Advice on purchasing FN FAL Rifles

From JWR @ Survival Blog:

300Px-Fn Fal Dn-Sc-92-04655 Cropped-3

In answer to your questions, yes, FALs are still being made, but they are no longer being made in Belgium by FN.

The FN-built FAL rifles are considered the benchmark of quality, and bring a premium price. Most of the FALs on the market in the US these days are “parts kits” gun, assembled with used military parts and newly-manufactured semi-auto receivers. (These receivers have an ejector block that cannot accept the full automatic sear.)

The quality of these rifles varies widely. A few are assembled by people that shouldn’t be trusted mounting car tires, much less headspacing a rifle. Therefore, I recommend that you buy a FAL only from a reputable, well-known manufacturer, or that you acquire your own receiver and parts set, and have it custom built by a gunsmith such as CGW (one of our advertisers) or Arizona Response Systems. The U.S. “factory” maker that I recommend is DSA. They make umpteen FAL variants.

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