Ruger likely developing an AR-15

Ruger has just released their disastrous third quarter results. Their share price fell 37.71% as of Wednesdays close!

 News Images 2007-10-24-B-1

This graph shows the last three months of Ruger (RGR) trading. Click on the graph to expand it.

Rgr  Basic Chart For Sturm Ruger And Co - Yahoo! Finance

Their CEO, Michael O. Fifer, wrote a letter to Ruger shareholders. He had this to say:

For decades, Ruger introduced innovative designs on a regular basis, stimulating consumer demand. That strength has waned in the past few years with the passing of Bill Ruger, Sr. and a weakening of the product development resources at Ruger.

Nothing new here. It has taken them 20 years to clone the Glock pistol and produce the recently released SR9 striker fired pistol.

He goes on to say:

Ruger has not participated in some of the fastest growing segments of the consumer firearms market. These segments, which include AR-15 style rifles, compact carry pistols and revolvers, and striker-fired, auto-loading pistols, have recently been the engines of growth in the consumer firearms market.

Several of our top distributors have experienced growth rates in one or more of these categories in excess of 40% for the first nine months of the year. We plan to develop products for several of these markets. We recently had a very successful launch of our new striker-fired, auto-loading pistol, the Ruger SR9.

They have already launched a striker fired pistol so that leaves compact carry pistols and revolvers and AR-15 rifles.

Remington, one of their major competitors in the rifle market, have just announced their first line of AR-15 hunting rifles, the R-15.

The Remington R-15

Picture 2-5

I think Ruger will announce an AR-15 hunting rifle this time next year.

Ruger Ar-15 Rifle

(The above photo is a photoshop I made… obviously. Not to mention the ‘evil’ 30 round magazine that Ruger will never sell.)

It makes perfect sense. The black, or more politically correct, camo rifles are what is selling.

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  • Winchester should have done it – that brand-name script on an old Garand or Carbine or anything about doubles its price, and had they put it on an AR they would have made mad-money, hand over fist.

  • If they make it, they’ll only provide 10 round magazine, max. And no “evil” features.

    Did Ruger ever stop and think that maybe, just maybe, they alienated a nice subsection of the gun culture? If the Internet had been as ubiquitous in 1994 as it is today, Ruger could have been Zumbo’d for their stance on “assault rifles”.

  • I think they would have. Although I would be surprised if any gun companies in the future are willing to risk the backlash from making Bill Ruger/Zumbo style comments.

  • Since it’s Ruger they’ll probably chamber it in Ruger-specific cartridges (.204 Ruger, .375 Ruger, .480 Ruger?..) that only a few will purchase, just to say, “See it’s an EBR and nobody (hunter) wants one.”

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  • FRED

    I have never seen so much BS about how many rounds a Rifle on Pistol will hold. We must have a lot of bad marksmen in this country. Why else do you need a magazine to hold 30,50 or a 100 rounds. I have had guns all my life and my first was a single shot .22 If you can’t hit something in 10 rounds you had better give up shooting!!!

  • Hi Fred. I know what you are saying but some sportsman require more than 10 round mags in order to be competitive, as well as personal choice.

  • Jay Hafemeister

    I don’t really care how many rounds your magazines hold. Please let me use as big a magazine as I want to.

  • Well, if it’s 6.8 SPC I want one!

  • Bob Friend

    I don’t think any of us want someone telling us how many rounds we are permited to load in our magazines. If Ruger makes an AR platform, you know they’ll provide 30rd mags. After all, they just marketed a striker fired piston with a 17 +1 capacity.

  • Not to mention, the “NEW AND IMPROVED” Ruger company is now selling 20 and 30(I think) mags for the Mini 14. I think the new management is much better.

  • Leucoandro

    I find this rather entertaining. Everyone is bashing Ruger for the Magazine Limit, when Bill Ruger was acting as the Spokesman for SAMMI and NSSF. For those of you that do not know, SAMMI Members include Winchester Ammunition division of Olin, Browning Arms, Federal Cartridge, Hercules, Hornady Manufacturing, Marlin Firearms, O.F. Mossberg, Omark Industries, Remington Arms, Smith & Wesson, Thompson/Center and Weatherby.

    Maybe if people used the Internet back then like they do now, they would know this. But also, maybe if people understood the political climate of the time, they would understand that the temporary magazine restrictions probably saved the country (AKA all of us) from having many, if not all, semi-auto’s banned all together.

  • I think Bill Ruger did what he thought he had to do at the time. Ruger, Co. has still continued to build fine guns and provide good service. And now they’ve gotten better so we can stop holding THAT glitch from the past against them. Yeah, they’ve pulled their heads out, and it’s good.

  • ME

    nice try fred, but the magazine capacity of one’s weapon has nothing to do with one’s quality of marksmanship. you argue like the “gunguys”–nonsensical and as usual of the mark.

  • miguel

    people ruger is again selling 20 rounds mags for the mini 14 … its not unreasonable they will sell 20 mags for AR 15 …..I been dreaming for a ruger AR15 for sometime. miguel

  • Wonder what kind of price tag?

  • Don


    I currently own 2 .223 caliber rifles with hugh cap magazines. I also own
    some bolt action rifles with multiple round magazines. Deer season this
    year lasted just one shot on opening day, so does this mean I should not have the .223’s with high cap magazines??

  • Billy Bob

    I’m hopeful Ruger can pull it off and produce a quality firearm at a market competititve rate.

  • Still not seeing it. If Ruger does finally put this thing out, it will be good. But the next thing to wonder is if it will be allowed in the new and improved USSA of TEH OBAMESSIAH. You know his record, never met a gun control bill he didn’t like. And 5 RINOs have already come up with a bill that makes Slick Willies tame by comparison. Stand Ready. Those who’ve ever sworn the Oath, remember it.
    Back to the rifle, I’d like to see it piston driven and various calibers. If they make an AR-10 version in .260, I won’t be able to say no.

  • Billy Bob

    You raise good points cmblake6, particularly as it relates to eh obamessiah. If I were at the helm of Ruger, and I am not, I would introduce an AR10 platform in my lineup. It probably wouldnt be the 260 Remington, but instead the 6.5 Creedmoor to support the good friends at Hornady. It would also be in their best interest to do something to boost the popularity of the new 300 RCM or even better the 338 RCM. I personally own a 338 RCM and brought it to Africa this past year and ahd great success, Toasted a 14.5′ croc with a brain shot from a pretty fair distance. Getting back to the main point. In addition to the AR10 they will liely also introduce am AR15 with 204 Ruger being featured. Curious to see if they actually come upo with a full size M14

  • Most definitely agree with the Creedmoor round. Everything I’ve read shows it a bit better. As for the .204, I’ve heard mixed reviews. And I also agree with a “Maxi-14” concept. I’d like a Mini, but the price has severely increased over the years.

  • Cymond

    First, Ruger recently had an all-black NRA special edition of the Mini-14 with full-cap mags (20? 30? I don’t remember) and a 16 inch barrel. They’ve released a (cloned) pocket pistol and a new ultra-light carry revolver. It seems the Ruger Co has reversed its prior stance on civilian armament.

    Second, who cares if Ruger supplies full cap magazines? Assuming that the hypothetical Ruger ar15 is chambered in 223/5.56, then magazines will be readily avaiable from other companies. The only issue I would see is for the more specialized cartridges like 6.5 Creedmore or 300 RCM.

    Personally, I’ve always wondered why the Mini hasn’t ever been redesigned at some point to take ar15 magazines.

  • Billy Bob

    REgrets Cymond, I think at this point it is a non-starter. The train has left town. The ar panic will end and then maybe will we see this ar

  • Raul

    Price tag is out: $2,000!

  • viridari


    The second amendment is not about hunting deer. ’nuff said.