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  • A. Domingo

    I think the stock was made by a company called FEDERAL something. They made aftermarket stocks for the 10/22. Kinda looks like a minature MINI 14. They go for $200 and up on ebay. Its a rare item and hard to comeby. For the people that have them… YOU LUCKY!

  • They do look great, but I would not pay $200! Thanks for the info.

  • badasss

  • JV

    Hey where you get your barrel and muzzle brake?

  • has anyone had any luck glassing in a standard barrel into a stock routed out for a .920 bull barrel? It seems that every stock that I want to change my 22 10 to, is made for the bull barrel, and I have a standard barrel that I like, which tapers and then ends in a weighted end, giving the gun great swing control and accuracy. I don’t want to change barrels for something else. help.

  • the picture looks like a 30 caliber carbine made up for paratroopers in WWII. They had that buttstock, but not the handle grip.

  • tony

    It’s a Federal Ord. 10-22 stock. They made a couple of different versions back in the late 70’s and early 80’s, including a bottom folder. Hey, if you want to be really retro get a Condor magazine to go with that.

    The best folding stocks were the ones sold by either Choat or Black Warrior. Thats a seriously strong stock.

    • jamezb

      Was the condor the single column steel 15 and 30 round banana mags that used a steel magazine adapter inserted into the 10-22 magwell and held in by a friction lever? I had this setup and let it get away from me…Boy I wish someone would revive ran great!

  • Eric

    I have the exact same stock on a 10/22. this is the only one i have been able to find online. all the other ones were bottom folders. AND i’m hurtin for $ so if anyone wants to buy mine my email is Runz_with_beaver a t msn d o t com.

  • Rick

    Neat looking Rifle.

  • James

    IMHO, the best looking/shooting M1-clone in .22lr has been the Marlin 989-M2.

    They also had the older 99-M1, but it was a tube mag.

  • Danny

    It is not a Federal Ordnance, although they did make an underfolder with a wood body. This stock is without a doubt in my mind, a vintage Ramline stock that was designed after the Ruger factory folders for the Mini-14.

  • Alex

    did you get all of those parts custom or where did you get them send me an email.

  • jamezb

    That looks to me like a Ruger factory AC556K folding stock that has been glass bedded to a 10-22 barreled action…which is a great idea by the way….