Gold Plated Al Kadesih sniper rifle photo

Everyone has seen Saddam Hussein’s gold plated AKs. I came across this photo on the Wired Danger Room blog (they took the post down)

I am fairly certain that this rifle is an Iraqi Al Kadesih rifle (a 7.62mm Nagant firing Dragunov SVD clone) but I could be wrong. Please correct me if you know what it is.


Steve Johnson

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  • Jon

    Gold Draganov =)

  • Imran

    Gold Dragunov =] It iz go on google and type in ‘M1014 GOLD’go on the 3rd picture there is a GOLD MP5 it lookz awesome!!

  • Sid

    Yep, it’ definitely an Al Kadesih rifle. You can tell by the stylized palm design on the magazine. Despite other surface similarities to the Dragunov SVD, only the Al Kadesih has the palm design.

    PS – Why the hell would anyone gold plate a damn sniper rifle??!! Well I guess it does give a new definition to killing in style.