know how to fix it?

  • Mark

    Well I sent my KRISS in about three weeks ago..( I wrote the previous message). I was assured that it would be fixed or a new one sent quickly. I called earlier this week and left call back…emailed last night and I got a response today that my rifle would probably make it to the bench this week and I would get it back the next week.. ok so $1800…10 rounds fired and I have to wait more than a month to get it back….their warranty says repair in a resonable time. For me more than a month after it breaks right out of the box is crap! I will stick with FNH and HK from now on… The UMP converion I did myself came out great… Do this before getting a KRISS!!! Totally not satisfied..will probably sell it if I ever get it back?!

  • Gene

    Got mine about a month ago and so far 1500 rounds ran through it (factory and reloads 200gr. + 230gr.) and only 1 stovepipe and i think it was because i am using a AR-15 brass catcher on it. yes its a expensive toy but if you compare your options to whats out there like an HK it’s not to far of price wise and the HK mag’s are about $50 each and there still using a straight blow-back designed and playing it safe. At least TDI is trying to think outside the box.

  • Aaron

    I have done a little online research on these and I’m having a hard time still convincing myself that this should be my next SBR. I decided to call the local certified dealer here in Colorado and they basically told me straight up not to buy it. I asked for their honest opinion and they told me why. They said it would not feed reliably and enough of them have to be sent back that it just becomes a pain if they do sell one. I am quite certain that if these firearms would work reliably even half the time that people would be raving about them and tripping over themselves to write good reviews about something they like so much…yet I’ve discovered no such thing in my searches. A great example would be the 7.5″ barreled AK Draco pistol sold by JGSales. I’ve thought this would make an excellent SBR project as it is the shortest AK pistol you can find. But once I started reading the reviews I’ve discovered that this unit sounds like another of CAI’s problem guns. If you read the reviews you will see similarities in the problems and peoples complaints about the firearm. They really do want to love this gun but the ones that were reviewed just didn’t cut the mustard. Keep in mind that is a 400$ gun and these Kriss units are 2K. Both have a totally different design yet the love of said design is the same, people want to love it, why can’t the company selling it figure this out and give them something to REALLY love (like a firearm that FIRES!!). Hope this was helpful, I’ve not actually fired a Kriss or the JG pistol but have a lot of experience in the industry and can tell when people really want to write a good review but have been prevented by problems with their new equipment.

  • Mark

    Ok, this is the Mark that previously wrote on this page. Since I got my KRISS back, albeit a long time, it has functioned flawlessly. Not one issue and i’ve probably put almost a 1000 rounds through it. Although I was not impressed with the length of time to get my rifle back,about 2 months, I was impressed that the gunsmith personaly called me and let me know what was going on and why. The rifle had some extra plastic around the mag release. They gave me a new lower and replaced all the mags I had since they had wear on them. I am very satisfied with the rifle. It is very accurate to at least 50 yrds with my Trijicon reflex. If I had to grab one of my rifles to depend on it would still be my UMP build but I feel I made a ggod purchase and that they will take care of me if something happens to the rifle. It is a smaller company compared to say HK or FNH so I can get over the wait of repairs. Something also for everyone to consider is if we want new technology rifles we have to deal with the hiccups that can happen with any new rifle. If we bash the hell out of a company online we might discourage others from taking a risk of building the next best thing… my 2 cents. Buy a KRISS and a couple other rifles then you’ll always have one to shoot and never have to wonder what if I had bought that KRISS

  • Wick

    I bought my Kriss new about a month ago and it jams at least once a clip and sometimes the clip just falls out. Really dissatisfied with it. The thing is accurate as hell but what’s the use if it won’t fire. I was hunting hogs this weekend and it took me an hour to creep up on one and I pulled the trigger and could only got one round off. I keep all my weapons meticulously maintained and use good ammo. Bummer. Let ya know what happens with warranty issues.