Photos of rapper’s illegal firearms

Federal agents said Monday that these guns were found in T.I.’s home. The rapper, whose real name is Clifford Harris Jr.. was arrested over the weekend on federal weapons charges. He was ordered to remain in custody at least until Friday.

The machine guns: two mac-10’s and one MP5K, with suppressors:

Picture 12-3

High cap magazines seem to be in fashion

Picture 13-3

The firearm in the middle of the above photo appears to be a Calico 9mm LIBERTY III pistol with the distinctive 50 (or 100) round magazine that sits on top.

More here.

Steve Johnson

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  • I’m curious about the Carbine 15 (at least that’s what the media calls it – AJC Photo 7) and at the bottom right of the second photo.

    What is the real identity of that weapon?

  • Hi Roys,

    I am not sure. Looks like an AR-15 pistol.

  • Bob

    The AR pistol appears to be a Bushmaster Carbon 15 outfitted with an upper and lower rail kit, a Beta C-Mag magazine (100 round), single point sling, Insight M6X light/laser combination and a cheap off-brand red dot sight.

    Where can I find other pictures of these?

  • Thanks Bob.

    More photos of the confiscated firearms can be found here:

  • Jcamelo

    “whatever you like” by T.I. is one of my favourite songs “Late night sex so wet so tight” lol.

    No but in all seriousness I had no idea he owned illegal automatics.

    By the way Bob a Beta C-mag holds 80 rounds doesn’t it? But I don’t know for sure so correct me if im wrong.

  • Alek

    no, the beta-c mags always hold 100 rounds. And these weapons arent necessarily automatic, and they are even legal, as long as you have permits for them. He probably just bought them from people he knew and never had them registered. My great-uncle has stuff like this, but he has permits for it. Hell, I would own the mp5k for home protection or the ak type rifle with high cap magazine for a fun gun. The only possible illegal gun is the the wood stocked AK type rifle, if its an RPK, its illegal, otherwise its fine.

  • Cymond

    Alek, there are legal semiauto rifles modeled after the RPK.

    The following items must be registered with a tax stamp (NOT a license): machineguns, short-barreled rifles, silencers, and a variety of oddities not worth mentioning here. That MP5 has a shoulder stock and a barrel <16 inches so it’s a short barreled rifle. It may also be full auto. The MACs may be full or semi (impossible to tell w/out more info) but it looks like they have silencers (may be fake silencers, which are legal).

    From looking at the picture captions, it identifies almost everything else as ‘rifle’ or ‘pistol’ and it seems that the MACs and MP5 were part of an ATF sting op. TI allegedly attempted to purchase them from ATF agents. Everything aside from the MACs, silencers, and MP5 seems to be legal in the US. (It’s still possible they’re illegal in his state/county/town.)

    Yes, that is a Callico pistol. That AR-15 pistol with rails is a Bushmaster 97S. The rails are standard on the 97S but not the 97.

  • Undercover

    Not only was he trying to purchase the weapons illegally, he’s already a convicted felon and prohibited from possessing any type of firearm whether or not its automatic.

  • woodfiend

    The AK seems to be inviting burnt fingers. Oh well, I guess he would have gotten what he deserved.

  • wahoo mcdaniel

    Well, let’s see: he WAS a convicted felon, which almost rappers seem to be, except Slum Skanky aka Eminem who just hangs with the serious gangsta punks instead of being one…unless you count beating up your wife…and most Rapper types have a shorter shelf life than an NYC cab driver. So, yeah, I guess I can see why he’d want to go strapped in his rapperesque business routine, but I can’t for the life of me figure out why he just didn’t hire some muscle and let them handle the gear…and be legal.

    Guess stupid people can be rappers too: witness Snoop, Enema-em and the Notorious Vaniller Ice. Stupid from front to back, and that alone is reason for these numbskulls to not have gats. And, they’re almost all felons, including Shug Knight and a bunch of other Death Row mugs.

    They bring shame on regular gun-nuts. That much is surely true.

  • just love em

    aw come on, he just has really good taste in guns, its not like he was ever going to shoot anyone. Heck I’d keep guns just for fun anyway. some neat stuff there, the calico is kinda rare too

  • subase

    A great example of how gun laws are keeping guns out of criminals hands, NOT.

  • ruben

    hes was in the wrong forsure, but i have a problem with any law enforcement agency creating cases on people, theres plenty of crime out there to go around just go look for it. its paramount to leaving a gold brick in the middle of the street and arresting anyone who picks it up for stealing.

  • Mike

    Come on man! Rappers need “street cred” to be cool. I guess illegal weapons are part of this. Maybe Mr. Harris should take a leaf out of Pat O’Brien (of Cannibal Corpse)’s book and purchase legal weapons instead.

  • g

    I am not certain, but my understanding is he is subject to a mandatory(?) 10 year sentence for even touching a firearm. lets see what the law says
    It shall be unlawful for any person-

    (1) who has been convicted in any court of, a crime punishable by imprisonment for a term exceeding one year;


    to ship or transport in interstate or foreign commerce, or possess in or affecting commerce, any firearm or ammunition; or to receive any firearm or ammunition which has been shipped or transported in interstate or foreign commerce.

    See 18 USC 922(g).
    (found at )

    I wonder if that is per offense? how many guns were there?

  • Galoush

    Hey you gotta give the guy some ” Props” for having an MP5K ….i mean the mac 10s are pretty obligatory