So your AK won’t hit the broadside of a barn from the inside

A classic post by ‘dstorm1911’ over at Surplus Rifle Forum

Folks due to members on another forum going on bout how the AK is a spray and pray rifle at best etc… or theirs won’t hit accurately because its got a wore out bore or the trigger is crap or….. a plethora of other excuses I decided to run a little test.

I took a 1964 Rommy “GP” (regular army full auto) parts set that’s been sitting on my desk for months (I use it for demo pics etc..) and put it together this morning on a NODAKSPUDS NDS-3 receiver, it is by far the most worn out AK I have either assembled or still in kit form, Below are a few pics to show just how worn out it is.

I used ALL the original components for this test; other than the Full auto disconnector and the rest of the full auto parts and receiver of course otherwise it was tested EXACTLY as it was last used by a Romanian soldier who ran easily a couple hundred thousand rounds through this thing in full auto ….


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  • Gray

    I think the average american is brainwashed to think the AK is a “bad gun” so that we still feel superior to the little guys.

    I have a friend who while weapons training shot an AK and said it couldn’t hit anything. I guarantee that gun was the most inaccurate gun they could find.

    I would still take an AK over an m-4 any day.

    Unless it was an armalite in .308.

  • Zmole mihai

    AK its better than any rifle. I am a romanian soldier and i had the ocasion to shoot with a lot of rifles, and I am very proud of my AK. with an AK i can hit 47 from 50 targets at a distance of 100 to 600 meters.
    it’s only a thing of taking care of your rifle cleaning it every day, adjusting it and yeah shooting every week at least 100 bullets.

  • kula

    I served with an AK. Well, one AKM and one AKMS, actually. They were really old (made in the 50ths and 60ths!), but dead relying, pretty accurate, extremely easy to handle and totally unpretentious.
    So AK would always be my choice (the 7.62 calibres).

  • Hi Kula, where did you serve?

  • kula


  • It would have been better to know the range you were shooting from and the load you were using.