Blackwater pistol: SIG SAUER P226 Blackwater Special Edition

Blackwater sure are pushing their brand. I am sure they will have Blackwater action-figures ready for Christmas.

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The SIG SAUER® P226 Blackwater Special Edition was designed in cooperation with some of the world’s best known experts in tactical operations – Blackwater Training Center. When personal protection of world leaders in high-risk environments is your job then you only want the best equipment. You want a SIG SAUER® pistol because it’s engineered to perform and built to protect.

The Blackwater Special Edition P226 is a full-sized 9mm featuring a stainless steel slide with rugged, wear-resistant Nitron® finish, front cocking serrations and SIGLITE® contrasting red front and green rear night sights. The frame is black hard anodized light weight alloy with integral Picatinny rail and is accented with the famous Blackwater logo on the top of the slide and Blackwater Custom Wood grips.

The pistol comes with an extra set of durable SIG SAUER® factory grips and five (5) 15 round magazines so it’s ready to see action. The SIG SAUER® P226 Blackwater Special Edition pistol is backed by SIG SAUER® with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

The Specs:

Caliber 9mm
Trigger Pull DA/SA 10.0 lbs/ 4.5 lbs
Overall Length 7.70”
Overall Height 5.50”
Overall Width 1.50”
Barrel Length 4.40”
Sight Radius 6.30”
Sights SIGLITE® Night Sights
Weight w/ Mag 34.0 oz
Mag Capacity 15 Rounds, 10 Rnds in certain states
Grips Blackwater Custom Wood
MSRP $1,100.00
CA Compliant Yes
MA Compliant No


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Hat Tip: Danger Room

Steve Johnson

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  • I like this pistol, I have fired it in the past and it is amazing.
    The emblem brings it to a new level of badass.

  • chilllp

    got one and love it. i’m a precision machinist. love the solid build and smooth components. way accurate too. i would guess they quit making them since the blackwater org is changing its name.

  • I recently got one too, but this one’s different than the photos posted above. It has plastic grips instead of wood, different sights (tritium plus a light-pipe front) and a beavertail frame, rather than the “commander” style found on most other p226’s. Oh yeah, and 4, 20-round magazines…sweet.

    So this one has all the bells & whistles plus 4 magazines for only about $100 more than the standard 226 shipped with only 1 magazine. BTW, have you priced sig magazines lately?!?
    I’m not a Blackwater commando, nor a mall ninja, but this pistol’s a deal if you’re in the market for a 226.
    It’s been 100% so far (albiet it’s only been out twice, and only 200 rounds) Double action trigger is heavy & rough, hopefully it’ll smooth out. But single action is light & clean-breaking and the trigger reset is very short

  • Bas Abels


    Are you selling only the “blackwater” grips for the SigSauer P226 9mm ?
    I’ll allready own the weapon. But I love the grips…

    And If you sell them, are you shipping to The Netherlands ??



    • Matt Cruz

      The blackwater editions have been discontinued here in the united states, and that probably goes for elsewhere too.

  • sierrajohnny

    I just purchased a Sig MK25. Does anybody know of any commercial or any holster that will fit the MK25, since it has the large accessory rail. Hell, the Navy Seals have to have some sort of holster to carry it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Sierrajohnny at