Accessorized Mini-14

Some great photos of 32 Magnum @ PAFOA ‘s Mini-14



(I removed the serial numbers from the photos)

The first one is a Ruger Mini-14 Stainless model in .223. This one has been “modified” with a Choate stock, muzzle break/flash disperser, an inexpensive Eurolux 4x bullet drop compensating, side mount scope and an Eagle Ent. 36 round polymer, see through, constant tension spring magazine. With all the extras, 2″ groups are the norm for this piece. Not a tack driver, but certainly “good enough” for plinking, fun shooting and serious close in (less than 150 yard) tactical purposes. This piece is utterly reliable (only problems have been with Wolf polymer coated rounds) and everyone that has shot it has enjoyed the experience. Total cost of gun and accessories is around $525. I bought the basic gun, new, about 8 years ago for just under $400.

I think the Choate stock had a lot to do with the improvement in accuracy which I experienced. Yes, it is a tight fit, which is good – less wiggle room for the receiver to move around from shot to shot. The stock is lighter than the factory wood and very durable. The hand grip is probably one of the best features as it provides a more steady grip, at least for me. The hand grip and the fore stock have very aggresive checkering molded in and provide a non-slip grip. The rubber recoil pad on the butt adds just a little bit of extra reach and helps lock the stock into the shoulder. It is well worth the money if you want to improve the performance of your Mini-14. The muzzle break was probably the biggest contributor to accuracy – from what I’ve read recently, one of the factors affecting Mini accuracy is barrel harmonics because of the thin taper barrel. The new Target Mini has a barrel harmonic dampener – I think the muzzle break has a similar affect. It is not there just “for nice” it does work.

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  • Oklahoma Mini Owner

    I have that exact stock on my pre-86 converted transferable select fire Mini-14. I like it a lot. I recently got an adapter to allow the use of my 1/2×28 threaded ACC Krinkov suppressor on it. I look forward to seeing what effect that can will have on barrel dynamics and accuracy.

    I tried that scope and mount. It didn’t stay solid, in my experience. So I replaced it with a scout rail that replaces the handguard and clamped on a red dot sight. They work better for full auto fire, anyway.