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  • If this is the same one I think it is, then yeah, I think it’s real. I just can’t remember the link to where I saw this before.

    Ugly, ain’t it?

  • ha, some people just don’t respect their guns!

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  • Noogie

    The Glock is real, and it is not an airsoft. The owner is a gun dealer who had some problems with the politics of the Glock company and how they impose rules on their dealers. The shop owner said if they are going to be ugly with him, he’s going to show how ugly Glock is… Incidentally, he had three that were done up. One was all pink, one was all dayglo green, and the one you see in the pic is a mix of both.

  • Aaron

    Haha! Saw that puppy on the site of the company that DuraCoated it yesterday! I’ll keep my G26 black, except the Hogue rubber sleeve in OD!

  • nine

    that is an airsoft gun… i saw it on arnies airsoft.

  • Unconventional

    This is brilliant! Hypothetically speaking, if you had a weapon that you wished to use in the real world, and needed to get it into somewhere unnoticed, what better way to do so then to disguise it as a harmless plastic toy?

    I would like to point out two things:
    1) I genuinely believe that eliminating targets is morally wrong, even for an intelligence agency like the C.I.A. or MI-6, and would never encourage such a course of action. Killing is wrong. Period.

    2) I completely agree with all of the people above who said that it was ugly, it is hideous, and I would never be caught dead with that pistol at a shooting gallery.

    But that all aside, as a strategy, intentionally making one’s weapons look harmless, in order to slip under the radar is a brilliant strategy. The Sun-Tsu in me is pleased. Even the magazine is painted at the bottom. A small child could probably walk right past a security guard or police officer with the gun loaded and drawn without raising suspicion.

    Unconventional warfare strategy at it’s finest.

  • That is a kickass gun and I wish it were mine!

  • J.A. James

    You’re going to have a hell of a time getting in to Valhalla if you’ve been shot down with a fluorescent pink and green handgun. I’m just sayin’…

  • J. Mills

    Im thinkin this might be airsoft because ive seen several like it, though i dont know for sure. Im hoping its airsoft.

  • William

    What kind of sick person would paint a 10mm GLOCK green and pink it is the ugliest gun I have ever seen!

  • Redchrome

    I know some women who will squee over a pink gun. (tho perhaps not the tasteless color combination).

  • watthefuk

    @unconventional : your right , but you gotta make it more uglier , because even if its painted like this its still look like a gun , and some WILL get suspicious about that if a kid try to cross a guard like that , besides that’s metal detector are for aren’t it?

  • Carlo

    Moral of the Story: Never hire a blind man to do your duracoat job.

  • Balsagna

    This is Airsoft, look at the bottom of the magazine.
    There is a little hole for filling it with green gas/ propane.