Alien Invasion: Riot control, Georgian style

The president of the republic of Georgia declared a state of emergency Wednesday night, after riot police officers used tear gas, rubber bullets and water cannon to clear thousands of demonstrators from the streets.

Check out these ‘riot police officers’:

Picture 8-3

If the photo didn’t come from the NY Times I would have thought it was a photoshop. I have seen movies portraying aliens who look less ‘alien’ than these guys!

The camo, armor and 40mm / 37mm multi-launcher in combination with the weird mask makes for a chilling effect.

More here.

Steve Johnson

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  • If they had big round, black ears I’d say they remind me of Mickey Mouse!

  • haha, its already been photoshopped!!! check this out

  • georgian-boy

    hahaahahah lol :DDi’m from georgia :))) how do u make it?? with photoshop??

  • georgian-boy, I did not make it. It was published in the NY Times.

  • Elepski

    Those are NATO Masks

  • Efe

    Those are NOT nato masks, actually those are Soviet-era PBF masks, Nato nickname is “gorilla”. They’ve been produced back in the 70s and are still in use in the ex-soviet countries.

  • rjackparis

    Pick up that can citizen.