Remington R-15, the new AR

Remington have just announced their new AR-15 rifle, the R-15


The basic idea of the R-15 VTR is to bring a sporting focus to the black gun market. As such, the new rifle will be offered in three configurations–the Predator, Predator Carbine and Predator Carbine CS (collapsible stock) in two calibers-the .223 and Ruger .204-and will retail for $1,145. The three platforms (all in Advantage Max-1 HD camo) will feature button-rifled, fluted barrels with recessed hunting crowns. The uppers and lowers are machined from aluminum forgings and all will carry the Remington name. The free-floating fore-end tube is drilled and tapped for accessory rails and all rifles come with a five-round magazine box and a lockable hard case.

More info about the new AR here @ The Gun Shots

Everyone knew Remington was going to produce an AR-15 after they were purchased by the parent company of Bushmaster. It makes sense. There is a lot of money in black rifles.

UPDATE: Here are some photos (from The Gun Nut):




Dave had this to say

The trigger, which is Remington’s own design, is quite good, and only the very fussy will want to opt for an optional two-stage trigger.


From Remington

Model R-15 VTRâ„¢ Features:

New semi-automatic AR-15-style rifle developed in conjunction with industry leader in AR platform

Free-floating button-rifled 0.680″ Muzzle OD ChroMoly barrels with recessed hunting crown for superior accuracy

Fluted barrel design reduces weight

Clean-breaking single-stage trigger

Receiver-length picatinny rail for adding optics

Ergonomic pistol grip

Fore-end tube drilled and tapped for accessory rails

Full Advantage Max-1 HD coverage

Includes 5-round magazine

Legal for hunting in most states

Compatible with aftermarket AR-15/M-16 magazines

The industry leader in AR-platform rifles met the world leader in hunting firearms, and Remington Country will never be the same. Working in close conjunction, we created an unrivaled combination of precision accuracy, blazing-fast follow-ups and hunt-specific features. The new R-15 VTR modular repeating rifle was born of the most advanced design aspects of AR-15-style rifles available today with a strong emphasis on optimizing form and functionality for the modern predator aficionado. The results are astounding – with very, very fatal implications for every coyote, fox or bobcat that crosses your path.

For peak accuracy, the R-15’s 0.680″ OD barrel sis precision-crafted from ChroMoly steel. It’s free-floated within the machined-aluminum fore-end tube and given a recessed hunting crown to ensure gasses escape evenly around the bullet for the ultimate in shot-to-shot consistency. Six longitudinal flutes forward of the gas block promote rapid barrel cooling and increase rigidity while reducing weight, further contributing to this rifle’s ability to print tiny clusters at an incredible pace.

And our exclusive single-stage trigger design is as clean-breaking as they come. The semi-automatic gas action all but eliminates muzzle jump and recoil so your target remains in the crosshairs. And when it’s time to add optics, the receiver-length picatinny rail makes it a rock-solid cinch.

Control comes natural with the ergonomic pistol grip and lightweight overall design of the R-15. Its uppers and lowers are machined from aluminum forgings for featherweight durability, and the fore-end tube is drilled and tapped for accessory rails.

This new family of firearms consists of three models. Each designed with input from leading predator authorities and decked in the ultra-effective Advantage MAX-1 HD camouflage to blend with sage, open country and a multitude of hunting terrains. All come with five-round magazines and are compatible with all aftermarket AR-15/M-16 style magazines and other accessories.

Lgsil R15
(click to enlarge)

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  • mike

    does anyone know what the twist rate will be

  • I would guess a 1 in 9. The rifle is very similar to the Bushmaster Varminter. Remington and Bushmaster have the same parent company.

    “Rifling: 1 turn in 9” [22.8 cm] R.H. Twist / 6 grooves & lands”.

    From :

  • Ken

    Hi, Does anyone know if the R-15 will be comming out with a Thumbhole stock?

  • I do not think they will offer a thumbhole stock unless they plan on offering a California legal version.

  • doug

    I have seen different pictures of the r 15 carbine (18″ bbl ) some of them have the long handgaurd which covers the gas block and on the remington web site it shows a short handgaurd, which will be produced and if you order one how will you know which one you will get?

  • Hi doug, give them a call to find out.

  • Dennis

    Does anyone know if the rifle will chamber military 5.56mm?

  • Probably will be fine being an AR. Its not a question of chambering but of pressure.

    From wikipedia (

    While the 5.56 mm and .223 cartridges are very similar, they are not identical. Military cases are made from thicker brass than commercial cases, which reduces the powder capacity (an important consideration for handloaders), and the NATO specification allows a higher chamber pressure. Test barrels made for 5.56 mm NATO measure chamber pressure at a the case mouth, as opposed to the SAAMI location. This difference accounts for upwards of 20,000 psi (140 MPa) difference in pressure measurements. That means that advertised pressure of 58,000 psi (400 MPa) for 5.56 mm NATO, is around 78,000 psi (540 MPa) tested in .223 Rem test barrels. The 5.56 mm chambering, known as a NATO or mil-spec chambers, have a longer lead, which is the distance between the mouth of the cartridge and the point at which the rifling engages the bullet. The .223 chambering, known as SAAMI chamber, is allowed to have a shorter leade, and is only required to be proof tested to the lower SAAMI chamber pressure. To address these issues, various proprietary chambers exist, such as the Wylde chamber (Rock River Arms)[1] or the Armalite chamber, which are designed to handle both 5.56 mm and .223 equally well.

    Using commercial .223 cartridges in a 5.56-chambered rifle should work reliably, but generally will not be as accurate as when fired from a .223-chambered gun due to the excessive lead.[2] Using 5.56 mil-spec cartridges (such as the M855) in a .223-chambered rifle can lead to excessive wear and stress on the rifle and even be unsafe, and the SAAMI recommends against the practice.[3] Some commercial rifles marked as “.223 Remington” are in fact suited for 5.56 mm, such as many commercial AR-15 variants and the Ruger Mini-14, but the manufacturer should always be consulted to verify that this is acceptable before attempting it, and signs of excessive pressure (such as flattening or gas staining of the primers) should be looked for in the initial testing with 5.56 mm ammunition.[4]

  • SFC

    Two Questions:

    1. Does anyone know what the MOA spec are for this rifle…I am specifically interested in the Collapsable stock version.

    2. If the MOA is better for the 20″ barrel….probably, but not sure – can the collapsable stock fit the 20″ barrel version?

  • Chase

    Well since i own 2 of them, both versions will shoot sub MOA at 100 yards providing you find the right ammo. And yes the collapsable stock will fit either.

  • Parker

    Does anyone know if you can get a high-cap mag for the 204? All I have seen is the 5 rounder and that’s not much for my heavy finger.

  • keith brett

    i got this gun and put a trijicon acog on it and its the coolest gun ever i use it for deer and the scope is great for moving targets such as coytes i shot 4 coyotes eating a dead deer and i got one while they were eating and the rest as they were running away

    great gun

  • keith brett

    feel free to ask questions

    text me 8179966625

  • Hunter1

    Can anybody else confirm that 5.56 is OK to shoot in the R-15?

  • gunnut444

    yes you can shoot 5.56 nato in your r-15

  • tfloyd

    I sighted my 22″ VTR – R 15 in today for final adjustments. It will function just great with most 5.56 or 223 marked ammo and other hi cap mags if desired. My best group at 100 today was with Federal Premium V Shok 55 grain BTHP. I shot several three and four round groups in the half inch range just where I wanted. The surprising part of this rifle has been the trigger. It feels really great and is really smooth for factory. I put a Nikon 3X9X40 on it and am satisfied it will become a real Coyote buster here in Kentucky.

  • rod700bdl

    Just wondering where gunnut444 got his info that the r15 can shoot 5.56? I have one of the r15 and was wanting to know the same thing so I emailed remington and they said no 223 only. I know the barrel says 223 and the twist 1/9 but on the side of the gun it says cal-multi and after reading guns and ammo book of the ar-15 which had an article called the 15 goes green which was only on the r-15vtr. It had two guys from remington John Trull brand manager and John Fink who headed the r-15 project, and in this article it said that it had a button rifled barrel and 5.56 or 204 chamber then in another place in the article it said chamberings for 2008 are limited to the 5.56 NATO (accepting commercial 223 ammo as well) and the 204 ruger. So should I go with the email remington sent me and the barrel saying 223 or should I go with the side of the gun that says cal-multi and the article in the book of the ar-15 which said twice 5.56 NATO?

  • dahveed

    Who sent the email? If it was signed by a “customer Service” person, its likely the legally correct answer. If it was sent or references an engineering person, I’d believe the email…

  • Hunter1

    People close to Bushmaster told me that the R15 can shoot 5.56. I’ve contacted Remington multiple times and they told me that the barrel is .223, and that I should not shoot 5.56.

    All the Bushmaster rifles I’ve seen can shoot 5.56. I’ve been told Bushmaster made the R15 for Remington. Did they build the entire rifle for them? I’m not sure. I was thinking that if Bushmaster made the rifle, then most likely it can shoot 5.56. I also think that Remington wants to be seen as a company that makes hunting rifles, not self-defense rifles. Even if the rifle could shoot 5.56 they won’t admit it.

    That’s just a theory and I don’t know for sure. Is there some way to tell by looking at the rifle? Some measurement you could take that would tell you? I am not an expert, so any help would be appreciated. Oh yeah, I was also told by a local gun shop that it could shoot 5.56, but who knows if they are just trying to make a sale.

  • sean

    I emailed remington as well, It took two weeks and two follow ups.

    The exact response from Dan@remington was “The R15 should not be used with 5.56 NATO ammunition, whom ever informed you of this was unfortunately mistaken. We have cut a true 223 Remington chamber into the R15 and therefore use of 5.56 NATO could potentially cause damage to the gun or injury to the shooter.”

  • william bittner

    Remington states that you should only use .223 ammo and not to use 5.56 ammo in the R15…no need to wait 2 week for reply just call Remington and after a few minutes you get to talk to a live person….the 5.56 will fit in the R15 and fire but may cause damage because of the difference in the shell and the head space, etc….remington also stated always use the ammo that is stamped on the rifle and nothing else which is .223

  • sean

    Thanks william, i get the differences, I’ve been shooting for nearly 30 years.

    I would never put a 5.56 cartridge in a barrel stamped .223. I was just looking for a statement from remington directly, as usual on every board on the net all the gurus made claims that someone are rem told them 5.56 was fine.

  • RPersse

    Just purchased an R-15 VTR Rifle. Looking to put a good scope on it. I have a Leupold VX-III 4.5-14 x 50mm LR (30mm) with a B&C reticle on my TC ProHunter .300 Win Mag. Has anybody put a 50mm bell on an R-15 yet?
    If so, what kind of rings did you use, and what height were they.
    What I Would like to do is use quick release rings and picatinny bases on both guns so that I could use the same scope on both rifles.
    Any comments, or help, wpuld be grtaetly appreciated. RCP

    As a side note, I was told by a local gunsmith, that the receivers and lowers are made by Bushmaster and the barrels are Remingtons.

  • Great info from everyone..thanks. Where if any do you get other than 5 round mags for the r-15 in .204? First AR and starting to love it. Have the Savage 10 Predator and have racked up a few doubles on coyotes with the bolt but this thing should really even out the playing field..Thanks again text if need be..1-810-701-3835 Jed

  • Billy

    Is the R-15 legal at all in California?

  • g blystone

    What am I doing wrong? This rifle jams almost every time I shoot it. I sent it back to the MFG and they replaced the firing pin. I tried new clips and various ammo and it still is very sensitive and jams or fails to cycle the cartridge, I can’t empty one clip without a failure. It’s been cleaned and torn apart by Remington approved gunsmiths.
    When we finally empty the clip after shooting the action does not stay open. Should I send it back again or am I missing some basic operating proceedures for this type of rifle?

  • Bob Eggart

    I have an new R15 and I was a little frustrated to find out that it won’t shoot 5.56 (according to all the forums and apparent Remington feedback). I still think it is BS. I can’t believe Bushmaster would retool just for Remington or I have a hard time believing Remington tooled up to make a barrel specifically for the R15 when the rest of the gun is made by Bushmaster. To further complicate things, look at the box magazine that comes with the gun. It says Remington Arms on the bottom and 5.56 on the receiver end.

    Regarding the pressure threads above, you can’t load any round beyond 2.26-2.27 C.O.L. and still fit in the magazine so the bullet is still sitting miles off the lands for pressure concerns. Any handloader knows that it is the last couple thousands that count with accuracy and pressure. I find it hard to believe that a .223 hand load in a bolt gun just kissing the lands and pushing 3200 fps delivers less pressure than a NATA 5.56 in the same gun.

    For those of you wondering about accuracy of the R15. I just tried some handloads on the range and shot some factory rounds too.
    Results in 5 shot groups at 100yds, 5 mph, 50 deg:

    -Federal bulk .223 55gr. FMJ, you get what you pay for (1 1/2″ groups at best and two duds in 30 rounds).
    -Hornady factory 55gr Vmax (3/4 – 1″ groups).
    -55gr Vmax bullets with 23.2 gr Benchmark at 2.250 COL, Federal match primers & winchester brass(1/2″).

    The barrel & action still need to get broken in, I am assuming the groups will stay the same or get slightly tighter over the next 100 rounds.

  • Brent

    Do you have to order the Remington AR in 204 to get one? I havn’t seen one at any dealer, or if they get them they get snatched up quick!

  • Terry

    I just bought one. An R-15 CS Max 1 camo and on the barrel it”s stamped

  • John

    Is the R15 the same as an AR-15? Are parts other than the magazine interchangeable with AR-15’s? Please no complicated answers. I am not fluent in AR language.

    • John, the R-15 is an AR-15 rifle. How compatible it is with other ar-15 rifles depends on which model you get.

      If you want compatibility go with the models chambered in .223 Remington.

  • John

    Thanks Steve,

    If you were looking to buy your first AR, where would you start? My desire to own an AR is the likely bans on any semi automatic rifles in our near future. I own several rifles for hunting purposes. I would not be described as a shooting enthusiasts just a hunter. I just do not want to be wishing I had purchased an AR when I had the chance. A local major firearms dealer has a Bushmaster .223 priced at $1020. I have several friends that suggest all AR’s are similar, and they find all work well. None of them own the Remington. I have found Remington firearms are as fine as they come for the price, but my definition of fine comes from accuracy and durability not reliability in successive round shooting. I will be purchasing an AR for personal defense not hunting. Any help and direction will be greatly appreciated.

  • Paul

    To R Persse…just mounted my Leupold 3x9x50 to my VTR. I used Leupold Rifleman mount #55870 that I bought at Walmart. It is detatchable and it is a perfect fit for my 50mm lens. Can’t wait to shoot it !

  • Mike

    Over the weekend, I picked up a R-15 varmint model with the 24″ triangular barrel similar to the model 700 VTR. This R-15’s barrel is stamped with the 1/9 twist and .223. Just as others have reported, the magazine is stamped Remington Arms on the baseplate, but the follower is stamped 5.56.

    RPersse, You’ve probably already found this, but it you haven’t, Leupold makes a quick release set of rings for that 50mm scope with the 30mm tube. The models are 49864 (gloss) and 49865 (matte).

    I hope to find my Leupold VX-3 4.5-14 x 40mm LR (30mm, varmint) in the mail this week.

  • bill

    I have a new R-15 (March 2009), 18 inch BBL which is stamped: cal multi.

    Does this mean it will accommodate .223 or 5.56 mm cartridges?

  • I contacted remington. The only ammo you can put through the rifle as far as they are concerned is what is stamped on the barrel.

    If the barrel is stamped multi, then your good I guess.

    The receiver is stamped as multi because the R15 is available as .204 ruger and .223.

  • Peix


    I just wondering if anyone had feed problems with the remington r-15 factory magazine? I loaded the factory magazine with 2 snap caps and when I insert the magazine into the rifle with the bolt closed and then chamber the rifle it feeds wrong and jams. But when I insert the mag. with the bolt open and then hit the bolt release it chambers fine. This only happens with the factory mag though. For kicks I changed the magpul follower that comes in the factory mag with an old black GI follower and this corrected the problem. Just to make sure it wasn’t the factory mag, I put the magpul follower into the old G.I. mag that I got the black follower from, and it jammed on me. Does anyone know of problems with the magpul followers?


  • BOB

    to address the 5.56 / .223 question, there are subtl differances in the two rounds one is the case thickness, the 5.56 has a thicker case than the .223 wich causes inreased case pressure in the NATO round. The second differance is there is suposedly a two to three degree differance in the case shoulder so if you are shooting a bolt gun chambered in .223 it is not advisable to chamber a 5.56 in it because of the slight differance in case profile. and for this reason and the obvious liability no manufactoter will tell you its ok to shoot one caibur if it is specificly designated for another. but in the AR platform which is a workhorse when talking guns, if you are chambered for 5.56 you can shoot the .223 and vise versa all day long. I own an Oly K-16 and an R-15 and have fired several hundred rounds of .223 & 5.56 through both. and Olympic Arms even states on thier home page that you can shoot .223 in a 5.56 all day, and please keep in mind i’m talking fatory ammo. hope this helps.

  • This was posted on a thread at, topic dujour is “can I put 5.56 in this thing or not”

    I contacted Remington, and as expected, there answer was “only feed the rifle what is stamped on the barrel”.

    Others have contacted bushmaster, who is the apparent parts sources…

    I got a email from bushmaster regarding using 5.56 ammo in the remington R-15 VTR and this is a copy of the response. I thought this should end the discussion and controversy surrounding the matter:


    Subject: Chambers

    The barrels have a custom match hybrid chambering that uses the tighter .223 SAAMI Spec headspace from the shoulder of the chamber to the bolt face. It has the longer “Leade” or throat that will accommodate the 5.56mm ammunition so it can be used without developing higher pressures as in a .223 caliber chamber that have a shorter “Leade” or throat.
    Both 5.56mm and .223 caliber ammunition can safely be used in the rifles.

    The 1:9 twist barrels will stabilize bullets from 40 to 75 grains.

    Thank you,

    Jim Eden
    Technical Support
    Bushmaster Firearms International, LLC
    Office: 1-800-883-6229 ext. 277
    Fax: 207-892-8068

  • darrell

    would you say that the r-15 predator rifle 22″ barrel is accurate to 300+ yds under good cond. and good bullet and also any good reviews on the coyote special scope from Nikon

  • Reyn

    I fired my R-15 yesterday and after 2 shots, I fired a third time and the round fired, but the round didn’t eject. I tried to pull the charging handle back and it wouldn’t budge. I took off the upper reciever and tried again. It still wouldn’t budge. looking closely, it appears that the bolt notches that fit into the star chamber arn’t alligned and therefor can’t come out. I tried spining it with dental tools but it wouldn’t budge. Any suggestions on how to fix the problem?
    Or is this something I need to have a gun smith fix?
    I purchased the gun about 7 months ago. I’ve only fired about 30 rounds through it as I’ve been waiting for my scope.


  • I am having problems with my new R 15 223. It does not always fire the chambered round, and sometimes it “locks up” when chambering next live round, and the trigger wont pull. Is this a common problem with these rifles? I have been an avid believer in Remington rifles and shotguns, but I think this one might change my ways

  • To the folks having problems, Ryen and Dave, I strongly urge you to just call Remington, the number is available right on their website.

    You both had issues with brand new rifles, just call Remington, they’ll make it right.

  • Darrel,

    For 300, I don’t see why not. This past weekend I was able to shoot easy .5 groups @100 with hornady 55gr vmax ammo with my 22″ R15 with an 80 dollar scope on it.

    I had no problem smacking the 220 yard gong(which is a 12″ plate) round after round with federal bulkpack ammo as well. That ammo prints between 1.25 to 2.00 groups at 100.

    With quality ammo and proper optics I believe 300 yds is an “easy” shot for the 22″ R15.

  • Reyn

    The problem with the R-15 of the bolt locking up in the star chamber has been resolved. By leaving the weapon assembled, strike the butt of the rifle on a padded surface (carpeted floor) while pulling on the charging handle. This dislodeged the bolt along with the unfired round. A deep cleaning was said to solve the problem. I was told that the oils on the rifle that it’s delivered in heat up and jam up the weapon. All this oil needs to be removed in order to avoid future problems. A good evening of deep cleaning should solve it.

  • Joe

    I bought a R-15 with a 22″ barrel about a year ago. Barrel is stamped 1:9 twist and .223. Could not get better than 1″ groups at 100yds. with any ammo. I started handloading for it a few months ago.
    My best load is: Sierra 69 gr. Matchking HP, 22.5 gr. of W748, Remington brass with Winchester WSR primers. I used a Lee collet crimper and the OAL is 2.235″.
    The first time out with this load I got 1/2″ 3-shot groups at 100yds.
    One 5 shot group measured a little over 1/2″ with 4 shots touching each other at less than 1/2″.
    I used a Bushnell Banner 4-12×40 Scope, and was using a Harris Ultralight bipod for a rest.
    I am very pleased with these results.

  • Tommy


    I have had good luck. I have the fluted barrel 22″ I am getting great groups with .223 Federal Premium V Shok 55 grain Sierra BTHP. Hits where I aim it….Man great big hole in the Coyote too….Love it. Keep it clean, works like a charm…..Great gun.

  • What is the ballistic difference between the 18″ barrel and the 22″ barrel on the r-15 carbine c/s 18″ and varmit 22″

  • Rowdy,

    I have no authoatative data, but I have read numerous times that you generally sacrifice about 50fps of velocity for every inch of barrel removed.

    that is generally referenced at 100 yds.

  • Spinninyotes

    Hey..for anyone out there thinking about buying the R15 Thumbhole stock…DON’T. I special ordered one..came in and found that a right handed shooter cannot access the safety switch…SERIOUS DESIGN FLAW…I have large hands and can reach it…AT ALL. The only way to get the 24″ barrel is either stainless with a OD green receiver or the thumbhole stock. I contacted Remingtion…they would not sell me the A2 stock or pistol grip in the Max 1 camo…Bushmaster, however, did and it is interchangable…and they carry it in Max 1. So..I purchased it. The second problem I had was that the standard one inch scope rings are too will need the half inch riser…again…only in Max 1 camo from Remingtion…sooo..if you are buying this gun…other than that…LOVE all my Remington guns…and this one is no exception…1/2 in. moa at 100 yards and puts the smack on the dogs…just what the doctor ordered! Oh ya…and I would change out the pistol grip for the Hogue…ergo friendly and way comfortable!

  • Frankster

    Does any one know if or how the forearm on the R-15 can be removed?

  • mike lamb

    I have a R-15 in .204 love it ,shoots 1/4 moa at 100yds 2″ at 300yds.
    I have a burris P.E.P.R 30mm quick detach forward mount with a 6.5-20x50mm LR leuplod VX3 on it for ground hogs,and a PEPR 1″ burris forward mount with a 3-9X50 VX2 leupold for coyotes ,can take either scope off an on with zero un changed ,my 3-9×50 has a ND3 lazer lite mounted to it .It’s almost cheatin just but a JP ajustable trigger in set at #3 going to range tomorrow ,stock trigger good ,but still alittle stiff,jp is nice can’t wait

  • I was curious if anyone has installed the AR-Gold Trigger System by American I ran across the referenced product in the most current issue of “Rifle Shooter Magazine”. The advertised benefits are; a fine “bolt action” feeling trigger, lightning fast reset, and a wide range of trigger weight. Any thoughts/opinions would be greatly appreciated.

  • I have an AR Gold trigger, it is fantastic.

    I will put one in every AR I ever own.

  • boyd

    You guys all had alot of great input.I enjoyed reading it and found it helpfull in answering some questions I didnt even know I had about my own R15 18″ compact predator.Headed out tomorrow to kill some coyotes.

  • Can anyone tell me what rail/s will fit the factory drilled/tapped forend tube on the R-15?

    Also, I would greatly appreciate any/all feedback regarding individual preferences in .223 factory ammo which encompasses the best combined characteristics for both; predator hunting & accuracy?

  • Dennis Harper

    I have the same questions as David if you can answer it would be great.

  • Dennis,
    In the absence of any response to my questions, I did my own research and can report my findings on both issues. I will address the forend rail issue here first, then my ammo findings in the following separate posting.

    Remington manufactures a 4” Picatinny forend rail in matching MAX-1 HD camo which can be purchased directly from, or most Remington R-15 retailers.

  • David Matney

    In the absence of any response to my question, I did my own research and can report my findings on both issues. I will address the forend rail issue first, then my ammo findings in the following separate posting.

    Remington manufactures a 4” Picatinny forend rail in matching MAX-1 HD camo which can be purchased directly through Remington, or from most Remington R-15 retailers.

  • David Matney

    In order to answer my previous unanswered ammo question, I have drawn upon earlier individual postings within this blog and applied my own research in order to develop this response. I am obviously “not” the expert, but can generally put 2+2 together. I am referring strictly to “Factory Loaded” ammunition.

    When seeking superior performance, both in accuracy & rapid bullet expansion (related to Predator/Varmint hunting) the key is soft-nose/ballistic tip ammunition which are typically found in the “V-Series” product lines such as; Remington ACCUTIP-V, Federal V-SHOK, Hornaday V-MAX, etc.
    Since no two rifles (or shooters) are the same, experimentation and comparison on the range is ultimately going to determine what works best for each individual. When it comes to “caliber preference” again, it comes down to personal preference (and what works best for each individual). Personally, I will focus on 55gr which is consistently around 3240fps muzzle velocity, since my Nikon Coyote Special scope with built-in (BDC) was developed/calibrated at 3200fps. Hope this helps…

    FMJ (full metal jacket) ammo such as Remington-UMC is an inexpensive alternative for general shooting, such as; practice, plinking and burning through those rapid-fire “Rambo” moments, but will not exhibit the desired bullet expansion for hunting applications.

  • Dennis Harper

    Thanks David
    I just got my R-15 last week put a Red/Green dot scope on it last night. I have been told by some friends I would not like it. They said at a distance to dot would cover up the varmit. But I’m going to try it, it may be fun. Where I live its real cold right now so it may be a week or so.

  • J.W.

    I own a number of AR’s, and a couple of them had ‘Red/Green Dot’ sights installed.

    Dot-Sights are normally used for shorter range shooting (200 yards or less), and the majority of these sights come with a 4-MOA or larger dot size. Of course this means that at 100 yards the dot would cover a 4″ circle, at 200 yards it would cover a 8″ circle, etc.

    When sighting in a rifle/carbine with a dot-sight many people set the POI at the 12 o’clock position of the dot. This is beneficial as the dot does not cover the target, as the bullet will hit at it’s very top. By doing this accurate longer range shooting can be accomplished even when using larger MOA dot sizes.

    Some dot-sights even have adjustable dot MOA sizes, such as the Nikon Monarch VSD. On this specific sight the dot size can be adjusted from 1-MOA to 10-MOA and the dot has 11 brightness settings, making it one of the better choices for both short and long range shooting for those that prefer dot-sight systems.

  • AR Gold – Trigger Setting…
    I believe the factory R-15 trigger setting is approximately 5-1/2lbs. I prefer a really light trigger setting and would like to know from any experienced AR-Gold users (testosterone) if a 3lb setting is too light for use on the R-15?
    Most of my shooting with be precise one-shot-one-kill Predator hunting, with the (hopefully) ocassional follow-up.

    Obviously there will be periodic Rambo Rapid-fire occurrences at the range with UMC-FMJ ammo, when I need to get in-touch with my sensitive-side!

  • Collapsible Stock – Stability…
    I would like to know from R-15 Carbine (CS) “Collapsible Stock” users if there is any noticeable wobble when the stock is fully extended? I would most definitely appreciate feedback on the stability comparison from anyone who has actually compared (shot) the “Fixed” as well as the “CS” stock. The majority of my shooting will be fairly quick shots under 200yds (with Hornady 55gr V-MAX or similar) but I would still hope to achieve between 3”-4” MOA at 300yds…

  • New barrel break-in, bore guides and solutions-solvents…
    Without a doubt, the most confusing subjects I have tackled recently are those referenced above. I have read the elaborate break-in procedures for rifle barrels that some gun writers promote, which have rigid schedules that they insist must be followed or you’ll risk ruining the barrel.

    Then there is the “bore guide issue” and statements like; “More barrels are damaged by cleaning rods than by any amount of regular shooting a person may do”, and ”Without a good bore guide you are just wasting your time trying to break-in a barrel or cleaning it for that matter”.
    They typically recommend “one brand” of bore guide, and one-piece rubber coated or graphite cleaning rods, then recommend enough Solvents to fill an entire closet!
    USP Bore Paste, Wipe-Out bore foam, Butch’s Bore Shine, Clenzoil, and “the entire line of “KG Solvents!”

    So I seek guidance from experienced “AR” users, and ask someone to please “separate the necessary, from the bull?”

  • Dennis Harper

    Thank J. W.

    I may go out this weekend to sight it in that is a big help.

  • Testosterone


    I personally don’t think a 3lb trigger is to light for hunting.

    If you have shot a 1911 style pistol with a high quality trigger that is exactly what the argold trigger is like.

    A tiny amount of takeup followed by resistance then a perfect break.

    The factory R15 trigger is absolute junk inspite of reports to the contrary.


  • Testosterone


    My belief is barrel break-in is black magic, and unless you are shooting in benchrest competition/long range competition is something for someone else to obsess over.

    You will never know the difference.

    A bronze cleaning rod will not damage a rifle bore of used responsibly.

    I’m partial to one piece coated or carbon fiber cleaning rods just because life is to short to use three piece jobs IMO.


  • Frankster

    In response to David Matney question on the CS stock. My R-15 CS has no noted play or wobble in it. I have not use a fixed stock, but I have found my CS to be a very solid stock.

  • I really appreciate the responses “T” & Fankster!

    Though I have never used anything more than the standard ole Hoppes cleaning kits (with the 3-piece rods) the one item I did put on my “must have” list, was a “Gunslick” one-piece carbon fiber cleaning rod!

    Thanks again to both of you!

  • steve allen

    i have a r15 223 it is junk

  • SSG Belliston

    Response for David Matney,
    I’ve shot collapsable stocks and non collapsable stocks with abundant practice on each, Shooting out to 200 yds will not be a problem with either one. I own both types and prefer my collapseable stock. It maneuver’s well and is plenty accurate. Even shooting out to 300 Meters isn’t a problem. For quick shots, I like to shorten the stock a click or two and I can track tragets really well that way. For the longer shots you want to make, extending that stock will help give you some more stability.

  • David Matney

    Thank you Staff Sgt Belliston. I appreciate your invaluable response and I assure you, the knowledge will not be wasted…

  • David Matney

    To Steve Allen:
    I’m sorry to hear that you are unhappy with your weapon and I’m not discounting your opinion. You paid your hard-earned money for the weapon, so you obviously earned the right to express your dissatisfaction.

    Speaking strictly from a consumer’s perspective; If I were completely dissatisfied with a weapon produced by one of the most well known & respected firearms manufacturers in the world – personally I would be making calls and sending emails to the manufacturer (and not just to the Customer Service Dept). I am fairly confident that if the problems were due to poor quality or factory defect, Remington would be happy to take care of the issues.

    On the other hand; if I found myself generally dissatisfied with my purchase/investment, then I would sell or trade it for something which did satisfy me. But that’s just me…

  • cope10

    Hey guys I am looking to get my first AR. I am a varmint hunter and im interested in 3 gun competition. would the R-15 work for both or am i barking up the wrong tree?

  • jw dobbs

    where can i buy collaspable camo stock for the r15 30 cal called remington they would not sell me one i want it to match the gun camo.

  • David Matney

    CAT M-4 Tool:
    I recently ran across the referenced recommended product in a Guns & Ammo magazine article, who reported it to be an extremely useful and effective tool…

    Per the manufacturer’s application description; The CAT M-4 tool allows the operator to clean the weapon and restore the bolt and carrier group to tactical tolerance in a matter of minutes. In the field, with gloved hands, and in low-light conditions if necessary.
    The CAT M-4 tool was designed to simplify weapons maintenance in the field, or at the range, for Soldiers and serious M4 and AR-15 shooters from all backgrounds.

    Check it out at

    And no, I have no “endorsement deal”. I just thought it might be something useful to bring to your attention.

  • testosterone


    No reason not I suppose. I don’t shoot 3 gun but when i watch it, the rifle’s are commonly 20″ AR’s.

    A standard R15 is 22″, but I don’t think it’s going to hurt you.


  • testosterone


    Try calling bushmaster. They are the ones making these rifles and other’s have had luck getting max-1 camo parts from them.


  • cope10

    ok thanks testosterone.

  • Did you guys see that Remington is offering the R-15 in 450 Bushmaster now?

    • Heath, very cool!

  • David Matney

    Do the Magpul PMAG magazines work equally as well in the R15 with Remington .223 (as with 5.56 Nato?)

    I would much rather risk asking a stupid question as apposed to wasting money on the wrong gear. (Stupid only costs a little pride).

  • Monk

    I have the vtr 15 cs and love it.I use wolf .223 55gr and have not had a misfire yet.I haven’t shot more than a 100 rds.,but I would not trade it for anything.It is very accurate and cycles flawlessly.Mine has multi stamped for caliber on it,so I believe 5.56 mm is okay to shoot.

  • David Matney

    Thanks Monk!
    Your response brings up another issue that I would like to hit on. I read a recent article in Guns & Ammo where a gun writer/reviewer stated that “Wolf” brand ammo made cleaning AR’s much more difficult compared to most other brands. Can anyone corroborate (or dispel) his statement that “Wolf” is dirtier burning ammo?

    • nick

      Stop reading the gun rags…. they mostly perpetuate stupid.

  • Frankster

    David Matney I have shot 100 plus rounds though my R-15 and had no problem cleaning it. Though I use a teflon oil on the gun before I went shotting that I am sure made cleaning a whole lot easier. If you use something like Rem oil that has teflon in it, even if the ammo shots dirty you sure have not problem cleaning it. By the way I found Wolf ammo to shot great though my R-15.

  • David Matney

    Thank you for the tip Frankster!
    I have read from several gun writers who frequently include Wolf ammo in their test results, typically with good/consistent results. Which is why the “excessive fouling” using Wolf somewhat surprised me…

    Thanks again… dm

  • David Matney

    Can anyone please confirm the correct harris bi-pod model for the R-15? I’m looking at the following model, but want to make sure;
    1. it will work on the R-15? (Carbine CS Model)
    2. it will not mar (scratch) the camo finish?

    Model: HBLM-S
    Extends 9″ to 13″ with Leg Notches, “S” Series (Swivels)

  • can you paint a black ar camo? if so what kind of paint

  • Neptune,

    You can do it a couple ways. You can have it dipped like they do here or you can buy a few cans of paint and do it yourself in about an hour

  • Mike

    The R-15 interests me, but as an old bolt gun sniper I am a hard sell. My biggest concern is the rifles abiltiy to hold a zero. Some of the “black rifles” have failed miserably in this category.

    Even with my bolt guns I check zero at least every 2-3 days when “at work”. A gun that requires constant tweeking under careful but normal use is unaccepatable. I have rifles that don’t have to be touched from year to year. Others that could not make it though the day and stay “on”. And none of these were cheap guns.

    Many of you here seem to be fairly “new owners” in terms of how much you have used the rifles so far. I am interested in an opinion from you guys that have benched the gun, taken it “on the road” and then benched it again to check zero.

    Any shared experiences/opinions would be appreciated.

    • nick

      If you have black rifles not holding zero… you have crappy sight mounts. Match stainless barrels on ar15s are easily capable of sub 1 inch groups at 100 yards, so that is the problem.

      Good options include Larue and Bobro. Be prepared to shell out 200$ for a mount however. The 30$ bargain bin rings are 30$ for a reason.

  • thanks heath i decided to buy the remington r15 it is already camo

  • You bet. That’s a great looking rifle. Let us know how you like it.

  • Joe S

    Hello – pround new owner of the 22″ R-15. Anyone recommend a good set of rings for this rifle. I have heard some comments about the flat top AR’s needing a taller mount for eye comfort. I think I am putting a Bushnell Banner 4x12x40 scope I have on it.

    Next, you varmiters: what bipods sould I look at?

    Finally, as a new AR owner, I am a little hesitant of tearing it down to clean. The manual is pretty good, but does anyone have a great video link that shows the process?


  • Joe,

    You do need a higher mount for an AR to allow you to get proper sight picture. Arguably some of the best AR scope mounts are made in Texas by Mark Larue. Check out the two SPRs on his website. The SPR-E would be used for a long variable power scope where you would need to mount you glass further forward to allow for proper eye relief.

  • David Matney

    Joe S,
    By anyone’s standard, you can’t go wrong with the tried and tested “Harris” bipod. I have the 9-13″ HBSL (rotating) model, which is purely a matter of personal preference. Additional choices; Tango Down & TAPCO.

    I ran into the AR scope mount issue myself (even though Remington advised) that their High Camo Rings was the correct choice for the R-15 and the new Nikon “Coyote Special” 3-9x40MM. It is not! They will work – (provided you have adequate target acquisition time!) As for me; I’m going to the Larue as Heath discussed… (Although I did post very decent groups at the range last Friday, especially for my first time to ever shoot an AR).

    And the secret to success: The “AR-15 Gold” Trigger System! UN-BELIEVABLE!

    Imagine pulling a light/crisp trigger on a bolt-action or a finely-tuned Thompson Center Carbine and you will be in the neighborhood! Thanks a million (testosterone) for the recommendation. It was worth every dollar!

  • If you’d like a better trigger and don’t want to spend $200 plus for an aftermarket one consider having Bill Springfield modify your factory trigger. Google him and you will see that he is real popular and has a great number of folks who love his work. I am sending him the factory trigger group out of a DPMS LR-308 to have it reduced down to 3 pounds. $54 and he returns the modified trigger to my door greatly improved and ready to turn this rifle into a hunter. Here is his website.

  • DoubleJ

    I have a new 22′ that I like pretty good. A couple of things 1. I can’t pull the cam pin out to separate the bolt assembly. It’s the piece that should rotate 45 degrees to pull out of it’s groove. A 45 degree turn still doesn’t allow it to pass the gas tube connect. 2. I can’t get the bore clean I’ve ran probably close to 30 patches through and continually get black residue. I haven’t shot more than 100 rounds through it. Hoppes #9 is the solvent I used. Any one have a favorite factory ammo for 223? I’m still trying to find the one.

  • Reyn

    Remingtons R-15 takes some breaking in. The thick blueing on the components make for a tight finish when trying to assemble/disassemble the rifle. But I haven’t had any issues with this aspect of the weapon. I’ve been using PMC ammunition and it’s been a fantastic round for the rifle. I would try another cleaner such as remington lube to clean your bore. Good luck

  • Frankster

    I have been using Wolf ammo and haven’t had any trouble with it and have find it to be good on accuracy. As for cleaning, I haven’t had you problem, but before I ever used the R-15 I cleaned and lubed it with Rem Oil. The Rem Oil is also the reason i have had not trouble cleaning it after using the Wolf Ammo which I have found to be a bit dirtier then others, but is the cheapest ammo I have found. Good luck Double J!

  • David Matney

    Can anyone tell me if it is legal to purchase suppressors (silencers) from private citizens (or at Gun shows) without going through the incredible amount of paperwork, approvals, transfer fees, $200 ATF tax stamp and signature by a local “CLEO” (Chief Law Enforcement Officer)?
    I would love to acquire one but it’s just not worth it (for me anyway) to go through that much frustration!

  • Brian

    I bought a R-15 with 22″ barrel. 223 cal. I want to know if I can buy a 204 barrel for it and simply just change the barrel? Will the mags work? Will it fit my R-15? Or do I need more than just the barrel?

  • David Matney

    You would need to purchase a .204 “Upper Receiver” in order to acheive this. I believe the .204 mags should fit without changing the “lower receiver”, but I would confirm this with your firearms dealer beforehand to be safe…

  • Actually, you could purchase a 204 barrel, but you would need a 204 bolt as well. (If I’m not mistaken, Midway USA sells a Shillen barrel that comes with the correct bolt.) Swapping out the bolt in your bolt carrier group is pretty easy to do. Swapping the barrel out properly will require a few specialty tools, a vise and a torque wrench.

  • Hunter

    Hi does anyone know if you can shoot the 5.56 round through the R 15

  • kevin

    my dad has just got R-15 perdator i brought it to my place to sight it in
    and i have to say that it is the sweetest shouting thing i have shot in
    a while the triger is very smoth my two boys love it they are 13 & 10 they
    had the best time shouting it my 10 year old likeed it becouse he could
    drive nails with it so be safe and let the kids play

  • Matt

    I was shooting my R-15 predator carbine CS this weekend and on three separate occasions I had two rounds fire. One time I fired a round and held the trigger down and when i released it it fired again.

    I stopped shooting it bc I was nervous of having a round fire with the mag not totally closed.

    Has anyone heard of the R-15 having such issues?

    I looked on the net and couldnt find anything.

    Thanks for the help.

  • Matt, call Remington. They will fix it.

  • David

    According to Bushmaster FAQ’s #2579 and #2211, the Remington R-15 can safely fire both .223 and 5.56 ammo.

  • cj

    i have a .204 r-15 first time out took me 3 rounds to sight it it tested it at 100 200 300 500
    all were sub moa
    it likes the hornaday 32 and 40s
    500 yard groups were in the 4 inch range 100 yards 1/2 inch at most. 300 yards 2 inch this thing is tight for a ar
    these shots were all off a bipod in real world conditions cant wait to drop some yotes with this thing
    flatest round i own for sure

  • mark

    hay guys,i am thinking about getting a r 15 with a 24in triangle has 1,000 rounds through it,is that alot for this gun?and i am not famillar with the triangle barrel,what are my advantages with it?thanks alot.

  • scott

    does any body make an adjustable trigger for the r15 yet ?

  • Samm

    Hi from Montana,

    For anyone thinking you lose 50 fps from 22inch down to 18 inch, using .223, you should borrow or buy a chronograph. It varies with powder and bullet weight but should be closer to a 25 fps loss per inch or less. Also, the shorter barrels are usually more accurate due to stiffness if all other variables are identical.

    Hope this helps a little-


  • Greg

    I read where the 4″ rails will only mount on the sides of the fore end tube. can anyone that owns one confirm this because I was wanting to mount one on the top and bottom if I buy one.


  • Frank 144000

    Greg, the four inch rail do only mount on the sides. It’s sucks I know. But I fitted my R-15 with a UTG Quad rail gas block (Like $25 from that gave me four 2in rails. No sure what you want to mount. I haven’t yet but have also thought about turning my forearm 90′ so that my two four inch rails would be top and bottom. Also i have thought about having a gun smith tap holes on the top and bottom to allow rails to be mounted on the top and bottom. Also I have seen an attachment that hooks onto the lower bi-pod mount making it into a rail. Hope that helps. It’s a sweet gun. Good Luck!

  • Frank 144000

    Forgot, I have a R-15 CS. Thus allowing me to use a different gas block.

  • Rob Laing

    I own a Remington R-15 and have read with interest the comments concerning the correct ammo for the rifle. So last weekend I ran a little test at a friends range. I fired app. 120 rds of Rem. 55-gr. PSP through the rifle and then fired app. 250 rounds of Lake City .223, 55-gr. FMJ through same rifle, on several occasions rapid firing 30-rd. mags.
    Other than heating up the barrel, the rifle handled all the ammo flawlessly, no stovepipes, blown primers or heads, signs of pressure or anything that would give cause for alarm.
    Accuracy was good with the Rem 55-gr. PSP, printing 1-1 1/2″ 5-shot groups at 100 yds. with Leupold 3-9 scope. The Lake City stuff was not quite as accurate, some pushing 2-2 1/2″.
    As far as using only .223 ammo in this rifle, you can believe what you want. I am convinced Remington is trying to distance itself from the “Black Gun” image, and staying with the “Sporting” image.

  • David

    Isolated tests are good anecdotal evidence, but they don’t answer the issue of whether or not the gun is designed for both 5.56 and .223. Remington told me on the phone that they weren’t saying anything bad would happen if you shot 5.56 through the gun. They just weren’t recommending anything that wasn’t stamped on the barrel.

    Bushmaster claims to make the chamber and claims that it will handle safely both 5.56 and .223. See my previous post.

    I’m satisfied with that.

  • I think i have the answer to the 5.56 vs. .223 question… My FACTORY magazine which came with my R15 has 5.56×45 stamped on the follower! If remington is going to give you a magazine that says 5.56 on it I think the gun can shoot 5.56. Plus given the fact that it says Multi cal on the side of the receiver just below the word remington, Im 100% sure u can shoot 5.56 nato out of it. If infact it were dangerous to shoot 5.56 out of an R15, i dont think remington would stamp “multi cal”. or put 5.56 on the magazine. That would be quite a dumb move on there part. Why dont any other R15 owners tell these know it alls about the stamp on the factory magazine!?!?!?

  • Frank 144000

    A muitcal lower receiver means nothing when it comes to the question of if the barrel and upper receiver parts will not just handle, but are built to use 5.56. I just built an ar-15 myself by hand and the new lower receiver is listed as muiltcal because the lower can shoot, 223, 5.56, 204, 9mm, 5.57, and a long list of other rounds. The important thing is that the barrel on my R-15 cs says 233 on it. Thus I shoot only 233 though it. The gun will shoot 5.56, but i bet you a new gun that if you shoot nothing but 5.56 though a barrel listed 223 that it’s going to wear out early. Remington said that the gun is for 223. As for the magazine saying 5.56, that’s great. But the fact is the barrel is the part in question. Not the magazine. Sure the mag can do 5.56. So can any magazine used for a normal ar-15. But the bottum line is, it’s your gun. It you shoot 5.56 though it and the barrel wears out. Buy a new barrel from YHM that fluted and is made to shoot 5.56. Sure that’s $200 not counting if you have to pay a gun smith to install it. But if your like me I don’t plan on putting 10,000 rounds though my gun. God bless you’ll! Hope I have helped in some way.

  • Anthony Garrish

    I purchased the Remington 223 with fluted barrel and fixed stock a couple of years ago for coyote hunt in Texas. Found myself shooting boar ranging in weight from 150 pounds to 280 with ear shots. At 100 yards its bullet on bullet with the Hornaday V Max. Never failed to feed, or jam. Now for the question, I can’t find a single point loop attachment plate for the fixed stock. Any suggestions?

  • Medic

    Curious if Remington offers complete uppers in other calibers for the R15??? I wouldn’t mind 204 or the 6.5 Creedmore. Other than the color camo not matching would a DPMS or other caliber full upper reciever work!! I want to commend everyone that is active on this site especially the VTR 15 family I’ve found here!! Awesome information !! Keep up the great work!!!

  • CJ

    I am looking at getting an R-15 and will mainly use it for coyotes and some target shooting. My question is: how accurate is the 18″ barrel compared to the 22″ barrel? And what is a good scope to use in the $100 to $150 dollar range.

    • nick

      Barrel length has absolutely no bearing on how accurate a gun is. Shorter barrels are actually MORE accurate due to increased stiffness from a higher length to thickness ratio. The only advantage is increased round velocity, and the difference from 18 to 22 is only going to matter if you are taking 700 yard shots. Otherwise you will be much happier with the 18 inch.

  • kevin

    does anyone know if these R 15s and legal in california or not?

  • If the 5 shot mag that comes with the Remington R15 says Remington arms on the bottom and 5.56 on the ammo slot I would say you can shoot 5.56 otherwise they would be open for a huge lawsuit it something happened to the gun or you when you shot 5.56 in it when it is stamped 5.56

  • msmontee

    For questions concerning shooting 5.56 rounds in the R15 please read the FAQ posted on the Bushmaster site. Bushmaster manufactures the R15.

  • Glenn Puffer

    5.56 vs .223 in Rem R-15 read this Bushmaster FAQ:

    All Bushmaster rifles are chambered to accept 5.56mm ammunition and always have been. The NATO Spec 5.56mm chambers have a longer “leade” or throat than the SAAMI Spec .223 caliber chambers which have about half of the leade or throat of the 5.56mm chambering. While it is safe to fire both 5.56mm and .223 caliber ammunition in our rifles, the 5.56mm ammunition should not be fired in rifles chambered in .223 caliber as they will develop very high pressures.

  • petarecox

    I’ve shot 5.56 out of mine and no problems by. it’s made by bushmaster and before Remington took over they had a faq on there website that said it was okay to shoot 5.56 out of it now they changed the faq.

  • trkytknyank

    How do you clean and oil behind the fore end of an R-15,you can remove the fore end on many ar”s but is that also possible with the R-15, and if so how?