The evolution of the Taurus Millennium and Millennium Pro

This article examines the differences in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Series / Generation of the Taurus Millennium and Millennium Pro pistols. It gives some insight into how Taurus designs have evolved over time.
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While I do love my PT-111 Pro (that’s 2nd series, stainless, full “Millennium Pro” scroll!), it does appear to me as if Taurus might be utilizing its unique position in the market to continually test and improve their design, effectively using their customers to beta-test and otherwise improve their product line. At least, I hope so: otherwise it’s just neurotic!

An interesting read even if you do not have a Taurus Millennium pistol.

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  • JSM

    bought a new Taurus Millenium Pro .40 3rd gen at a good price ($249). I took it to the range, shot it 19 times (2 9 round clips + 1 hand loaded into the barrel). as the weapon went into battery, it litterally fell apart in my hand. I called Taurus and was told, “we are closed for a few weeks, call back later. I called back a month later. They said ship us the pistol. I sent it in and waited. 4 months later, the pistol showed up. No paperwork, no documentation. No idea what they did to fix it. I took it to the gun shop and traded it for a Glock. I will never buy another Taurus.

  • Jill M. Fudesco

    In June of ’09, I bought a Taurus PT111 Millieneum Pro. . After just a few, 25, rounds, the gun jammed and would not eject. I sent it to Taurus and they “repaired” it, where they included a target with 40 rounds shot for proof it worked. I took it out, jammed again AND the pin came out the back of the pistol!! Jamming would be the cause of my death, as in an exchange, one can’t say,” Wait, I have to unjam my weapon.” Deadman!Returned the gun for the third time. “Repaired” allegedly and “Firing Experts” signed off on it. Took it out again. After only 11 rounds it jammed twice, pin came out again, would not eject. This was at the end of January 2010! I went on for months weaponless, daling with their Customer (non) Service Dept.. I told them I did NOT wnat the weapon back but replaced. I HAD TO CALL THEM AGAIN to find out the status. Here’s the deal: We won’t have any of those models in for several weeks so fax us your receipt and we will refund you your money.” No further compensation, such as a case of bullets for all the ^$&^#%^@ I went through. Now, I have to go to a dealer and find another brand, which could cost me more, since I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER TAURUS AGAIN. Be advised that their current metal contents are NOT what they were say 3 years ago. They now manufacture cheap, unsafe, unreliable weapons. Be very careful when considering a Taurus!! JMF

  • alex

    I bought a PT111 last year and I’ve put countless rounds through it without ever having one jam, however I have had a few times when the round didnt fire, but when I shot it in my Sig the round fired fine.

  • Tim

    Serious Reliability Issue – Taurus Millennium Pro PT 111

    Nov. 09, I had to return my new PT 111 to the factory due to a mechanical failure. After the gun was returned I had to pursue Taurus for a explanation as to what failed. I was briefly advised that the “sear” had failed for an unexplained reason and a “unidentified” part had been replaced. Taurus then ignored my calls and letter requesting more details regarding this apparent reliability issue.

    In Oct 10, I again returned the pistol due to a mechanical failure. After the gun was returned, I again had to aggressively pursue Taurus for an explanation of the failure. I was advised, only verbally, that the “link pin” had failed. Taurus was obviously very reluctant to discuss reliability issues. They indicated a possible consideration of replacing the pistol if I experienced a third problem. I would be interested to know if Taurus would displayed this same attitude of disinterest if I were in a profession requiring daily dependence on this gun for self defense; law enforcement or military?
    A subsequent discussion with my local gun dealer revealed that they had discontinued sales of Taurus due to frequent customer returns that was reflecting negatively on their reputation.

    COMMENT: To those who Taurus has served reliably, I wish you continued good luck. If you experience a failure lets hope its only on the range!

  • Frank mayher

    My taurus millennium pt 145 pro failen…therecoil spring assy
    shot out the front while in competition………I need a new recoil spring
    assy….How do I get one from you….noone around Mesa Arizona seems to have one for sale……Please find one for me……
    45 cal…..S/N///# NZJ27528
    Thank you..
    Frank Mayher

  • joe

    Sorry guys, but I love my pt 145 pro and also my pt 140 pro. I use both as my carry side arms. Extremely accurate at 50 ft. Blow out the bullseye everytime.

    The .45 is only 22. oz and my .40 is 18 oz. 10+1 you got to be kidding me…….they are beasts! Love em!

  • kelley

    love my mill pro 40 shot 200 rounds it’s a beast and I love it